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The Waning Moon: March 16 – 23rd

First, a note about these horoscopes:

When people ask you your “sign” they generally expect you to answer with your Sun Sign, which only requires knowing the date of your birth.

I’m primarily writing these horoscopes to be read for your Ascendant, also known as your Rising Sign (indicated as AC or AS in natal charts).

The Ascendant refers to the part of the sky that was rising over the Eastern horizon when you were born. This needs your location and time of birth in order to be calculated.

So if you don’t know your Ascendant, read for your Sun Sign!

The Moon is the only other planetary body with real impact on the matter of our biological forms, pushing the pulse of the world with her waxing and waning. The Moon is crucial when making sense of timing.

If you read these horoscopes from your Moon Sign, they will still work to find the pace and rhythm of your week, but may not resonate by topic.

And again, the Moon can cover a lot of ground in a day! So if you do know your time and place of birth, you can enter them as a guest user on the free and reliable to get a printable version of your own birth chart and the precise location of your Moon and Ascendant.

To learn about the interplay of your individual Sun, Moon and Rising (your “big three”) and the current very busy skies, contact me for a consultation. ✨

Thank you for your patience as I’m posting these weeklies a day late and four signs short. Sag, Cap, Aqua, Pisces – I see you and I’ll put these up as soon as I can this week before beginning to honor your individual days starting next Monday.

I hope you all are taking measures as Virgo-level cleanly and as Capricorn-level serious as possible for your own unique situations during this time.

This is the most astrologically risky week of the first half of 2020. The actions taken at this juncture have a collectively gigantic level of impact for the rest of the year, though we could say the same of the last three months. Be well. Be smart. Be cautious. Be loving. You are living through the visible quakes of a major transition time and I’m grateful that you’re here.


Monday brings a vacuum to the brash and impulsive flailing of the weekend’s half-moon.

If unfamiliar worries make ripples in the mind, they can be put to use setting your public image back in line. Priorities are accepted and our outlooks drop the tone of high spirited bravado.

These changes can expand your role in the midst of contracting and limiting containers. This is a bit of a powder keg, and a potentially useful one.

What does it look like to activate a transformation of your roles? What are you truly committed to? There is energy to rise to your role as a catalyst, an activator. This can be both positive and negative.

There is a sense of rising to action before wrestling with acceptance. Be sure the potent individual accomplishments and impulses around you and within you serve your real agenda.

A momentary truce between restriction and truth on Friday sets the new season. The end of the week shifts the looming feeling of authorities watching over your shoulder and leaves you more of your independence, a huge weight of tradition and structure lifted off of your shoulders but leaving less tempered influences behind.


What was going on during the first week of February with your social networks? How about the first few days of March? Whatever your major revisions were in that area of life, it is now full steam ahead. It may not be comfortable, but you’re ready to face things head on that you barely understood a year ago.

Seeds and rations and comforts may occur to you, focusing your current super power: knowing what it is you want to bring in.

In your mind however, your goals and guidelines are also under rapid expansion. It is good to remember how unyielding freshly grown ideas tend to be, how adamantly stated.

Remember to breathe deeply and respect yourself and others as we all weather a fierce test of insecurities in the way we were going about planning our lives.

The Equinox tips the balance of seasonal light, just as some restrictions burst upward into entirely new patterns of rule-making. When you know a situation limits you in ways that require thinking outside the traditional containers, you gain access to an altered perspective. This is both valuable and disturbing. Honor your pace.


When did you begin to craft the tactics that will be most useful now? You’ve left yourself some diagrams to start with; a new version of long term planning which simmered but wasn’t known until the Aquarius new moon brought it through.

Mercury is eager to push on but has learned much and is forced to be more discerning. After all, the conditions have not become easier to feel your way through. Or have they? Some major scaffolding is being dismantled and the hierarchy or institution you’ve relied on is pulled into the same instability.

The struggles that ail us, both apart and together, create their own sea. Give your troubles to this ocean of collective concern. You can’t multiply yourself to cover every detail. Cover a rock or shell with your hands, pour your vulnerabilities into it and toss it into the biggest water you can find, even if it’s just a bowl on the floor. Choose three things to do, not seven.

The pile of details that have lain scattered across your road to wholeness are looked upon with new lenses. These winds pick them up and rearrange them. The opportunity to write new rules between family members and with yourself is presented. Let the balance of priorities and perspective settle in before assuming you need to have it all figured out, but know that this change is real.


The Moon weathers a direct look at all that needs integration at the start of the week. There is activation and change, yet the tensions between now and next Sunday are full of vertigo and torment alongside innovation.

Your job, Cancer, is to take stock of what is actually precious. It must feel like an appropriate time to unleash your primordial protective nature and you’re not wrong. Yet the potential inflammation of close relationships deserves more deep breaths.

You swam through some of these same philosophical concerns during the first week of February and the First week of May when the collective waters of Pisces enveloped our normal communications. This time though, the unfamiliar tone of our reality gains the kind of acceptance that comes through direct observation.

This is a peculiar apex of the arc of tensions, extending in potency through the end of March.

When things get dicey, bring on the self care before trying to care for all the others. You have an innate resonance with beginnings, Cancer. They are tender and need just the right level of shielding and room to grow. The New Moon in Aries on Monday leaves us with a story to begin.


With the Sun’s move into Aries, the balance of light teeters on the fulcrum of the Spring Equinox. As the Moon wanes, be aware of the energy sources you burn to sustain yourself and others. Perspectives have shifted.

Your Leo fire is amplified, leaping up out of the darkness of the collective and concerning itself with meaning. The crux of this year’s hardship does insert itself into the story this week, and our natures do their best to adapt.

Mercury in Pisces speaks to a tonal shift. There is some subsonic stirring that doesn’t present as understandable data yet you must depend on it. Saturn moves into Aquarius Sunday which brings the difficult wisdom of boundaries in an air sign. Leaning willingly into space from others might not be as easy as it sounds.

The image that comes to mind is of leadership through faith that relies completely on their leader’s quality of heart. Information is less direct than care. What guides your choices? Where do you feel powerless? What truths are closest to your heart?

Our proactive instincts need some consideration. We try to appeal to our sense of purpose and truth. It proves difficult to hear accurate information. The people who depend on us are facing a range of frustrations and fears. Innovate radical care through new avenues such as technologies that have been waiting in the wings.


The close attention you’ve paid to the shifts in spaces and tending to your worries alone has finally come to a place of direct motion. The rest will catch up. Your closeness with the people in your life has always ranged outside the neat containers of in or out. There is validation in mutual feels, even if you connect in different ways with different people.

This week is a significant one. Saturn shifts into Aquarius while Mars activates a true need for all the fortifications you’ve built around your creations. Conversations with your closest people are helpful to lean into, whatever challenges come.

There is an honest revolution towards connection happening in your long-term plan that can inspire your goals as easily as disrupt them. This is innovative connection that accepts the need to maximize unconventional methods.

Don’t let your talent for sifting information draw you too consistently into the fire. At the same time, know that your perspective is valuable and elevated. Your tasks in the real world are a necessary meditation.


Major planetary conjunctions are happening this week. They take place at the root of your chart which is also where you live. Hopefully, you’re able to stay home. At the same time, home is a complicated place right now. There is work to do where you would usually find retreat, a mounting theme from last year. Remember to take your moments with as much fullness as you can muster, do your own version of meditations in the spaces you find.

The themes that come up this week are no flash in the pan. They last and shape the story for years to come.

Don’t forget to respond to offers of help and sharing if you’ve received them. Those whose resources are tangled up with yours in some way dangle a very helpful thread. Lean into them not away.


The energy to do and move and go is running through neighbors and family members that matter most. When you tap into the social media and news, there are conflicting yet compounding anecdotes.

Mercury’s move into Pisces brings knowledge in from all sides. Resistance to truth fades as the Sun gains distance from the escapist clouds of Neptune. We drop many pretenses Tuesday as the Moon passes the dumping grounds of the South Node and moves on to face the difficult terrain of the Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn configuration.

The breakthroughs that you’ve had in the world of relationships, be they ongoing or newly exciting, must continue. Be open to the innovative ways of sharing and connecting that you have available to you. Some of the limits will foster creativity while others will feel intolerable but these are the stories that continue to drive this cycle.

Mercury is well placed to be more playful than preachy and that is a blessing. Allow adjustment beyond what you may think you need. Whether it’s the creativity of your sexual expression or the musical outlets you’re inventing, the rest of us could learn a thing or two from you about meeting this moment! Don’t be shy about sharing what you do innately to cope.

UPDATE – During these extreme times (listen to the podcast episode Camille Rose Fields and I did about the year 2020 on the Radical Radiance Show to learn more about this), I’ve had to adjust my writing schedule. I’m trying a thing! I will be bringing you the complete list of signs here on this website, but they will trickle in as follows:

Did you know that each day of the week takes its name from the traditional planets?

On Monday – the Moon’s day: I will post a weekly forecast for the moon-ruled sign of Cancer as well as any lunations (full moon, new moon, quarter moons)

On Tuesdays – the day of Mars: I will post a weekly forecast for the Mars-ruled signs of Aries and Scorpio

On Wednesdays – Mercury’s day: I will post a weekly forecast for the Mercury-ruled signs of Gemini and Virgo

On Thursdays – the day of Jupiter: I will post a weekly forecast for the Jupiter-ruled signs of Sagittarius and Pisces

On Fridays – the day of Venus: I will post a weekly forecast for the Venus-ruled signs of Libra and Taurus

On Saturdays – Saturn’s day: I will post a weekly forecast for the Saturn-ruled signs of Capricorn and Aquarius

On Sundays – the day of the Sun: I will post a weekly forecast for the Sun-ruled Leos who should have a day all to themselves.

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