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Waxing Moon Horoscopes for August 30 – Sept 12

These horoscopes are meant to be read from your Rising Sign

If you know your time of birth, you can find your Rising Sign by entering your details at this free and reliable Astro site:  Follow the prompts to “create horoscope as guest user.” Look for your Ascendant, which is another way of saying Rising Sign. 

You may read for your Sun Sign as well!

Sun signs will have more to say about what impacts your sense of truth and dignity rather than what concrete events are taking place in your life.


What do you do that is a means to an end, not for its own sake?

What are your true motives beneath the exertion of effort and how are you weathering the tasks?

How is your body? 

Your public role has been changing. On a good day, you could say that it is a difficult yet deeply transformative change.

Are there small adjustments you’re making in your food, in your routine, in your environment that lead more towards healing and awareness around destructive repetitive patterns? There could be. Now is a time that favors those adjustments.

Pets could draw our focus. 

Would you rather leap head-first than map out the whole plan or is there a balance in place? 

Are you honoring your priorities of service and self-respect?

Every little cell is engaged in its service to life.  

Give attention to the energy that you expend. As you asses the frustration/conflict in your body or with others, notice the places that ask for attention.

Where would some gentle preventative action have an effect on the whole?

Trust the uncomfortable places and let the data come through.


Never underestimate the power of a cup of tea after an hour of creative work. 

This is productivity in the realms of life that keep us human. 

Wash the particles of clay from your hands and set up your studio for the next round of creation.

You don’t need to show your process.  It is all about the making, all about refining your technique and trusting the person you’re becoming. 

Creation is destruction and composting is more life than death. 

What is shaking you loose from your old identity?

What is being worked out around partnerships and the ingrained psychology of childhood?

When the things we usually do to blow off steam get blocked, we can more easily get jolted out of selfhood. 

The longer we let the upheaval identify us the longer it takes to find our solid ground. 

Work with the breakthroughs and respect the needs of your heightened nervous system.

You’ve been going after it for quite some time now.  There is farther to go and it’s worth it.

There are many ideas the world conspires to say no to, hardening your already realistic perspective. 

Hold out hope for softness.  It’s coming yet.

This cycle may bring some more constructive disruptions to your plate. 

If you suspect that you’re beginning to get a handle on it, take note of what’s working.  

There is such a thing as grounded flexibility.

Grain by grain you’re moving towards it. 


This is a new cycle where your experimentation can inspire a method.  Don’t be surprised if the mental activity all feels a bit much.

There are changes afoot in the way you handle your legacy of service. 

Are you digging into your relationship with your roots and needs relating to where you call home, perhaps trying to establish new healthy patterns with family members?

It isn’t always easy for them to look up from the details to see the bigger picture.

Can you find moments to lean into the work you’ve done in seeking functional containers for emotional response habits? 

After all, the outward rush of busyness has been attended to.

Tuck in the edges and make sure your private space supports you in form and structure.  If it doesn’t, be prepared to exert effort to that end.  

This moon will feel very different for those of you who have their home in order vs. those of you who have been blocked from the grounding roots of a personal base camp.

Small shifts in your ordered systems make a difference now in how grounded you feel.

Increased mental activity is bringing things up and out.  If you can touch the bits of ordered reality, the distraction of your hands can help the eruptions of the mind.

There are breakthroughs, too many to count. There are radical shifts in your experience that alter how you approach those who hold something of yours, whether they hold your money or your power or your box of stored kitchen wares. 

Be gentle with the humans around you.  You do so well when you’re prepared and centered. 

Even the unpredictable events are conspiring to keep your inspiration flowing. 


You are doing so much right now:  in the day-to-day tasks you adjust to, in the goings here and there in your immediate surroundings, in the focus on your extended family.

This first part of the month is excellent for observing and tweaking the systems you are full-steam-ahead adapting to your needs.

As the moon makes her way through this cycle, you may need to lean on the schedules you’re creating rather than relying on your motivation. 

You are more and more aware of the structures and powers that stand in opposition to your unencumbered expression. Let it galvanize you.

The moving and shaking in your wider network has a lot to teach. It stimulates your authentic listening spaces. Questions of normalcy need not apply.

Transitions lead to weathering periods of strange loneliness.

How can you remain in service and in community but also stay respectful of the mood signals within yourself?  

As you reach outside of your comfort zone and enter this new chapter, all the tools are lined up. 

Most likely, you’ve been gathering them at record speed: tightening bolts and replacing wires. 

Have you shied away from learning the technology that could help streamline your tasks or are you called to it?  Your facility for learning is amplified when the moon feeds you excitement.

Dreams and visions must now be balanced out by the nitty gritty behind-the-scenes of real world .


The introspective trends of the past year are branching out into the world of the real. 

Take stock of what is truly yours and yours alone. If this means acknowledging losses, so be it.

Accounting for what we have is vital.  It can also open our anxieties or bitterness. 

Use any spicy feelings to systematize as many of the causes as you can out of your future path. 

What strategies are most sound for you right now as you manage your resources? 

Your public face, your career, or the true work of your spirit is undergoing a revival towards less and less constriction. 

Have the conversation between vision – need – and resources. 

Only you know what your needs are. 

The losses in your life are felt in your bones; health patterns have shifted and transformed. 

What work are you no longer doing?  What does this change about your methods and priorities when you consider your role in wider networks and audiences? 

The chips are on the table and an accurate assessment is within your view. 

Knowing where you stand is itself, an asset.


The awareness of your body – of what’s right and what’s not right follows the softening and loosening of the steady tick of time. This New Moon is a mark of progress. 

If you listen, it will tell you what you’ve accomplished, what still brings inflammation, where you still feel cold and where your beliefs are getting shaken to the point of breakthrough. 

Has your joy been interrupted? How much effort towards marking progress and learning to keep your chin up is still as necessary? 

What of this vigilance on your being can be turned to feed your spirit through teaching or sharing what you’re learning with others? 

You may have just been reminded of love and appreciation at home. 

That in itself is tricky. When we start feeling more magnetic, a whole chorus of old anxieties or a renewed focus on what’s imperfect can come out of nowhere. Those are old voices.

We’re breaking that pattern 

Your analysis is strong during this cycle. Don’t miss the fact that something sweet has entered again.

Dark moons are a time to inwardly focus and you are collecting so much information.

Prioritize discernment over distress.

Whether you’re inspired by an innovative way of thinking, enrolling in a program of higher study, or having mundane mind-blowing moments, rays of truth will keep poking through.

Let yourself be compelled enough to look up and out.


This moon I’m looking for you in the places beyond the contracts and the restructuring of your sense of home; the place where you drop into the unconscious patterns underlying all the rest of it. 

Awareness is trying to penetrate the difference between your self-protective veneer and what really matters. 

What is changing in the way you share resources? 

Where did those assumptions you make about the right or wrong ways to do things really come from? 

This moon may use your annoyance as a signal flare, a call to come down to the vaults of habit and get caught up with the person you are today. 

We know the vital relationships must be honored and acknowledged. 

Do you still walk away from some interactions resenting how much of yourself you poured into it? 

Follow the flares and find out why you let yourself underestimate the effort of involvement.

Can you visualize yourself going through the motions and timing of future events?

Or do requests for your help that have gone unanswered rattle inside you, deep at the core of your being? Distracting.

You are being assigned the deep work of holding and knowing your power.  

The word therapy keeps begging to be let in with all its support and simultaneous accountability. 

Now is the time to create containers and new pathways for your revised level of maturity. 

And just so we’re clear. It is entirely possible to be getting your boundaries exactly right with people who are respecting those boundaries and still find yourself having an erratic schedule. 

Just make sure you know the difference.

This moon is supporting your work around others holding or not holding what belongs to you with as much of your consent and power intact as possible. 


The bareness or grief in your routine chafes. 

It doesn’t seem to be the scarcity of resources that holds you, but the scarcity of aliveness, of vigor in your day to day movements.  Lean into it.

There are moments of amplified meaning. These are the ups amongst the downs. Lean into them.

Are your insights leading towards more humanity or away from it?

There’s just such an awareness of the finite, the endings. Relationships are changing.

The clarity you come to is as much yours as it is your whole network’s.  You see things.

Daring to say truth about what matters most means having the skill to winnow authenticity from general polarizing static.  If there’s anyone who can probe the difference, you can.

Have a strategy for when to lay off your probing.

It’s a personal choice which communities of people you’re engaged with.

You might find yourself getting a mixed reception, maybe even experiencing some clashes from your audience.  Use this as data to navigate toward expressions that fit your truth.  Listen.

Does it increases your humanity when you let it in?  What does it feed in you?

There is a new reality you’re sustaining in spite of some serious upheavals. 

This could be as dramatic as a new way of refining your audience or being able to work or promote something you do as labor to a more target group.  

Balance your searching of the depths with the things that bring you lightness.


More pieces and parts and sizes and intakes: the synthesis of all of it comes slow but it’s coming.

What is natural, basic and obvious to you? 

These assumptions will have to make way for the data. 

When your professional self is given free rein to be meticulous, there is a bounty to be reaped. 

Since March you’ve been in a creative-destructive reevaluation of the energy you spend in service. 

What is work?  What level of commitment is right for you?

How will you shift your sails to catch the warm air of self-assurance when

the bits of your professional self are being examined so closely? 

What irks you?  Not in general but.. exactly? 

What is the sticky root of that-which-does-not-flow?

Keep an eye on the balance between ultra chill down time with your decompression substance of choice and the heightened focus of your professional time. 

If you were waiting to take those leaps towards the healthy body that you’ve been contemplating, you should know that now is an ideal opportunity for pattern breaking and nourishment experiments. 

Think with Virgo boss energy about the word “preventative”.  

How will you sift through the sands of all the useless annoyances out there

without missing the flash of gemstone?

Because there are serious gems of breakthrough thoughts:

information that matters, delivered seemingly out of nowhere. 

But mostly there’s just sand.  A lesson in patience. 

Enough sand to make a big ole beach of it with you, sunning your gorgeous glossy flanks in the center


There’s no doubt that you’re working on yourself as hard as a Capricorn in exactly your state can.  

By that I mean incredibly hard.

You’ve learned a lot, even since March; enough to need a good sorting.

Specifically, I want to recognize you as you do the meticulous work of evaluating and refining your assumptions about your moral code.

You are integrating and changing rapidly, never more than at times like these.

You can get some spontaneous joy and also some prickly things happening in the head-space where you breakdown your theories of life. 

Refuse to cast yourself in the role of the villain, even secretly. 

This is about method, not blame.

This moon cycle hones in on the big picture or long term plan as it is modified into being. 

This involves sorting what you’ve been fed accidentally out from learning you’ve been inspired to do.

There is an increased feeling of oversight and accountability; whether you are now a wielder of authority or a symbol of age, coming off as more serious or tackling some loss of identity or simply focused more on your achievements over time.

The week beginning with this new moon isn’t exactly conflict-free but it is a productive time to pay some creative attention to what is becoming of your ideology. 

Don’t be alarmed if you are tempted to keep refining and cutting away more of what is needlessly clinging.  

Still, be ready to listen to the teacher within.

Try to see the wider map of your belief-territory as you now know it to be and own it. 


There are things afoot in the world of collaboration and paperwork. 

What endless findings are you organizing? 

Who are you engaged with as you sort the proverbial minutia of death and taxes? Are you writing grants, sharing real estate, analyzing scientific data that the group has collected?

Somehow it’s not just business as usual at home.

The stress of last week eases into the containers of structure, even if they aren’t quite all functioning smoothly.

At least they are known. Activated. 

As the week moves on, there’s something not lining up between the amount of community expansion, or the audience being too large. These are growth developments. You’ve got this.

Regardless, there are breakthroughs linked to topic of home, to the work you’re doing uprooting something deeply familial.

What collaborations in your life aren’t making the cut? 

This bodes well for your engagement with the private ghosts that live within your alone spaces, and for breaking the old patterns of fear that seep in from the larger communal stories of 2019.

Warmth takes effort but it’s sometimes just the right ingredient to ease the gears.


The permeability of your limits and those of others show up in stark contrast to the institutions you navigate. Are you watching your close partners go through it or are you shaping and honing the flow of systems yourself? 

This is primarily happening between the three prongs of: partnership, networks, and your local neighborhood or day to day movements.

The expansion in your career gets some temporary friction as your focus shifts onto the worlds created by your close partnerships.  

Encouraging refinement within the realm of the other increases local travel, or unexpected errands which are both helpful and tension-exposing. 

Your body is the backdrop facing off against methodical systematic approaches. 

There is a balance.

There is a real truth-heavy bent to this New Moon, where it’s just the facts and the rest burns away.

Are facts as soluble as the rest of it? You stir us and blend us with the swells of all the rest of what matters. 

This is a phase that brings some functionality to the gears, or at least some information about what needs some tweaking.

How do you ground yourself? 

Never be shy about taking the moments you need to reel your feelers back inside yourself for a recharge.

Play at choosing deliberately and methodically along the way. 

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