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Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon: March 2-9 2020

Read this general day by day overview and then fill in the details for your individual Rising Sign below. You may also resonate with your Sun Sign (especially if you were born during the day) or your Moon Sign (especially if you were born at night).

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This week we watch the moon climb to fullness. Expect an increase in activity.  The form of our efforts has been defined. Now we do what needs doing to fully express it. 

We must feel our way through Monday’s slightly overwhelming or even surreal skies.

Tuesday is busy with anticipation, with planets Venus and Saturn squaring off at the very ends of Aries and Capricorn. Venus is like a warrior-queen on the last day of her exile, facing unfamiliar guards on the castle walls who refuse to recognize her authority.

This could look like impulsive defensiveness against tangible restraints or delays or a moment of stepping up to challenges of relating. This unfairness shifts and is integrated in a useful way Tuesday night. 

Wednesday is a whole different creature, with a surprisingly enduring focus. Mercury and Venus form a quick but invigorating conversational aspect, bringing inspiration that can re-frame some core experiences. By evening both planets have gain new insights.

For reference, the last time Venus moved from Aries into Taurus was mid-May of 2019.  How has your life shifted since then regarding the Taurus part of your birth chart? Check your sign by sign horoscopes below for likely topics. 

Thursday has an expansive and swollen focus on security, both emotional and physical. Venus has returned home now, where she’s working constructively with disruptive influences. Mercury too has crossed sign boundaries and is much more capable of structural planning and logical outside-the-box thinking than they have been lately.

Pushing too hard for anything Thursday evening stirs up restricted or fearful feelings out of proportion with immediate reality. It is a great time to watch a dramatic movie or distract the focus from our inner world. This is one of those times when catharsis or comfort is more necessary than action or resolution.

Friday is the day of Venus. It is also when we can expect to see the unpredictable quaking of Uranus in Taurus in service of her Venusian agenda.  This aspect comes into its full expression alongside the full moon next Monday yet it flavors the whole weekend. There’s also a heavy veil of distortion in the mix as the sun enters its yearly drunken swamp-stumble with the dreamy planet Neptune.

Saturday and Sunday catch us all up in a last finessing push. Don’t be surprised if some of us draw conclusions from incorrect data. Re-examine assumptions you’ve made purely by feel in order to uncover more of the available insights.

What seeds did you plant at the last Virgo New Moon at the start of September 2019? The full moon in Virgo next Monday brings us the full expression of those endeavors.  This is an invigorating and well supported moon all things considered. It should make for a spectacular moon rise just after sunset.


This week Mercury reconsiders some assessment you learned originally through your wider networks.  Later this month there will be a greater emphasis placed on your networks and friends so I will dive deeper with that in the weeks to come.

Venus is bringing her retrospective appreciation to the place you keep your belongings and your valuables. It’s worth paying attention to your financial strategies and be open to considering different types of resources or new ways of magnetizing funds towards your direction. Since Venus also has some say in your chart over your one-on-one relationships, know that this could look like a new business partnership or gifts from close friends or lovers or even some good financial news regarding a known enemy. Things do get a bit more steady and constructive after the initial unpredictability of this particular week.


The movement of Venus into Taurus should be celebrated extra for you Taurus. Since February 7th, Venus has been in a place of hidden struggle in your chart. Now she steps into the light and brings some cooling relief along with her.

Adorn yourself as you see fit. There is a glowing magnetic pull wrapped around you this March that brings aesthetic inspiration. Sustain yourself with your favorite things. Add new favorites.

This shift should hopefully bring some calm to your otherwise overly activated nervous system.  However, it could also be the catalyst for getting the help or relief from physical ailments or even bring them to light.  This gives you a chance to work with the effort-heavy parts of your life in constructive and enhancing ways.


Mercury’s move into Aquarius gives you a birds-eye-view of the scenarios you were wondering about back in early February. The focus is long-term and philosophical. Mercury is now finally able to look ahead further down the road.  When Mercury and Venus interact on Wednesday, it helps you to stay firm on the important difference between self-accountability and self-flagellation. Easier said than done. One is responsible. The other does harm.  

Venus moistens the ground in your hidden places and brings some degree of awareness to patterns that may have previously slid under your radar.  The layers are endless and come off easier when you’re loosened by dreams and the right kind of music or art. Mercury can stop worrying about career topics so much and move into a different sort of analysis that is less abrasive to what you authentically need as a person right now.


Mercury slides into Aquarius to alert you that the details of your collaborations or legally prescribed schedules may need another tweak. This isn’t necessarily news to you as your joyfulness may have been a bit parched lately. With a little revamping of routine and home life, it returns in a very social way. 

In general, it should be a relief for Venus to leave the exposed land of professionalism and enter the place where you entertain and enjoy your friends.  If you’ve enjoyed hosting parties in the past, this month is a good one for Cancer to draw in an interesting and lovely crowd.  


As Mercury revisits Aquarius, you are blessed with the classic retrograde themes of ex partners, both business and romantic. If you’ve been putting your mind towards making good on shared resources such as taxes and debts, this may be a welcome conversational shift.  

What were you just up to during the first week of February 2020 in the realm of relationships?  Have you made an update? This Friday and Saturday may bring some surprises, yet your perspective has undergone a crucial shift that you’re now able to appreciate.  Think of it like the second card of a three card tarot spread.

The key here is to find the balance between how much of your point of view you need to hear reflected vs how much stays internal. That’s up to you and only you.

Venus brings some lovely magnetism to your public persona. If there are upsets in your career this week, they’re being watched over by benevolent intent and are likely to be followed by inspiration.


Mercury’s movements have a lot to say about your concept of self and presentation.  Since early February Mercury has been drawing your mind into the swirling feelings and impressions of meeting the other. Now though the game turns to looking ahead with prevention, focusing on problem-solving to better uphold your physical wellness.  You may be tempted to disregard conventional wisdom in this process and that’s just fine. You do you.

Venus adds some sustainable appreciation to your general outlook. In your chart, Taurus speaks to the ideologies and belief systems that you consult for wisdom.  Uranus has been shaking up the reliability of long-term plans but Venus is here to bring in some useful and loving inspiration.


If you’ve been feeling a bit out of place or out of your element lately, this week puts your ruling planet back in good standing.  One of the striking things about Libra is how comfortable many of us are placing our power in the hands of others.  There is a huge learning curve in understanding our personal agency.

This week shows us the flip side of that coin: an opportunity to take joy in win-win situations. How has the practical structure around what resources you share with others changed or fractured in the last year? This weekend especially, there are breakthroughs happening to disrupt the most stubborn of habits and demonstrate a more authentic way to experience interdependence with others.

Mercury’s movement back into Aquarius highlights a creative place in your chart and also where you’ll find most of the children in your life. There are different ways to heal old ghosts and some ways are actually enjoyable.


Venus in your chart speaks to “the other”. She conspires this week with all the new ways you’ve been experimenting with the concept of relationship over the past year. She’s well positioned to support some romance, nerve wracking though these topics may currently feel.

Mercury moves back into your roots, bringing the Mercury ruled parts of your chart literally back home. Get ready for renewed social ties. There is also a new effort towards clarity around where you come from and what you’d like to add to or change about the shoulders you stand on. These topics stay with us for most of March.


When Mercury backs into Aquarius this week, it speaks to a reactivation of clarity and concern with your routines and your neighborhood. This part of your chart was activated the first week of February but gets a second look this week. Communications, especially by email or in short installments, may be on your plate for reexamination.

Do you have the resources for the future and partnership that would be best for you? What routines keep both body and mind in a place of wellness? Whatever physical disruptions began over the past year, now is a time where your helpful social circle and acts of healing done in companionship have a lot of power to do good. Venus entering Taurus lends a mitigating effect, encouraging dietary well-being and the strength of purpose to enjoy the simple tasks that keep us alive and well.


Are there any financial plans you thought about or initiated the first week of February 2020? Mercury’s movement into Aquarius shows activity and calculations happening with the things you place value in. For Capricorns, while there is often some satisfaction with well-balanced books, true value often comes from your methodology or approach to handling value. While the swirling feels of your daily activities may have crept in to cover your tracks, you may find that things go better the second time around.

Venus in Taurus brings her appreciation and joy into a place where she is particularly well-suited. Not only is she “at home” and good at bringing sustainable playfulness and rich or savory enjoyments in the sign of Taurus, but in your chart this is also where Venus takes “her Joy”. If art or music is your thing, let this coming weekend move you into inspired and innovative creation. Utilize any upsets to light your creative spark and launch into a nourishing version of expending energy.


When Mercury moves into Aquarius, it brings the words that have been missing.  Mercury brings communication to the helm of your chart, giving a voice to your perspective and inspiring more candid talk.  Mercury will be hovering in their same location for most of the week until after the full moon next Monday, which doubles down on some of the same topics as early February.  Now is the time to experiment with transitions and the difference between a feeling and an idea.

Venus is also moving into an “angular”, or noticeable place in your personal chart. This amplifies the beneficial nature of Venus in Taurus. There have been shake-ups or unexpected happenings in the root of your chart.  This speaks to the land you’re connected to, any home or house you’re in and the familial inheritance that lives in your DNA.  Venus coming home to this place indicates some balm and tangible support applied to these shake-ups as well as a glimpse of what purpose they could be put to.


The movement of Mercury back into Aquarius could present as elevated mental noise or worry but could also go unnoticed.  The words have been experimental and too close for comfort for most of the month.  Pisces artists and wordsmiths may be enjoying the creativity of this Mercury retrograde but speaking in unfamiliar or exposed ways is not for everyone.

Venus’s move into Taurus however, is delightful and soothes some of the chaos of disrupted routines. A sense of sisterhood or communal acceptance and quirky delights enters the more humdrum part of existence. Let yourself be inspired by the unpredictability of life to dislodge assumptions about what your day to day existence is supposed to look like.  You are the one crafting your unique engagement with the world.

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