Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon and Full Moon in Leo: Feb 3 – 10

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Mercury dives into the vast oceans of Pisces Monday morning, where they’ll be until mid-April. Empathy and emotional intent become more important than perfect clarity. For most of the week Venus is still there warming the Piscean waters with her exalted awareness of the lubrication that makes relationships work. Venus moves into Aries Friday where there is less time and consideration for others, leaving Mercury to rely on echo-location tactics without her. The Full Moon in Leo lords over the weekend with uncomplicated sustaining fire, boding well for social events and showcasing accomplishments.


Mercury’s shift into Pisces brings attention to your inner emotional world.  How accurate do you want your public image to be? Tuesday muddies the runway of our daily errands or have-tos. We get a bit hungry for the comforts of home when we adjust to a new series of tasks.  Thursday there’s less accommodating feelings and more pushing us to do what needs doing. With that awakening comes some spice.  As we slog through the bleh of Friday morning’s challenges, we build our muscles.  The energetic shift is palpable as Venus moves to her new position of directly supporting YOU as the sun goes down Friday evening. The artful and outgoing shimmer wafts ahead of your action-oriented and enlivened drive. This lasts for the duration of the weekend. The Full Moon in Leo lords over the nighttime sky between Saturday and Sunday morning, and this is a good moon for you and your creative projects.


The mists of rumors and news is less about data and more about feelings.  The differences between empathy and sympathy are worth spending some time with this month. It does everyone good to sort out the proper boundaries that make real empathy possible. Don’t be too surprised to find yourself reevaluating seemingly hard and fast assumptions about your identity this week. Wednesday tempts you with comfort and pleasure so be kind to yourself if indulgence rears its head. The tone shifts by the end of the work-day Friday.  Some relationships are challenged by secrecy and others just need a less sunny spot in order to not scorch.  The dry fire of this full moon highlights the usefulness of conflict coming to a head, even if it’s not on public display. It’s best to address the conflicts around shared resources directly, honestly, and proactively.


Whether you’re in the midst of a career, looking for work that feels right to you, or shining your light out regardless of pay, Monday begins a new chapter. It would be helpful for you to record some impressions or feelings at this juncture to compare to the later phases of the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Pisces.  Your partnerships or close bonds with others may have been creating friction as you’ve tried to reach towards more authentic and meaningful individual expression.  This friction is apparent on Monday and Tuesday with the potential for some thoughtful and emotionally useful conversations by Wednesday. Thursday seems made for self-parenting, where we give ourselves a stern yet loving talking to.  What did you initiate in terms of routine or neighborhood back in July of 2019? These things are coming to fruition during the uncomplicated and exuberant Leo full moon late Saturday night/Sunday morning. While family stories of success and loss are important, they aren’t enough to be the only lens you use for guidelines.  Honor your ancestors but do the many things that you’re here to do.


The movement of Mercury into Pisces opens you up.  Don’t be surprised to discover depths and feelings you may not have considered before.  There is resilience in empathy and there’s bravery in communicating your beliefs. Both of these acts of connection open you up to a possible change in perspective.  The skies are providing structure and boundaries along with this softening, all in all a strong week. The distractibility encouraged by recent transits gets a firm glare on Tuesday. Enjoying the day is not the same as procrastination but they both stem from the need to have a break.  Wednesday may pull you into a more constructive version of that same need, while Thursday prods you back into necessities.  This weekend’s skies brighten noticeably, warming your personal coffers with the full moon in Leo.   The purpose and drive felt over the course of the weekend leaves a bit of a haze Monday, making it forgivable if you veer off from straightforward tasks.


The week begins with an undertow that brings agreements, contracts and reliance on others into the forefront.  There are many realms of life where we depend on the decisions that aren’t ours. Now may be the time to begin exploring your collaborative options. Whether this is paperwork or mediumship, it’s important to spend some time with your understanding of the boundaries that will need to be maintained going forward. The moon sensitizes your networks to it and asks you to find the synthesis between intent and the many ways communication can be received. By the arrival of the weekend, you’re ready to emerge. If you aren’t on a literal stage Saturday night, maybe you’ll find one.  What were you initiating during the end of July 2019? This full moon leads you into next week by bringing a project of self-hood into the view of the real world.


Mercury’s shift into the watery sign of Pisces brings the world of emotional impressions to the forefront of your conversations with close loved ones.  This isn’t necessarily comfortable, but it is supportive.  The frustrations of last week have set you up to know your own maintenance schedule well enough to handle the waters of intimate feelings. Allow your beliefs about what is most important to be challenged and innovated. Your supportive networks have sage advice around how to comfort yourself and others on Wednesday especially. If you are trying to appeal to a benefactor of any kind, your prospects get better after Venus moves into Aries on Friday. The usual push towards perfection that always hits before the full moon has no power over you.  You can feel the rustling in your depths and may feel uncomfortably seen. However, the directions you feel inspired to pursue on Sunday in order to support your home-life are more helpful than stressful. The start of the following week mirrors this one, with an emphasis on the balance between nuance and cold hard facts, and between you and the other.


While events may have been jarring lately among your neighbors and siblings, there has still been a recent boost to your well-being. You may need to structure and utilize your empathetic conversation skills more this month.  Tuesday sets up the need to integrate long-term planning with immediate errands or things to attend to.  The push may seem never-ending but you know there’s a shift coming in just two weeks. Wednesday is less helpful for completing tasks and more helpful for integrating feelings.  Have those chats! There’s an invigorating new toolkit of insights available to help you more authentically collaborate. The movement of Venus into Aries on Friday brings out your more passionate side.  Fall in love with the warrior goddess archetype all over again throughout the weekend. What was initiated through your networks, patrons, or social groups back in late July of 2019? This weekend opens the lid on whatever has been fermenting and passes it around the brunch table.  There is social fortitude in the skies for you Libra, which can energize you and hopefully grant you the feeling that it’s all worth it.


Mercury moves into your place of joy, children and creative expression to give a voice to the feelings there. The processes of discovery and invention get a boost. Where you begin this month is not where you’ll end it when it comes to these topics. There is a supportive structure in your daily routines which only makes your articulation of boundaries that much more effective. Now is the time for exploration of feelings and that often means verbalizing them, as conflicted as you may feel about it.  The distractibility of midweek gets a kick in the pants near the end of Friday when Venus moves into Aries and the Moon moves into Leo. These fire signs ask you to put your effort in to reap the results of whatever career venture you planted the seeds for back in late July of 2019. Your current priorities around home and land bases may find themselves countered under the brilliant Leo Moon late Saturday/early Sunday. Contrast your feelings Monday after the full moon with those from the Monday before it.  If you feel too exposed, challenge yourself to lean into it until you simply must pull away.


There are windows of time when we stand up for ourselves more, go after what we need more, and put the effort in to be heard. This puts our bodies up against the world in a way that can feel abrasive. This last month has been one of those times and it could very well have been exhausting. Monday, the clutter of your routine is set aside in favor of things that are more foundational and private. Remember to talk to your family if that’s a healthy connection for you.  It’s also a good time to shore up the framework around the boundaries you keep.  For some, this is geographical.  It could imply content related to the structures in your house like doors or passwords to computer accounts. Finances have an effect on how our day to day activities come closer to home. These themes stay with us for the week. The weekend gets creative. The Leo full moon brings the fruition of some spiritual inklings you started having back in July of 2019. Take advantage of this moon if you can, or even the next night. It’s medicinal for you to give this moon focus, since it does an excellent job of rebalancing some of the more difficult moments of the year to date. Consider your wide range of possible ideologies against the practicality of how things work out in this plane. Consider the phrase, “as above, so below” Leo. Going into the following Monday, you’re set up to be in a state of innovation. With that kind of subtle wildness happening, take extra precautions to keep your body safe.


What sort of mental content clutters your daily routine? The repetition of your efforts doesn’t make them less genuine, but you may have had to use some measure of auto-pilot. This week takes your routine and magnetizes your instincts again, inspiring that part of you that puts your loving intent into words. It goes from constructive boundary-creation to distraction to the sternness that gets you out there by the time Thursday rolls around.  The moon’s time in Cancer Thursday and Friday may place some lead weights in your overnight bag as the form of your one-on-one relationships must be balanced with your strengthening self-hood. The moon wants comfort and ease yet is met with your important need to be respected. This shifts quickly Friday evening as the full moon in Leo dries up the compassionate edges and gets us into action-mode. What resource sharing endeavor had its start back in July of 2019? That project reaches a form of fruition, stoking your fires for the weekend and beyond.


The details of financial projects are given some attention and figuring now through mid-April. You don’t need to have it all perfect but begin to asses what needs doing. There may be some deep patterns of emotional response that are worth dredging around in for creative inspiration or a shift in perspective. Set up any framework for boundaries that may have helped in the past during the early part of the week. As you navigate community enthusiasm for drama Tuesday, let it stimulate your learning potential or ignore it in favor of more awareness to things that need your individual attention. Let the insights flow on Wednesday. The comfort of completing daily tasks may be hard won through the end of the week but expect an energetic shift Friday evening. The full moon in Leo shapes the tone of the weekend, adding fire and focus to partnerships or ways of honoring yourself in relation to the unique sparks of others. This is especially true for any relationships or new relationship tactics that began in July of 2019.  The following week places your attention back on the project of attaining value but leaves a lingering spark to animate your mind and body with some non-mushy pleasure in the action of your day to day routine.


This week begins a stirring new chapter of self-awareness. As you respond to the unexpected, see if you can observe the communication tactics that come most naturally to you in unfiltered form.  Are they more authentic than during the times we feel more guarded? Monday is a great time to articulate any boundaries that may help you amidst the structure of the wider groups you belong to.  This theme grows and gains assistance throughout the week.  Wednesday, you may be more inclined to seek pleasure than accomplish linear tasks, so honor those urges even within the confines of other obligations. The change that we’ll all feel on Friday is Venus’s movement out of the glorious Pisces water and into the feisty heat of Aries. For you this lends a protective benefic influence over your coffers and the things you value most.  The weekend belongs to the full moon in Leo, which brings a bit of warmth and sustained action into the windswept vistas of Aquarius season.  Sometimes our maintenance of the physical world is just the right kind of satisfaction.

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