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Horoscopes for the Waning Moon and New Moon in Aquarius: Jan 20 -Jan 27 2020


Aquarius season begins Monday, bringing your goods out into the world. There is less concern with self-doubt this week and more risk-taking overall. Your beliefs call to you to defend them. There is so little preventing you from running quick and hot so remember to count to ten and reject any insistent calls from spiraling cycles. There is motivation here, and inspiration to fight on behalf of your long-term vision. If your networks provide the catalyzing spark, so be it. Any cravings for more physical ease are natural responses to the itchy-making levels of hard work that you are set to achieve. Relaxation is a necessity to keeping those efforts up.  The new moon Friday mixes some ingredients.  All the ways you’ve ever felt excluded from the primary narrative are added to the resources you have at home.  The strings are pulled taut. As the weekend comes upon us, you are prepared to launch into the role of planning and shaping a more authentic future, one that must incorporate your true values in a way that supports the community and your personal well-being.  Be the spark that gets it going.



As the moon moves into darkness, it brings many of us through some jagged introspection and then out the other side. Any resolutions you come to in the early part of the week may not be truly finished. It’s a great time to vent though, if you can manage to spark the chilly Aquarius sun with animosity. Take the struggles that have been amplified by matters out of your control and get it out. Vent. Yet you may be asked to show up in your public or visible roles in ways that require caution.  If something is taxing to your innate well-being, make sure there is grounding waiting when you get home.  Let this discomfort galvanize you to jumpstart new response patterns. You are building them all the time these days. There is collaborative potential between your community relationships and your long-term plans.  If you’ve been looking into new platforms to use to present yourself, this is a near-perfect goal setting opportunity.  If there is tension over the weekend between conventional wisdom and the directions you strive for, listen to what comes knocking from the future or the new.


Our vitality dips and swells with the moon. It is easy to fall into conflict with loved ones at the very start of the week, but this doesn’t stick.  Not much does with a moon this dim.  The beauty of some conflicts lies in the way they bring key beliefs into the spotlight where they can be seen and known and evaluated.  Let your sharpness alert you to the narratives that insecurities shelter within. The potential to ditch a lot of assumptions and habits is high right now.  As you make your way to the forward-looking new moon Friday, let the small rewards serve as bread-crumbs on your path. What self-sabotaging stories have you believed in the past?  Today? Can they leave? Sometimes we need to experience our unproductive patterns one last time in order to make ready to leave them behind. The sky is ripe for starting our new stories. There is decisiveness and conviction there to pluck from this week’s skies.


More energy is on its way after the new moon. Your exertion is real. There are more innovative ways to access help going forward. Naming it and looking ahead are great places to start.  With this said, watch out for burnout in the early week.  While our long-term vision is getting an imaginal boost, we still need to support our physical form in the here and now. Don’t let the restrictions you experience Thursday, or any day, define you.  Rather, use them to gain conviction going forward. The new moon Friday is assisted by all the discomfort you’ve learned through. Find your own metrics for fairness without relying on another’s. You know what has heart and meaning and that is the litmus test of the agreements you enter into with others going forward. Trust that your vitality will grow with the next waxing cycle of the moon and look upon the early crescent as the start of your more authentic standards. You can apply them to the next agreements you’ll be willing to forge.


Something is ready to give. This week begins with heat and effort. If the waning moon brings some shedding or dismissal, use that data to further craft your vision of what you’d rather things were like. While there are some lovely potentials floating around, it is unlikely that our moods and vitality catch up to them until after Friday’s new moon. There is stark evaluation happening in the world of partnership. Your need for safety in the face of scrutiny may be shaken a bit by the demands of your public roles, yet this sets the stage for some stark and meaningful communication.  How can you work smarter not harder? In what ways are you directly benefiting from agreements or bonds with others and how can you usefully acknowledge those tensions? These answers may need some grappling with. Aquarius season is the one most antithetical to your own. There is more broad and inclusive focus rather than the unique point of view where you excel. This week highlights some assistance to the work you’ve been doing, especially the preventative or catch-up maintenance work that keeps your head above water. There is a newness and some intention setting or renewal of updated intentions for the close relationships in your life. The weekend enables us to take our difficulties and churn them into a clearer vision of the future.


The insights of this week’s daily grind are good fodder for the creation of future habits. As the moon wanes it often takes our energy down with it. Yet this weeks’ skies lend an objective quality to your problem-solving skill set. If you’re used to keeping your focus on the details, this Aquarius season gives a boost to your long-term planning. Sometimes, disruptions are just the thing to get our heads up and scanning the horizon. Whether you’re starting a new phase of study or needing to take a wider lens on the habits that keep you healthy, this Friday is prime for intention setting. The ease that comes after some good clear planning is priceless. Expect that to really come through early next week. While we do swing towards looking through rose-colored glasses, especially where partnership is concerned, it provides good lubrication for the more fiery concerns to be talked through without causing damage. Find your convictions and set your goals.  Your outlook may need to wrestle with fears of the unknown but is well-equipped to do so.


There are so many breaths that you’ve been holding Libra.  Various forms of limbo have persisted into the next year but now is the time to put those ducks you’ve gathered into their rows. What did you learn from last weekend’s maintenance necessities? If you were able to assist your family or the place you dwell in some way, you could still be benefitting from that motivational moment. Aquarius season is often more inspirational for Libra rising than the prior seasons and a welcome shift. While this week takes time to gain momentum, it provides a great opportunity for narrowing your focus.  Plant your intentions with the new moon Friday and enjoy some amplified creative clarity. While the mushiness of your recent work-journey may have instilled some lethargic hurdles into your habits, your routines can now pick up some productive fire. Don’t look upon the struggles of this week as permanent, but as some last educational moments to help affirm or deny your convictions going forward.


The waning moon moves you through the world of your private routines, drawing attention to sustenance and demanding the use of quite a bit of your energy and effort. Wednesday’s pleasant skies can send some loving playfulness into whatever institutional setting you’re routinely up against. The insightful drama of Friday’s new moon may fix your attention on the things you’ve already rejected from practices of land ownership or the ancestry narratives that drove your family priorities. It’s a great time to take a step back and use your growing comprehension of systems to spark your own convictions around home and hearth. Disruptions in the lives of your close loved one can serve to galvanize you on these topics. As you get into the weekend and beyond, you’ll likely enjoy an invigorated mind-set.  You are at the beginning of, not only the year, but larger cycles which will keep leading you towards these topics.  Return to beginner mindset when you can and indulge your playful imagination. It can be a great source of vigor as the moon grows to its first viable crescent.


The hopeful striving of the last year has been whittle down. You’ve had some time to sit with the structure of your life going forward. This new moon Friday is ideal for planting the seeds of your new routines. While your intentions may be over-shadowed by unexpected events or disruptions to work-as-usual, these minor upsets can serve as bug-finders. Diagnose and choose your own way forward. Conversations with siblings or neighbors are an untapped source of advice or clarity. By the time the weekend is underway, the cohesive appeal of your lineage or home shows up in stark contrast to the force you’re currently bringing to bear on the world. Enjoy the richness of the contrast. The orientation of this week’s skies supports your quest of individuation and also of belonging, different sides of the same picture.


The action for you this week begins on Wednesday. The moon brings attention to all the things that weigh on us with a bit more extremity than is really called for. If your usual practice of creation and effort stands in need of an overhaul, take heart. The new moon Friday is a place of beginnings. It draws in and integrates the observations we’ve made through the effort of the last two years. The dramatic changes to your self-identification hum in the background like distracting engine noise.  These weekdays are good for consolidation and further winnowing down.  Compassion and pleasantries flow from the people around you, in your sibling or neighbors.  This soothes your intermittent worry if you let it.  As the weekend matures, the freshness is unmistakable. You can credit value over scarcity and conviction out of insecurity though it takes a powerful alchemy.


This week gets off to a sluggish start though the potential of disruption or electricity tingles in the background. The moon is waning, promising less outward mojo until after Friday. While your instincts around visibility may feel taxing at first, the coming weekend begins an important opening-up.  Your perspective isn’t always anticipated and that’s part of its value.  It’s yours to wield with a vitality and vigor that you may have been searching for in the last couple months.  It’s amazing how a bit of abundance can ease our mental gymnastics. It may be challenging to find an identity balance when your home life or familial patterns are stirring and speaking.  Yet the six month cycle you’re embarking on is full of benefic potential.  In fact, this moon begins a longer period of self-work on an excellent note.  Look at what you don’t love and learn the habits that lead to remedies.  Your conviction is galvanizing beyond your personal life.  Use any conflict amongst your audiences or peers to motivate and inspire your ideals.


The days before a new moon are never the most enlivening.  As the week moves through, there are seeds of joy that do take the edge off, however lacking the moonlight for full expression.  You are a source of joy to others. Is something new envisioning its way out of your current state of mind? It can be frustrating when you want to display and experience the bountiful compassionate humanism that the skies are encouraging while also playing out your public role of sharp or sometimes critical effort. Let these polarities take turns, both roles serving the community. Sleep is overrated, though it could help set a calmer tone to your routine if you can somehow get enough of it. Whether something in your neighborhood or in a sibling’s life brings in some small chaos, the concerns that weigh on your mind are a helpful assist towards action.  You balance competing convictions this week, yet it all lands in a way that sweetens the weekend and the months ahead.

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