Lunar Broadstrokes

Full Moon in Libra – April 7 2020

photomontage by Joan Proudman

The moon rise tonight should be spectacular. And yet, this is the kind of spectacular that over-emphasizes panic and under-emphasizes stability.

The moon’s fullness stretches each of us across the axis of self vs other, Aries vs Libra. The planet Venus will be visible in the Western sky as the Moon rises in the East at sundown. Venus rules this Moon yet she herself is trapped, directing her benefic effort into the enclosure made by Saturn and Mars; into the especially unrelenting places of community-wide agitation. It is difficult for her to help.

Meanwhile the money and power wait for the Moon’s approach, monoliths butting in on the body’s hopes for fairness. The crumbling walls of empire aren’t easy to skirt around, and they may wake us with unsettling dreams. The closeness of the Moon tugs away our heroics and our certainties. We must last through the anxious thoughts and through the surprises.

This full moon awakens things that are necessary to confront and yet, the pace that it pushes our thoughts is far too wild. Grounding is necessary. Feel the earth. Drink the water. Cancel an obligation. Make a calming tea. When the sails start whipping and snapping it’s time to haul them in.

Unless of course, you are the monolith. Unless you hold the other captive. We can all wear many robes while Mercury, the costume changer, is deep in Pisces doing the sketchy bidding of Jupiter’s unhinged philanthropy. Practice your aim without releasing your arrows.

The winds of this moon can move us quickly into many welcome connections. Yet we can so easily become agents of chaos ourselves. Batten down the hatches loves. Wait for the clear light of Saturday for more sturdy assessment and tend to your precious and magical selves with all the love you’ve ever learned to practice.

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