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Horoscopes for the Waning Moon: Feb 17 – 24 2020

We begin this week with the Moon in Sagittarius pushing some uplift and pinging our individualism with adventurous inspiration. This is a waning moon which will slowly whittle away dreamy anticipations. It’s flavored by the mystical unknown and potentially deceptive flavor of Neptune’s assistance.

This is quite a nice foot to start out on for Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Mercury will back away from Neptune for the rest of the month, backing away from diffuse illusions and reassessing the true emotional data already received.

There is a spicy challenge posed Tuesday, the day of Mars; an unexpected exertion well executed. Something about this entire week is not routine. Wednesday we feel the tone of Mercury’s vertigo as the planet of communications approaches closer our cores. We are adding structure to the spiritual questing stories we tell ourselves. Feel yourself as the main protagonist and find the rightness amidst the wrongs.

The weekend winds our projects down to their most distilled function, seeing little meaningful external action but bringing us to the New Moon in Pisces.

It readies us for a new cycle of transmuting our personal experiences into universal teachable moments.


Vibrancy comes in the form of Venus visiting your first house. This puts an attractive appeal into the face you put forward into the world. There is also an instinctive push in your outward presence, so it seems as though you’re putting more effort into the role you’re making for yourself in the world. Be gentle on yourself as the moon wanes between now and Sunday.  There will be more energy for this push when the moon again gains light. Mars motivates and stimulates some elements of experimental risk-taking, possibly in the realm of your personal resources. You have the motivating backup of the skies for things like proposing possibly risky yet innovative collaborations. The spiritual backing is also there for you as you embark on a quest of structuring your expanding intuition. Grab your sharpened instincts and make it real.  The weekend brings a lull to the pushing, distilling your sparks into the contemplative seeds of new endeavors. The new moon deepens these themes and brings the inner work closer. Re-frame any worries you may have in the language of a valiant spiritual quest, for you’re certainly a part of some form of unfolding adventure.


Collaboration is a spiritual quest in and of itself. The motivation to stand up for your beliefs and worldview is strong this week. Don’t neglect the listening side of the equation. Solitude will feel a welcome refuge and a useful way to proactively respond to the live wires of potential emotions. Secret meetings should be assessed by their individual merit.  Be certain you are not the one pushing for undue deception. Who in your social groups do you learn from? The potential for backtracking grows among those who share news with you, bringing some muddled though non-abrasive side effects. This may touch your many forms of personal resources and the minutia of the detail work that some call effort yet you call play. There is a hard background hum of startling insight and spontaneous urges towards individual indulgence and peace. The new moon Sunday distills the sparks of structured disciplined righteousness, folding them into an internal place of starting over.


There is a real opportunity to embark on tangible advancement this week, regardless of the waning moon. The effort and potential for assertiveness is an uncomfortable but necessary part of all dealings. While this Mercury retrograde may throw some vertigo into the early week, the demons you battle aren’t new or even particularly external. What sparks happen inside when you stand up for yourself out of necessity? Wednesday takes your efforts towards meaningful satisfying work and fleshes it out with potential new structures. Thursday’s spiciness is invigorating yet pokes some holes in any false fronts you may have been keeping up for others. Your plate is heaped full of things to consider. Impulsive moves towards greater connections among your friends and wider groups are encouraged by these skies with or without your active pushes. The new moon Sunday begins a career chapter and with it your internal acceptance of planting seeds for new roles.


From work to partnership, from sharing in the gains of others to re-examining your beliefs or schooling, this week keeps you actively questing. You bring in fodder to be distilled on the new moon next Sunday. Tuesday and Wednesday have the active skies and form the hump days of the week with the highest likelihood for risky or high-decibel actions. This Mercury retrograde is a wonderful opportunity to bring your valid emotional/spiritual guidance more deeply into your daily endeavors. There has been enough collaboration without it. Now begins a time of deeply listening to yourself as well as others. While this doesn’t directly clash with any relationship goals, it does coincide with some amplified antsiness which could come out as conflict with your familiar intimates. Do your best to listen and plan for changes to your schedule. You’ll be experimenting again with how you present ideas and “what you do” to your networks most notably on Thursday. The weekend is here to refine and focus your premonitions. Whether you’re beginning a new class or embarking on a trip, take some time around the new moon Sunday to record or write down the present state of your long-term plan. You are the only one who can test its authenticity.


This is the final week of Aquarius season, and therefore a climax of the accelerated activity around managing one-on-one interactions. Your body may be asking you for renewed attention again, and this time there is effective effort to commit there.  It’s always okay to step away and tend to your core needs whether that’s just work or a need to prioritize diet or whether there’s truly a physical need to withdraw. This week you pull away as gently as possible, though the skies favor some jerky over-exertion. Your individual motivations may feel more naturally primary as the week goes on and the moon wanes.  Let the necessities spark and play with your public stage presence or the titles you wear. Let the collaborative experimentation commence. Things are not set in stone this week but are hashed out internally. It’s okay if you don’t have all the words worked out or understood.  Therefore, it’s good to be wary of solidifying agreements with others under imperfect clarity.  The new moon begins some resource-sharing that has changeability built into it. This extends to your wider groups and things like salaries, loans, and taxes. Practice double checking or have another set of eyes proofread if something must be submitted and allow your focus to drift inward.


Your one-on-one relationships have some words for you.  The classic tales of buried conversations rearing up in the present world during Mercury retrograde may actually resonate with you this time around Virgo.  Tuesday requires us to acknowledge letting go of something tangible and possibly artistic or made by us or played by us. The potency of Wednesday’s skies doesn’t bring anything truly new, yet may illuminate that which is hard for our individual hearts to carry.  The inward motion of the waning moon coupled with Mercury’s movement closer to the earth means that now is not the time to stress over voicing things exactly right.  Leave that for next week and beyond. Anything spoken now is primarily experimental. There is heat and spice in your faith and healing this week.  Let it shake you into a new perspective, trying it on for deeper personal gains. The winding down of the moon is potentially tiring, but it spirals down like weight on a springboard from which you can push off of next week after the dark moon Sunday brings us to a re-centering place amidst all the sparks and rumbles.


Putting yourself out there in a novel or brave way is to be commended, not held against you.  The quest that you find yourself on prioritizes action. You may find yourself temporarily kept from home or slicing through some metaphorical tethers to family and land this week. Neptune has spent eight years already diffusing and spiritualizing your work efforts, or even bringing the significance of certain drugs or medicines into your work sphere. This week’s Mercury retrograde station sets off the reminiscence functions in your brain and highlights the growth you’ve unwittingly quested towards. The week’s points of caution come Wednesday and Thursday when the process of receiving tangibles becomes prone to experimental risk-taking. The waning of the moon brings a level of inward focus, where rejecting the perspectives of others is an inner process rather than an outspoken one. The long stretches of Saturday prepare us a little for the New Moon on Sunday. This moon brings techniques around and interest in connection, catalyzing some new ways of offering services and altering your own stories of how to best connect with those you’re trying to inspire.


Whether you’re gliding around a new place or learning the ropes of a new mode of relating, there’s a commitment to movement and daily action. How does your mischievous nature exercise its creativity? Do you let yourself go as deep as you’d like to? How deep is too deep? You’re learning to reexamine how you play Scorpio. Changing tacks is never easy for the fixity in your makeup. Yet this is a constructive transit. Children may be involved and positive interactions with people dependent on you or even positive interactions with pets and livestock color the days with pleasant fire. This may make your day-to-day action even more packed and therefore harder but this is the nature of responsibility. The spiciness of your mid-week exertions even out by Saturday. While parenting can be swept up in emotional currents, those of you not in that boat can feel this as a joyful return to your self and subsuming waves of experience that leave you open to some new ways of spending your creative force.


We never intend to let financial stress get the better of our physical bodies. Yet there’s always more we can do to protect ourselves from it. You can develop the habits to live your exuberance and take care even through constrictions.  Breathing on purpose is a great start. The quest to feel good and right at home is one you’ve done much with, regardless of the place you’re currently laying your head. “Home” reaches back through the ages and lineage and bubbles up from unknown ancestors. Home is more about your physical body and the stories that live there this month, regardless of the boundary-diffusing journey you’ve been on for the past eight years while assessing tangible roots and land and houses. By Thursday, the way ahead gets a hand from Mercury’s amplified ability to look behind. Retrospection is your friend when you learn from it. The contemplation you do this weekend plants the seeds for the year ahead.


This week is characterized by challenging yet harmonious situations as you continue constructing your responses and evaluating who you are in the world. What does “having your shit together” look like to you in these challenging circumstances? You are no stranger to challenge. As Mars lends his methodical and inflamed preference for action to your core energy centers, you have the fuel to get things done how you want them. Go after what matters creatively.  You may find a need to restructure your day-to-day routines. As time moves forward, you’ll need to cleanse this heat with structure and refinement. Mercury’s motion brings some qualitative reassessment to the topics of neighborhoods and siblings, especially around emails and daily conversational efforts. The new moon highlights these same themes at the end of the week. Your playfulness is worth leaning into. Create a dish or do what makes pleasure happen for you specifically and open the door to re-negotiation with the person whose opinion matters most in the formation of your personal nature: you.


Distractions in the world of your finances are worth the effort it takes to tidy up and set them aside. As nice as the daily tasks and travels currently are, there’s a potential for tiredness to be aimed at the rest of life’s responsibilities. Details should be double-checked or even looked over by a reliable helper. Your energy is all there for the inner work though. Assess your spiritual self-discipline. Is there too much of it?  Where’s the release valve? What would your best ally have to say if you asked for feedback? Are you gentle enough on your corporal form? Is gentleness what your body even wants? Tuesday through Thursday looks to be the most spicy, perhaps bringing up scenarios where meditation or cleansing would be your go-to. Be willing to question if there are habits that take any form of purification too far. The moon wanes into a more familiar and safely contemplative place by Friday, easing you into a constructively empty Saturday and a new moon ripe for intentions around financial creativity.


Your face is its own mirror of the world, changing with each observer. The closeness of all the intangibles is something you may have consciously accepted but it’s time to reexamine what you let in. Whether it’s a more exact diagnosis or a new sense of guidance discovered in your networks, there’s some sussing-out that begins now. Let it happen. Experiment. You may feel the impact on your home or land base, bringing in your familial stories of belonging. As you go through this week, observe the heat and drama and see what unfolds among your neighbors or with your siblings, those people who ever defined your daily routines. Feel it out and enjoy the edge that’s being honed on your instincts and assessment. You may need to take back or alter words already spoken, songs already written, that sort of thing. Remake your message experimentally and keep it close until after the new moon this weekend. This is a playful Mercury retrograde and you are the player. Embrace it.

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