Lunar Broadstrokes

Full Moon in Libra – September 14 2019

photomontage by Joan Proudman

What stirred in you last March, clamoring for life? Vines of inquiry that you used to train down out of sight are now trellised, pruned and fed. Look at what you’ve made room for and let yourself marvel.

This full moon shines with some heart-exploding gratitude even if your confidence is shaken by recent events. It balances out the WHY of all the quick-paced bits of things we’ve been attending to.

Not in words, but in deep sighs and the occasional rush of adrenaline, anticipation and a last push of effort.

What are you seeing around yourself that has a place, when before it was only a vision? .
Whether you’ve been forced by circumstance to rise to an undesired challenge, or you are brazenly making your way towards a more current version of authenticity, you should be able to see some results.

Keep your dreams alive and adjust to your current position. It’s alright if your wildest schemes for glory didn’t come to perfect fruition this week. You still matter and you’re still doing your best.

Bask in the spectacle of the harvest moon and marvel at what you’re reaping. Sit with your moment and let the waves of it fill you, flooding the busy plains of your short-term to do lists with the replenishing tidal influx of emotion, a necessity of life.

Try not to rage too hard. Conflict is easy. As you square your shoulders towards the next few weeks, know that beyond this moment there will be support for sweetness in conversation and a sprinkling of justice that can be understood even through difficult negotiations.

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