New Moon in Libra – September 28 2019

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photomontage by Joan Proudman

This moon sits like a fair and non-partial mediator with just the right level of approachable humor. When you sit with her, you may feel like a child or a teen, angsty and unwilling to let her graces soothe you. But the process will still move along.

It’s hard to see the fulcrum when trying to balance the scales. We all take what joy we can from perceived “rightness” or “fairness”, concepts that often change with time. Diplomacy inspires the urge to begin a new story of relating.
The shakeups of early and mid-September take a step back into the shadows.

There is a duty to the real people around you as rich and meaningful as any make-believe world you’ve considered. Resentment only makes sense from certain angles in particular light. Follow it further.

The lineage of our haunted history is on full supernatural display. Be careful of the urge to lose yourself.

Strategy is as important as passion. Faith is so much more than a tool for self deception.

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