Lunar Broadstrokes

Full Moon in Virgo: March 9 – 16 2020

art by Joan Proudman

On Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo we take a step ahead of the weekend’s otherworldly sleepwalk and get a glimpse of the current spectrum.  From the immediate minutia of our most detailed mundane tasks to the whole irrelevant soup of humanity, it’s all there making itself known.

Think back to early September of 2019 just after the last New Moon in Virgo.  What did you begin and what is fruiting now?

The out-of-body state brought on by the Sun’s conjunction with Neptune appears front and center, making it more difficult to keep a cohesive accurate picture. Matter rejects containers, and our dream-states linger on into the day.

The sun is an assertion of individual purpose. When paired with Neptune, this core organizing principle is forced to try to exist within the wider struggles of humanity or at the very least dissolves the boundaries around singular truth. It pushes events and awareness towards the ways that we’re all linked together, which is distracting if the goal is to find a single explanation or direction to go in.

The Moon is a counterweight to this dissolution, boosted by the effectiveness of Mars in Capricorn towards adventure-ready Jupiter. There is a pause here Monday. We can direct the full moon energy into a useful rearranging or organizing activity.  We focus on the details but with a heightened appreciation for efficiency, separating wheat from chaff as questions of deeper meaning waft around in the ether and none of it is taken for granted. This moon shows a need to go into assessment mode. The truth will have to wait. Meanwhile, the bits of our lives that most need some order have a chance to find what places they can.

We re-calibrate our scales on Tuesday, and oil any rusty hinges with some thoughtfulness and presence of mind. The pace of life crests the peak of the current hills we’re climbing and begins its decent.

Wednesday could be described a bit like the sensation after pumping/pushing a playground swing too high, bumping into the limits of ropes and gravity. Mercury is revving up and pushing away from Earth on its way towards direct and regular motion. This spurs mental calculations around escaping perceived limitations and indicates that things like reporting, communicating, and connections of all kinds become more forward-looking. For now though, it’s mostly a process of adjusting to unfamiliarity.

Thursday brings a flood of sharing. The unexpected need for interdependence that we’ve been experiencing since Venus entered Taurus last Wednesday deserves some direct acknowledgement. Feelings are deep and dark but helpful and constructive to address.

Friday brings the lingering assessment mindset of the full moon into the fluid world of feelings.

Trust that Saturday’s useful expansive heat will appropriately lift topics up from the midweek foray into Scorpio’s depths.

Sunday’s half-moon quickens the need to continue prioritizing the goals and hopes that you’ve let in over the past two years. Mercury picks up their pace and dives with more intention into the collective waters of Pisces where genuine connection and inspiration feels both possible and slightly less confusing than during most of February.

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