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Horoscopes for the Waning Moon – January 13th

This week’s skies provide some welcome “wait, maybe it’s not so bad” activities for mind and matter to grab hold of.  Our attention is directed towards resolution and movement forward. 

Look to Venus in the evening sky and as you make your wishes, clarify them into specific language.  Venus crosses into Pisces on Monday, a place conducive to feeling genuine connection with other humans and the world we live in.  While still deeply informed by the relative limits of your current situation, Venus indicates an uptick in moisture and flexibility.  Look to your sign-by-sign horoscopes below to learn where this falls for you.

Jupiter becomes just barely visible in the morning sky before sunrise Thursday, bringing awareness of tangible results in the areas of life that were churned up by the recent eclipses.

We also take our cues from Mercury. They escape their close proximity to the weighty matters in Capricorn on Thursday with a resulting wider lens through which to inspect our inner processes.  While we may not have everything ready for coherent articulation until the end of the month, we can certainly do some proper grim assessment and creative problem solving.


Structural life decisions can chip away at our confidence in times like these. Yet this week soothes the pressure of last week’s alarm bells. If you’ve felt pushed into some form of retreat or home-focus, this week grants you a subtle acceptance of the present and soothes inner tensions around what you’re up to. Midweek could stir your dream-spaces with stimulating activity, readying your inner world for more outward socialization. 

You’ll know what you have left to work with, which is necessary data for any future planning. Don’t expect to have all the details for forward thinking until you’ve taken your new lens and assessed the recent past. News or gossip can reach you in a way that frustrates or constricts but this is a temporary moment.

Allow yourself to rearrange the simplified game pieces on your board in an experimental way this week. Any deep moods around you Thursday and Friday transform quickly enough.  Unexpected processes involving reliance on others could tug on your community-oriented point of view Friday but this too is quickly eased.

If there are habits you’d rather not fall back into, Friday night and all of Saturday does set us up to be prone to giving in.  Baths and moving meditations are some examples of alternative healthy choices. However, if your go-to patterns of escapism are functioning usefully in your life, you’ll find the weekend to be a welcome retreat. 


The astrology of this week touches off some of the more invigorating parts of your recent nature. Not only does a sweetness come into your wider networks, but it sends ripples of ease as you adjust to the current version of you. It could also have a nice effect on the labor you perform, though these pleasant quakes wont bring you a completely restored faith. Experiment with how your stability and structured plans feed into the balancing act of maintaining your identity amidst very different landscapes than last year. You’re getting better at it.

The rhythms of your body may start to settle in this week. For the first time since the calendar turned over to a new year there’s a pause. Conversations with friends or acquaintances can be fun and invigorating to your sense of self without sending up alarm bells. Next week may bring a bit more guardedness so soak it in and play it out.

Thursday brings your mental energy to the task of considering your career and the way you’d like to gain traction on your path. Seek renewal in the close ties that you do have this weekend.  It’s a great moment to spend close to another or checking in on your close people.


It’s down right annoying for some of us to have to take care of the minutia of paperwork and contracts. You may be appealing to an old and more stodgy coffer of funds than you realize. You’ve moved rapidly through some serious weighty matters and executed them with as much speed and precision as you were able.

Since your ruling planet Mercury has been a bit obscured lately, some of your details may have been difficult to attain or entered incorrectly but that’s just the nature of the current set-up. Now Mercury is free of that and on to big ideas on many topics, especially philosophy and the ideas of friends and teachers.

Thursday sees a shift in your potential for self-motivated thought.  Enough with the concerns over fairness and the withholding of resources.  Flow into your revision of the future and let the sweetness that’s entering your public sphere nurture the seeds of your unfolding. The more you can properly grieve and then lean away from attachment to what you may or may not be owed, the less strife crops up in your relationship world.  The crackling dryness of the last season begins to find lubrication and even fertile ground.


The week opens with a vague and foggy inspirational quality.  By Wednesday this potential develops into an innovative mindset. It’s a welcomed if subtle lift which helps you learn about and feel connected to whatever bigger ideological framework you’re engulfed in. This supports you as you steel yourself to keep holding the boundaries that matter around home and partnership.

 As we head into the weekend, your mind may be drawn to topics of fairness or technicalities in shared agreements.  This is a more clear-headed space than we’ve seen lately, though easily influenced by your close people and their experiences with power.

Some deep feelings around your children or legacy can intensify this transit especially on Friday. The apparent freedoms of others may require you to reach for inner balance about the levels of authenticity you represent in your own life. Don’t fall for the myth of any unified authority but recognize that each group has its unique and changeable hierarchy.

You get a chance to put it all down during the weekend.

What do you love and what must you do? Look ahead to next week and see if there’s anything you can rearrange in your schedule to ease any foreseeable conflict between these two topics ahead of time.


You have reached quite close to the ultimate in terms of structured plans for your body or work life and have also let much of it go. The conceptual room you create by eliminating habits that haven’t been pulling their weight is ready to be filled with those that are.

As the week ripens, conversation with partners and friends gains an invigorating quality, unmatched by recent months. The deep and quiet grieving undertones of Thursday evening move along into a rather electric Scorpio Moon weekend.

While Friday may bring some impulses to act, don’t push ideas that aren’t yet fully formed. The waning half-moon on Thursday night highlights the final exertions of Capricorn season.  It brings us into the crux of this week’s tension. For you, it’s ushered in with a conversation or some news in the life of either your close significant other or another person close to you. It’s a great time to hash things out.

You seem positioned to receive help with obtaining contracts or loans or marriages or divorces or inheritances, though be conscious of any overly-idealistic projections. This configuration sends us more to uncomfortable roots or patterns of self-undoing, yet takes away or peels off the energy from creative expression. You have a way of passing along the helpful baton Leo, and the meditative vibe of the coming weekend can put you in the right head-space to tackle whatever comes your way in the weeks to come.


The practical joys in life aren’t always accessible. Yet the ingress of Venus in Pisces bodes very well for your partnerships, personal resources and long-term goals or planning from now through mid-February. There has been some intense structuring happening in service of your creative life, whether that’s around parenting practices or your utilitarian artistic methods or even wellness theories. This may restrict completely free expression, yet it is a very good time to connect. We are moving on from the process of mapping the territory and now we can feel how it affects the terrain of the heart.

The half-moon Thursday asks after this same balance in a slightly different way but the themes are the same: how are the things you value most interacting with the purpose of your creative restructuring?

The productive mental and emotional work of the past two weeks come into visible form now.  The weekend will dip us into a temporarily pleasant stupor ahead of next week’s more pointed efforts. Take what down-time you are able. The moon’s waning light makes inward focus more relevant than outward expression, but priorities have been stated and your freshly built train tracks beckon in the weeks ahead.


Your body and your work life drop some tensions and gain some helpful momentum this week.  For so many of the last months, your home-life or land base has demanded focus, for many of you without significant returns. Let that work become your new foundation. From here on out you stand upon altered ground.

Conversations with your offspring or the youth in your life are bound to be more productive than they have been in many months.  Your attention to the technicalities of future-building is present and accounted for. Decision making and impulse assessment can feel good and necessary, especially from Wednesday on.

You may need to go gentle on yourself around the half-moon on Thursday, as it pits your comfort with who you are up against the animating purposes of lineage and all the shoulders you stand upon. This includes the physical land you make your home on. Offer what you can to the animating principles of flora and fauna and those whose shoes you strive to fill.


The biggest relief is yours this week Scorpio. Your house of play is delightfully activated. This is where Venus takes her official “Joy” according to traditional astrology. If you have an artistic project or a desire to express yourself or create (or procreate), there is wonderful support for that. This goes on from now until February 17th.

Leave room for flexible or spontaneous inspiration midweek. Whether that’s in your relationships or with your children or even in your isolated doldrums, it’s a delightful spark to feed.

The half-moon Thursday brings the potential for cathartic grief which could grate against your heavily structured schedule or even against the situations your siblings are in.

Have you been letting your emotional faucets drip enough lately? Our inner pathways can freeze up during Capricorn season and may need longer to get flowing. Regardless, try not to let Friday’s urgent disruptions get blown out of proportion.

Friday evening into Saturday provides a haven of escape and pleasure. You know, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. Sunday is a good day to take a glance through your coffers and asses your comfort and budget. This could help avert any conflicts between what you love and what you can afford in the coming week.


This week paints a lovely veneer on the landscape of your home-life. One thing that means is less trouble in the immediate future. Is this temporal shine merely a pause to some haunting confusions? Time will tell. For the time being, your private space can be a welcoming part of life with some nice side effects that carry over into your social life and into the changing landscape of work.

Expect some minor displays of proof that what you’ve let go of is indeed gone. This could be in the realm of your self image or that which makes you you. Or perhaps you’ve had to let go of someone in your lineage or an ancestral home. Maybe a potential lease on an apartment. The enjoyment creep into the spaces you come from like a tentative seedling. Even if you haven’t lost someone in this cycle, it is an auspicious time for you to consider how you would go about honoring and questioning the path and people that brought you here.

The weekend finds you a nice cushy place to retreat to. Any upsets to your equilibrium can be thoughtfully righted or doused in the waters of Neptune from Friday night on. The following week brings a touch of spice when the need for action and effort in the body takes on the joys of sedentary contemplation.


When you accept that a part of your routine is gone, the pleasure within the rest of it is magnified. While the impulsiveness of Wednesday’s skies may pose a direct contradiction to your financial planning, it could have all around useful side effects. Your lens around personal resources is certainly more clean going forward, though that could just as easily result from all the examination you’ve done around your personal integrity. What is integrity at this moment? When you are willing to be consistent between deeds and actions you can check yourself when you assume your empathy is a large as it needs to be. That empathy tree never stops growing when it’s watered and fed and that’s exactly what you’ve been up to.

The half-moon on Thursday may drag you a little deeper into your own agency and craft some indecision around your public roles. This isn’t dramatic and before you know it you’ll be pondering how to best share what you have to give. And with more than a little inspiration too!

You’ve drawn the map of the difficulties. Now it’s time to to sense the terrain of the heart. It’s a stunning moment Capricorn and you’re just the goat to deal with its life-affirming and poignant potentials.


This week makes it far easier for financial gains to land in your corner. Of course, the things you value do tend to incorporate more of the whole picture, rather than just money so perhaps there’s a less conventional abundance. Still, a pleasant magnetism helps you hold onto what you have. The mechanisms are largely out of your control.

By Wednesday, you may sense the waking of your active mind. Most things are laid bare on the table; the result of a growing hum from the wings of this past year’s worries. Yet an excited glimpse of the near horizon ratchets up into a full fledged gallop as conversational Mercury enters your home sign.

This same infectious chatter leads into some expected tension between ideas and habits as we lead into the weekend. Your career, or a role you gladly perform, calls for support at the same time as your home space or elders. Overwhelm is entirely possible. Look to Saturday to move through the feelings, knowing there’s a silver lining. Your outlook Sunday reflects the progress that comes with assessing your actual wants.


It’s been a dry and earthy year so far. For you Pisces, this week brings a transit that many look forward to. For all that you may have dropped some false way of carrying yourself or had to say goodbye to a mode of being that no longer fits, it has softened you. You are the siren now, sending out tendrils of appealing allure. Or that would be best cast scenario, and it is 2020 after all so perhaps it’s best to simply adorn yourself as you see fit and connect with other humans.

The positive ripples lighten the daily grind and float some positive shields to keep away that which comes to you when you don’t want it. There’s plenty of help. Midweek stirs the air high above you without assessing it. Don’t let the worry or inner chatter reach anywhere near to a level that could haunt you. There’s a confidence now in your approach to social networks. Smooth what you can of their massive or weighty constituents and get in there.

As the moon moves into Scorpio’s sign, the tension between a top-down governance and a people up movement gains even more prominence. Don’t be surprised if there are some glitches in your thought process around this time.

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