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Solar Eclipse in Capricorn Dec 25/26 2020

See you on the other side in 2020! This New Year is enclosed by a pair of potent eclipses. I’ll write more about the January 10th eclipse in the next installment, but let these horoscopes speak to the time that will pass between now and then. Eclipses are very particular beasts in the jungle of astrology.  They come across as windows of significant events and they stir the substance of life.

On December 25th-26th there will be a solar eclipse in Capricorn. It happens extremely close to the planet Jupiter. It asks: What have you already had to let go of since January of last year and where are you at in that process?

Each pair of eclipses belongs to a distinct series or family of eclipses. Each series has a unique flavor and its own origin chart. When I compare a current eclipse with its chart of origin, I like to think of a parent and a rebellious child.  There are things happening in the lineage that matter but the outcome is filtered through the will of the child.  Think of it as an old dragon with an agenda who birthed the beast we’re currently dealing with.

On December 25-26th, the solar eclipse is happening on Ketu, the “Tail of the Dragon” or the South Node of the moon.  Solar eclipses on the South Node can feel extremely surreal and low-energy during the actual hours of the eclipse and for those most affected, right up through the lunar eclipse two weeks later on January 10th.

This part of your chart has already been very active. There may have been some challenging purges or losses over the past year, with some balancing additions to the Cancer area of your chart.

This solar eclipse belongs to what NASA calls Saros Series 132, classified by astrologer Bernadette Brady in her book Predictive Astrology as series ‘3 South’.  This series feeds our willingness to moralize out loud and supports the speed of our decision-making processes. It also contains some of the polarizing extremes that have characterized 2019.

When Jupiter is within 15 degrees of the sun, we can’t see it in the sky.  The sun’s light overpowers it. Jupiter will become visible in the early morning after January 15th.  This means that the process of cleaning up any excessive idealism will become observable or obvious after this time.  We cannot expect the changes brought about by this eclipse to be fully known until after that date.

At the start of 2019, we had a solar eclipse on January 5 and a lunar eclipse on January 21st.  This window of time saw some initial commitment to letting go. This changed the story of the Cancer and Capricorn topics in your chart.  These topics are detailed below according to rising signs, though you should see some relevance for your sun and moon signs as well. 

Eclipses are not auspicious events. Eclipse archetypes are always predatory beasts which consume the power of the sun to bring their agenda into material form. Your sun guides your identity, core truth principles and sense of purpose. Since this core principle of life-giving predictable vitality is being thrust unnaturally into darkness, it’s a good moment to lay low.

Eclipses are no time for trying to assert your will or for exerting or pushing towards desires. During this time, the harder you push the more you give to be drained away.  While there is great power in the window of time between eclipses, it’s more about what you’re set up to receive. Ideally it’s a time spent in low-impact meditation.

Eclipses are like a god blinking; each time an entire world falls away and a new one takes its place. Astrologer Austin Coppock likens the two weeks between eclipses to a Bardo state, the time after death when you remember your previous life and choose a new womb-door to open. 

As with any transits, eclipses work more strongly in some charts than in others. When working with a client’s chart, I always evaluate the impact of eclipses on an individual. If relevant, they can be a powerful tool for describing the trajectory of many life events.


This eclipse takes the emphasis away from your public self and the titles you wear and brings your focus home. Emotional security becomes more important than the material focus.

Continue releasing the clutter around your ideals of what “a good career” might look like and work with the reality at hand.  The opportunities are whittled down and given form. You can overcome the obstacles with passion and drive, especially if you continue to build wellness from the home and foundation up. You may be having the impulse to begin a family or creative project.  It is better to let life unfold without forcing that front during this time of transition.  There is a tug that could feel like indecisiveness or vertigo around your sense of self, especially if your Ascendant, Sun or Moon is between 3 and 9 degrees of Aries. It’s entirely appropriate to try and be as much of a detached observer as you can. Pluck the low-hanging fruit.


This eclipse takes your priorities off of long-term overarching goals and brings your focus down to the day-to-day routines of short but frequent communications. A time for blog posts over novels.

This eclipse harmonizes with the changes you’re undergoing to your sense of self and how you present to the world. There are many ingrained beliefs that you’ve been confronting and letting go of over the past year and this adds some accelerant to that process. When it comes to collaboration, the data is still coming in.  You should begin to feel some action and clarity around what goals have observable success and which ones need more simplified targets.  Your ideals around morality and rightness in the world continue to be shaved back to reveal your core principles of freedom and security. Commitment to new routines or schedules is entirely achievable.


This eclipse takes the focus away from other people’s money and pushes you into self-reliance and potential gains.

Your conscious intent has very little to do with this eclipse Gemini.  If expectations of what you thought you were in line to receive get whittled down, rest assured that it’s better to know the true story of what you’re gaining.  Try not to hold on to how you thought it was going to go. Don’t underestimate the magic of creating new traditions. It’s a tricky thing to balance self-sufficiency in the face of the scarcity around you.  The helpful fire of companionship soothes the loss of ambitious projects and beneficiaries. The effort you’ve already put in has a life of its own, sending ripples through your networks and rustling up new more sustainable opportunities.


This eclipse takes all the loss and restructuring that you’ve undertaken with your closest people and pushes you to prioritize your individual focus. You do you.

There is genuine potential in your long-term plans.  Now that the roots of your endeavors have been tended, it’s time to prune to enable the healthiest growth.  Your closest people are fully engaging with their most elevated hopes and dreams.  The only danger is in becoming too caught up in their story.  Events will loosen you from your focus on the other and send you towards a necessary focus on yourself. If you have benefactors or beliefs that teach abundance, examine them for their blind spots.  For all the love that you give and receive, you alone walk your path.  This eclipse shakes loose some residual codependent tendencies in your nature and gives you the chance to set them aside in tangible ways.


This eclipse takes away some of the work you normally do, and shifts your focus more onto the psychological problem solving that is ready to get some attention.

Solar eclipses can cast a temporary uncertainty into your normally strong sense of self.  If you typically go all out for seasonal festivities, take whatever pass you need this year to cut back. This eclipse falls in the part of your chart that speaks to the many things you do to problem solve in the material world, including the labor you do.  By eclipsing your vitality in the house of service, your gusto for making things perfect may dissipate.  Good enough is good enough. There may be a hopeful remedy for all your perceived problems that turns out to be only moderately helpful but remember, help is still help.  Reality is worth far more than the ideal. By refining the scale of your current dreams, you pave the way for the more authentic breakthroughs on your horizon.  


This eclipse takes away from the struggles of coming up with the right creative structure and push you out into the social and visible world.

This eclipse can help unlock some persistent patterns of worry. Letting go of some myths about the ideal way to raise children, or the initial vision of a creative project can lighten some heaviness.  While this eclipse is an emptying out point in the year rather than an encouragement of creative output, the clarity that it leaves in its wake is like a fresh canvass. Often we feel as though we need certain things checked off our list in order to find joy. As the days pass and awareness settles, the little but useful steps that can be taken become apparent. The social world beckons. What can you put out there just the way it is?


This eclipse takes away from the stability of your roots and home structure and pushes you out into the world of career and ambition.

An old power imbalance in your performative networks is ready to be purged. As you confront the tangible way your dreams of an ideal home are panning out, the core principles of tangible security get some gratitude.  The changes to your sense of self are huge this year, Libra.  The tangible differences in your home life are set up under a spotlight and all the shimmer falls away leaving the reality of what can work going forward.  This is setting you up to better focus on your outward expression in your career and community roles.  You will collaborate differently going forward.  Self-doubt is there to learn from and then release.


This eclipse takes away from the map of your routine and pushes you into a longer-term head space where higher learning or spiritual structure gains more importance.

So much energy is being dissipated by the daily bustle. When you navigate hurdle after hurdle, there’s rarely energy left over for the other realms of life.  The hopeful shifts are going to be revealed for what they truly are, which is a solid leap in status coated in just a bit too much glitter. The real grind of your routine efforts could create a willingness to take stock. The ongoing evaluation brings you more and more towards your core interest in wielding power where it will do the most good for those most vulnerable.  It doesn’t hurt to fantasize about a bit of vengeance on the side but try not to get carried away.


This eclipse takes away from your self-sufficiency or resources and pushes you towards learning to collaborate for emotional security.

It takes so much effort to become independent. As your empowered moves come up against the cold places of midwinter, know that ditching illusions about your resources is a valuable step.  If this eclipse wants to drain away some hopes of ease and abundance, let it.  Your can keep your compassion game strong while being the boss you need to be at the same time.  This eclipse window may place you in a better position to receive some help from others. Don’t rule out the possibility of messages coming in from your version of a higher power.


This eclipse takes away from who you think you are and points your attention towards how you show up in partnership roles, whether romantic or business or even of nemesis.

Since this eclipse is happening in Capricorn, it’s definitely worth paying attention to.  That goes double for Capricorns with any additional Cancer, Libra or Aries placements.  Your growth and change this year needs some applause.  If you had a vision of where you wanted to be and you feel critical of yourself falling short, know that the critic is the voice on the chopping block. While all the challenging things that made youth most difficult rear their heads wearing the latest 2019 fashion, the progress is real.  The worried voice in your head is also ready to undergo some changes. Are you ready to be secure in your partnership or secure in meeting others? This eclipse says not just yet, but you will be.  Unfoldment is a long-term project. Your interest in planning a new routine may see setbacks that nevertheless serve to align you with your core necessities of the day.


This eclipse takes away from the topics of self-undoing or an inheritance of isolation and feeds mundane problem solving skills.

We all have ways that we self-sabotage.  These eclipses push you further into the work of untangling blame from what could just be a few blind spots. Your resilience and all that supports it is important to lean into during this time. Don’t be surprised if you need to ditch some alone time in order to solve some mundane situations. You could see temporary losses in the size and scope of your networks or your ability to attract easy resources. The solutions come through finding your drive and keeping your focus on the wellness strategies that keep you intact.


This eclipse takes away from networks and patrons and adds on to creation and fun.

The shifts in the fabric of your networks continue. When you share what you have to give, does the response match the gift? It may be time to scale back expectations of mass appeal and to deepen your focus on the quality of what you’re creating. It’s alright to narrow your channels of bounty.  This goes for what you take in as well as what you display for others to see.  If the religion of abundance doesn’t jive with the lived experiences of the people you center in your work, it’s alright to spend a little less time helping them preach.  There’s still so much being reconfigured.

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