Lunar Broadstrokes

New Moon in Pisces – Feb 23 2020

This moment rejects our former concrete knowing. We are toying softly with illusion, with boundaries, with what has worked in the past and what must be rebuilt to honor the wisdom of now.

Artistry is called for. Will your structures house only sterile and narrow utility? No. You envisioned a world richer in meaning than this and now it dreams it right back at you.

Let your understanding lay fallow in the darkness of less assumption. Wisdom trickles into the cracks of conscious planning but its source bubbles deep in the unnameable roots of every stumble ever made.

Is it enough just to get to a place of acceptance? Or can we anchor our baseline there, knowing our roots will find purchase in the cracks to push forward and stand for something.

You have had enough social-emotional input for this cycle. The symbols that support this moon are forges and earthquakes, centering the deeply artistic acts of creation that push this eventual emergence.

It hasn’t happened yet. It spirals in. Let awe and effort protect like busy walls around your sanctumed mind.

Shape the earth for the sake of artistic enclosure.

Be speechless.

As the events of the last week sift and settle to the bottom of the pool, fertile ground emerges for a more integrated striving; a more useful upheaval; an exuberant portal to the crashing play of waves in the cavernous mind.

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