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Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon: Feb 24th – March 2nd


When the Moon brings its bright young crescent of tender growth into the tropical sign of Aries, it will be Tuesday in the Eastern USA. This pits your self-awareness into an energized mode. 

The relief found in giving up some aspect of the fight or slowing the accomplishment roll is found after the fact, not while deliberating.

Inward reflection is key Wednesday but hard to do in the mundane world. Ask the ancestors for guidance when you don’t have it yourself.

What cycles of patterned thought are you releasing? What tangible plans still have some holdups? You continue to untangle into Thursday.

Asserting boundaries leads to prosperity. It doesn’t even have to feel icky though often does when Pluto is involved as it is during the end of the week.

As Friday comes to a close, the vigor of forward motion is found again, emphasizing the continued purging of unnecessary efforts. 

Busy work isn’t worth with no good reason. Actual momentum is just around the corner.


Our larger groups may have decided to take a decisive turn while in the midst of a fog bank. This turn works hand in hand with some teachings on how to release through heat.

Watch a belief system highlighted that is no longer interested in martial struggle and symbolizes a rejection of war. This stance will be challenged later this summer in less tangible ways so learn the pacifism while it’s accessible this week.

All the while be ready to pull back from any excessive purging. Boundaries violated in secrecy are still real but may take time to come out or be recalled.

The loss of any partnership sends us into the stages of grief, regardless of who made the final call. The coming weekend dissipates any immediate strains, working constructively with challenges between what you have for resources and what the perceived needs may be.

Structure your future boundaries by doing your grief work.


Of all the signs, you may be feeling the current Mercury retrograde with the most directness. 

Your public-facing self is trying for some do-overs.

Over this particular week, the action happens mostly with others, purging your inheritance of former efforts or struggles that go nowhere.

This does take effort to assimilate. Approach those you must depend on with your boundaries intact yet don’t assume that every interaction will carry conflict.  

There is a functional pacifism in the air, not born of good will but of efficiency. The weekend brings some relief and also sensitivity. 

Trust your own timeline and be ready to acknowledge and meet your own needs as they arise. They are multiple and glorious. You are allowed to take your time to adjust to whatever unconscious probing has led you here.


The south node is a place in the sky where we are already full. When it conjoins a planet, it must empty to accept what that planet has on offer.

This week, it’s Mars who brings his heat and separation to bear in your house of partnerships and open enemies. He forces a loss of the old in exchange for a new form of efficacy and effort. 

It may feel tempting to blow off mars-like steam at home but this energy is better used to revise a tangible project or accept a change in direction without giving into the fires of frustration. Peace is sometimes easy.

Let it assist a personal revision of beliefs, having a direct effect on things you may have been taught or have carried unconsciously. 

Are things really “meant to be”? Or are you making an active conscious choice as a being who is ultimately responsible for your own decisions? Where do you keep your power and where do you give it away unnecessarily?

You always have more options than you at first believe. Let this knowing stir you awake and alive.

If your assertions are met with what seem at first to be unmovable walls, don’t exhaust your efforts but instead retain the energy you need to later try try again.


Wellness is a multifaceted thing.  Even in times of bodily stress or pain or purging we find ways to define relative health. Prioritizing what we expend energy on becomes crucial in these times.  

Recognize that this sensibility applies to many moments beyond the purely physical.

As the week matures, so does your adaptability. Often the most satisfying successes come as a result of correctly navigating difficulties.

As you get better at the real routines that protect and maintain your vitality, your outward face shines. This could be a social weekend for you Leo, an instructive distraction from the abrasively dreamy world of those who you normally find to be stable and reliable.


Clarify your strategies. Talent is often found in Virgo’s ability to pick out just the right minute adjustments to optimize an entire project.

However, this time we’re talking about viewing your larger structural approach to the crafting or body work or child rearing; whichever parts of your creative output are learning structure.

Use a friend’s perspective or scan your overall energy expenditures to see if there’s anything you can scale back on to make the room you need. 

Your efforts overall are constructive and towards more joy, yet there are always going to be times when we find the sands washed clean just where we thought our efforts would stick.

Be careful not to disperse yourself too thinly. There will be accurate communications soon enough, so best not to force the words to take on too much permanence, especially with known enemies or in the realm of partnership.


So much of our struggles are seemingly unnecessary and yet so many necessary struggles don’t seem happen.

Your inner knowing may have finally chosen a direction to lead with but that doesn’t mean you’re able to be verbal about it just yet.

The challenge to describe or account for the method you’re using to purge some old resentments will ease once you’re back in your own territory. Keep your personal boundaries strong and ready so you don’t need to walk backwards later. 

The moon’s light appears again as a tender crescent, yet it hovers in the realms of others until the weekend. It isn’t entirely comfortable to be in the territory of Mars, felt most acutely Thursday into Friday. Yet there’s potential for good here, and some assistance to help us let go of unnecessary efforts.


The neighborhood may be getting a little complicated. Keep your head up and relish the range and diversity of your accidental associates and extended family.

Your creative endeavors have a new source of irrigation now, a transplant that will start to show promising new growth.

A gauntlet of warlike ghosts and upheaval to the natural world may herd us to where we are in our creative endeavors. Yet the project itself is one of compassion.

What stimulates your sense of play? Feed it.

Some loving protection prevents physical ills this week, yet this particular buffer isn’t a strong match against any abrasive family structures.

On Friday, look for your relationship experiments to step out into prominence.

The weekend sees you integrating some of the colder lessons you’ve learned around your dealings with others as you prepare yourself for the week ahead.


We take some losses to avoid others. Empty your pack of resources to make room for what matters.

There’s a new relationship brewing between you and the roots you thought you knew.

Build a sanctuary around your creative stirrings as the end of this week isn’t trying to be kind to them.

Perhaps the physical routine you’ve been seeking is called general freedom? There’s a lot of effort going into adulting when your body more easily gravitates towards enjoyment.

Build in what spontaneity you can. It’s alright to learn to rely on others and even our errors end up teaching us the most.  

Your weekend brings some integration of these themes of roots, home, and partnership. While there may be friction to sort out, there’s also the will to do it.


I hope you know that the planets have been piling up in Capricorn these past couple of years. 

The complications and tear downs of the structures that enclose your sense of self have been no joke for the entire last decade. Now they’re more relevant to those of you with sensitive placements towards the later part of the sign.

Mars adds a level of exertion into your daily life that brings movement and motivation to picture.  Mars may have had to abandon the hole he was ferociously digging and start a different project with zen-like acceptance.

Don’t rule out potential moisturizing assistance from your present and past neighborhoods, including siblings.  It may be tempting to obsess over the emotional state at home, but the skies encourage tangible boundaries. Uphold them, not only for safety, but in the name of protecting your recently reclaimed pace as it’s unearthed.


There is a bid of befuddlement in this week Aquarius.  The weight of everything hides just around corners, past the easy runway of intuition’s grasp.

Wednesday your possession of stuff and things takes the lead role. Don’t let the wavering confidence of these skies throw you.  Your fighting power may seep through holes in the net you use but this is happening to everyone.

Better to find the momentum that surfaces after you put your foot down against distractions from neighborly/sibling attentions.

Friday works in concert with the invisible weights, which could feel odd.  The build towards the half-moon next Monday equips you with more energy and more readiness.


The activity in your wider networks finds a bit of a sinkhole in the early part of the week. It could even swallow up some choice community endeavors.

While this isn’t directly positive for finances or long-term planning, it isn’t really the main event.

Solidify the boundaries that protect your personal coffers from continuously flowing outward. How is your outward presentation feeling?

This Mercury retrograde is stirring how you see yourself and bringing origins and partnership ideals closer to your awareness than during other months. While Wednesday’s skies may emphasize this to an intense degree, there is unspoken progress already achieved.

The moon makes her way into the roots and legacies of your life, causing helpful friction between what is perceived and what really is.

Set up whatever support structures have been helpful in the past proactively. The coming month is a good time to examine the tough questions and you’ll want the vibe set.

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