New Moon in Virgo – August 30 2019

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Recover from the fixes you’ve had to seek and implement your vision of ‘optimal’. The Sun moves through the seed banks of Virgo, accompanied by very well-informed management. We take stock and sign off with a solar seal of approval.  From the seat of our solar center we slash at budgets and unnecessary energy drains. You have the garden layout. Now tweak the feeding/weeding schedule and your attention to each plot.  

This looks like all the little details that make a difference; metaphorical or real acupuncture, breaking through old habit problems, the reorganization of tissues that must happen after birth or surgery.  This looks like all the acceleration and wow and grief and frantic re-framing that you’ve undergone since April finally getting accounted for and integrated.  

Finding your unique rhythms as you weather and/or demand upheavals can always provoke some anxiety or annoyance.  But what of this frustration is still relevant and what needs to go? 

When we embarked in April, we led with an unsorted impulse.  Now we sort. This moon brings breakthroughs around concrete steps that keep us dancing in our authenticity and truth. Just remember to engage on your own terms, even during unexpected taxes on your time. If you shift some details to avoid burnout, can you arrive at a better place while still being of service in substantive ways? As they say, the devil is in the details.  Together we leap from vision into substance.  

Every month, the Moon lines up between the Earth and Sun and shows no light.  When other planets come between the sunlight and the Earth, or when the Sun is between the planet and us, they are called Cazimi or “in the heart”.  This is a definitive point in the cycle of each one of the planets where the muck that clings to their edges is temporarily burned away as they overtake or are overtaken by the Sun, our molten source of truth and life and light. 

As we enter September, we find ourselves in the throes of a Virgo Cazimi party.  This new moon sees us optimizing the systems we’ve begun to put into play around the Virgo topics in our chart.  This happens with a productive and tight connection, a trine, to Uranus in Taurus. 

As the moon grows to a crescent, Mars will have his chance in the Sun on September 2nd. Inflammation doesn’t just fall away, but it is brought to light and put in the data banks as either useful or not useful.  Mercury will very quickly join in on the following day from a place of protected dignity.  Virgo is the only sign where a single planet rules and also holds the position of being “exalted”. This planet is Mercury, who also governs the terms where the Sun and Moon conjoin.  Mercury braves the normally blinding closeness of the Sun from their shielded podium of logic and organization.  This Mercury knows what it’s doing and makes this moon a valuable, well-earned platform. 

If you have personal planets between 4-6 degrees of Taurus and/or Virgo, you are in line to feel more breakthrough than disruption. Other signs that will feel this in their early degrees are: Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Capricorn.  For Leo and Aquarius, there is more friction than excitement, though nothing too detrimental.  It takes some effort to pick your head up and look at the big picture but that will be more accessible as the month progresses.  Hold tight to your closest priorities and try not to waste this excellent refining moment on pointless acts of self-judgment or criticism.  What might seem odd or unconventional could be the very thing to optimize what you’re engaged in.  New Moons are starting points, incubators of the next overlapping cycle. The Virgo Moon Cycle we are entering has a strong, resilient, innovative, brave and effective flavor.  Make a note of what projects you’re refining as this cycle opens so you can look back in six months at your progress.  The first half of the month sees us optimizing to the best of our abilities, testing and refining our solutions with both effort and surprises as the moon gains in light.

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