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Horoscope for the Waning Moon: Feb 10 – 17

Hello lovelies! This week I’m giving you a broad overview of the daily planetary moods. I’ll return to sign-by-sign horoscopes 2/17!

Monday (Moon day) begins with a hazy temptation to hourglass away the time in patterns of response rather than initiative. Monday’s skies bring an opposition with Mercury from the sign they rule, calling all the pre-retrograde urges into sharp relief. Neptune is often part of a wider narrative of boundaries or lack thereof and that goes for weather as much as for personal energetic space.

Tuesday’s rough and ready start stretches through the daylight hours. Something about Tuesday’s challenges push good ideas into some form of action. There is a sense of details being rushed to serve the larger picture. In late afternoon the moon shifts into Libra, currently a place of heated justice seeking.

The fire and air of Tuesday evening may not be the most sensitive combination but it’s certainly outgoing and social, lasting into Wednesday. Wednesday is a day of regrouping. Once the moon passes through her dance with Venus, we fall into Jupiter’s centering yet stark assessment mode. Here on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, our Wednesday night sleep may have some real underworld vibes, but it turns towards responsibility and structure by mid-morning.

We’re in for a spiky Thursday night as the moon enters the inky gravity of Scorpio’s unfathomable depths and stares into the face of Uranus. Uranus is the current mad scientist of random breakthroughs and breakages. Emotions can feel experimental, emerging even as we make meals out of sustenance and claw towards whatever we would personally call the good life.

Friday gets a bit spacey.  Mercury is slowing their momentum rapidly, like an elevator approaching the ground floor. See what you can do with it. If there’s any way you can prepare yourself to feel available and ready to go with whatever redirected flow you need to join in on, be proactive. But if you need to be there where you are

The moon is also rapidly waning, lessening the energy she gives to the matter of the world.  She benefits from a sextile to Jupiter, turning on some fog lights in Friday’s heavy mist.

Saturday brings some useful trepidation and a push of confidence may be needed.  This push to overcome is solidified as Mars moves into Capricorn, showing some strategically efficient effort taking place over the next month and half.

You know those fog lights you needed on Friday? Turn them back on if you can. Sunday is a big day of non-linear progression. Mercury comes to a visible standstill in the night sky, but really they’re coming closer to the Earth, honing in as they station retrograde.  While there’s nothing sharp or particularly malefic in this retrograde time period, there is a large Neptune influence.  Neptune is the dissolver of boundaries and the distorter of time so make those plans to arrive early!

Best of luck out there loves!  I’ll be back with sign-by-sign horoscopes for you next week!

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