Amy is one of the most insightful, accurate and educational astrologers I have come across during my spiritual journey. I have been getting yearly readings from Amy for the past 3 years, and I learn so much that applies to my life and rings true, every single time! Amy’s passion in her craft is apparent, and she always manages to break down my chart and explain very otherworldly concepts in a digestible way. Her readings are one of the highlights of my year and one of the worthiest investments I have made for myself. Thank you Amy for helping me understand myself so much better!


Amy did an excellent job with our readings. She was so knowledgeable, and also possessed many other useful interpersonal skills that helped us apply the information. Would recommend Amy heartily !


I loved my Astrology reading! Not only was it so incredibly insightful. I now also feel like I have a much more extensive understanding of Astrology as a whole, along with all its different aspects. I’m so excited to keep learning more about it, & I can’t wait for our next reading!!


It’s always nice to see people doing what they were born to do. She read me like a book. Everything is changing for the good since my reading with Amy.


Amy was so thorough and gave digestible easy to understand information that was deeply insightful! She offered advice for my physical, mental, emotional, and professional health. She touched on things that have happened in my past that I have always had questions about, like habits, or external uncontrollable factors that almost seemed chaotic- but she brought clarity that it was all in alignment with my stars, thus affirming my crazy adventurous life! It was a very affirming, and beautiful reading. I will certainly be utilizing Amy as a resource for my astro readings, and questions in the future. Thank you so much Amy!!


I really enjoyed my reading! I found Amy to be sensitive, intuitive and accurate. I didn’t know what to expect not knowing anything about astrology. It was such a safe and revealing experience and I am glad I did it.