Full Moon in Gemini – Dec 12 2019

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art by Joan Proudman

If the signs were math functions, Gemini would be multiplication. This full moon comes with layers of lenses and some fresh takes on how to find the synthesis. We’ll take the clumsy cannonball over the perfect technical dive thank you very much; the goal is just to get in the water. If we’re boisterous or abstract at least we’re dragging all the necessaries together.

In the time since mid-October we’ve seen the pits of behavioral inquiry and slithered our way out. We’ve learned some things. It’s easy to speak with passion from personal experience. Those topics may inspire our vigilance but we can zoom out further now for a more inclusive lens on life.

Now is the time to amplify the proactive parts of your forward motion. All the planets are moving quickly and dragging our feet is no longer the default.

Talk about the plans you’re implementing and the steps you’re taking. As the year draws to a close, your quest gets a reality-upgrade. There are whole worlds of effort we hadn’t really clued into. Now the tangible steps are there, as if someone turned a light on. They aren’t quite as luxurious as they could be. Maybe there are more steps than feels comfortable. Maybe they put you out on an unfamiliar limb or ask for some bravery. Are you inspired enough? Cut back the nutrients towards anything you aren’t committed to feeding.

You may find that the selfless or compassionate parts of your planning gain a motivational veneer. Some of us have taken ourselves for quite the open-ended ride. A twisting story line has moved us between new ideas and the need to give them a stabilized form. Now the multiple paths draw together but in what form? What is the best way to do that?

Some of us enjoy the optimism of the unknown and thrive in it. Getting down to business might feel tough. For others the unpredictable and beckoning future is a thing of stress which lives outside the cold hard stone of certainty. In that case, forward motion and work are a wonderful balm.

This moon looks at the multiplicities of where we’re at; the hard truths, the real limitations and the skills we don’t have which will need to be glossed over and tried anyway.

Our joy is caught crafting a bridge over some lingering fear and necessity, but she will soon move through. Unexpressed grief will find a way out. Let it come. Themes of misogyny often come up with Venus and Saturn together as they are during this moon. There are too many interpretations and too much vagueness for this to dominate the landscape but it lurks.

Whatever you let go of last winter, it left some space behind to be filled. Those nerve endings will be shook coming into contact with new structures but we’re ready to weather the shock. Our heads come up. We meet the eyes of others and learn to name and number our endeavors, the ideas we’re following up with, simultaneously diving into all the surface talking, emails, cards, and chatter that keep us embedded in the world at large.

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