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January 2020 – Eclipse in Capricorn


Scroll down to read your sign-by-sign horoscopes for the first half of January. I recommend reading for your Rising Sign but they should resonate for your Sun Sign and/or Moon Sign as well.

In January of 2019, the Sun was caught between Saturn and Pluto. Their distinct preferences for limits and power enclosed the Sun’s certainty between the proverbial rock and a hard place or between an ice-wall and the onrush of the dead.

Now, in January of 2020, Saturn and Pluto are merging; both having taken some tolls from us along their way. They have exited Ketu’s vacuum chamber where the old things are dumped. Picture Alice falling down the rabbit hole and noticing the haphazard furniture in there with her. The matter is all being rearranged. This time, the sun looks upon their union ahead of its path, no longer clustering around him. Now we see the merging of structured monoliths with inappropriate power, and also the motivation to resist it.

Perhaps you’ve realized that there are ways we need to take care of each other. Big structural ways, yes, but also in close inner circle ways. There’s some bullshit out there and you absolutely can get hurt by it.

Honor your sentimental side. The whole picture is a large and cumbersome thing, built out of every piece of territory that was ever clung to for one reason or another since the turn of the 19th century.

The structures of power are being patched together with new thread this year. The territorial framework is shifting and quickening and leaving the ground. Embody whatever you are as fully as you can, my dears.  

We’ve left a lot behind in 2019. What are you keeping though?  What have you picked up as you fled? What would you keep in a fire? Where is your bag of seeds? What is the relationship between tangible territory and intangible territory?

The first thing we’re putting in our packs this year is our relationship to instinct, nurturance, and emotional protectiveness. Is rationality really the most important thing? How on earth can the hierarchy of power and authority matter in the face of a threat to your inner circle?

The times are complicated and the rewards are few. But they are there. There are many distractions and we’ll certainly need to help each other stay present. Do the radical thing of getting together in person. Keep your feelings lubricated and responsive.

This year boosts us up to the top of the mountain we’ve been climbing for 200 years.  It hasn’t been a joyful climb. From this point we can take stock of the damage and see what’s left. 

If the spiritual truths gained through this process don’t exactly feel worth it, well, you’re not wrong. The depth of the crisis is something we can glimpse this week and our protective primal responses are only fitting.  We rewrite our spiritual frameworks inclusively and pay attention to the world-building that we’re doing in a de-territorialized way.

You may find yourself bringing your personal version of crisis to your inner circle or them to you, so take the breaths and wrangle the fears and remember that we all center our needs in different ways. 

This week is quite momentous on both the local and world stage and we all feel the ripples.  


Welcome to the New Year.  You may be more aware of the proverbial career ceiling or find yourself meditating on how to achieve status. Trust your drive to bring the push you need to give it your best. 

There is no getting around it: we are living through a liminal and challenging time. This is directly amplifying the potential for “am I good enough” or “do I appear as together enough” sorts of questions and anxieties. 

Lean into your own convictions.  You’ve given up whatever ground you’re likely to give and the opportunities have shown themselves.  Now you can feed your desire to range farther. Plan the next outward steps while reveling in the newfound freshness of your home nest.

While you’ve been making room or changing the structure of your outward responsibilities, you may have found yourself pushed to spend more and more focus at home or on family. You do this in a protective or nurturing way, yet you are a being who most naturally expresses by taking assertive action. While the private/home focus has been a matter of preference or necessity, it poses a unique obstacle to keeping your personal fire stoked. This year is set to open the valve on any mounting pressure and let that steam out. Embrace what you’ve learned with the knowledge that your daily routines will soon enough absorb your excess passion.


This is a big week in the context of your larger stories, yet so much is contained internally for now.  As you feel yourself pushed into more routine commitments, note how much you’re accomplishing in the project of mapping your close-to-home neighborhood.

Big plans, sweeping in their scope and range, may have benefited by dropping some unrealistic components.  The lunar eclipse on Friday lifts the veils around the beliefs that inform your long-terms goals. 

Let them shed. There is a sensitive start to the week, where anxieties are more myth than truth. 

Wednesday is more helpfully animated, with a productive loop between goals, work and results. This is ahead of the lead-in to the feelings-oriented weekend.

The volatility of these skies can crystallize your commitment to daily or routine practices. Meditation, quiet recreation, journaling or any decent time to think is time well spent. What big abstractions are you letting go of in favor of daily practice? There is a surreal mist helping you move through this transition window, but it is no less volatile for all that.


If you’re going over rocky ground, this week updates the map of your terrain. Notice what came up last week that felt involuntary, or akin to self-sabotage. Those are the patterns you’re busting up, the tremors that aren’t calmed by current upsets but can provoke further healing.

As less and less of your material resource questions are answered by others, look to the incredible gains in your protective or nurturing toolkit. Your capacity for attracting things of value and meaning is heightened.

Even so, you could find yourself wrestling with restriction or scarcity brought about by others who resist sharing their power, resources or collaborations. This can sap your outward career manifestations. 

It would be easy to turn this need for self-reliance into unrelated conflict with your loved ones between now and mid-February. Therefore, practices around disengagement and stillness can help you channel that heat in ways that are less reactive. 

Forgive yourself for any moods yet challenge yourself to stay accountable. Stay in touch with your knowledge that it’s possible to read too much news or scroll too far down the social media feed.

Your mind is strong and gets a boost in its discernment if you’re willing to slow your pace.


The process of individuating is a complex one. It can feel like real growth when we’re able to dislodge the lingering monoliths of partnership that used to define us. 

You’ve done plenty of that already, Cancer. This week is a direct challenge to step more in the direction of yourself. It waves a green flag to feel your feelings from only your own point of view. 

After experiencing 2019, your process of taking down old relationship constructs finally has some space in it.  Your old patterns still work their loops when they can, yet they define you less. Who gets to take up your energy and time?  You do.

Gifts that make their tangible way into your life from your closest people seem unlikely to ease your immediate workload. Watch out for inflammation building in the body from your efforts to stay afloat. If there is a push to get work done, it’s possible after Wednesday to have some detachment from the stress of it.  

Remember that there is no reason to apologize for having a well-defined personal bubble, especially this week. Thursday centers you ahead of Friday’s eclipse. It’s an excellent day for some last-minute grieving or for acknowledging the temples to our old-world views; which ones will be retained vs which ones are gone for good?

Friday’s volatility continues into Sunday, so forgive the oddness or intensity in your closest people while keeping yourself as intact and as forward-thinking as is possible. 


There has been so much focus on the service or maintenance that you perform in the tangible world. Your journey to let go of and/or alter that arena of life has gone through more than a few iterations, whether that looks like dietary changes or shuffling your work/responsibilities around or changing your commitments to services you offer others.

This week holds it up in the light and makes it clear that while there’s plenty you can still do to solve tangible problems, it’s our inner patterns of self-undoing that are the true zone to prioritize.

Creative motivations run high but seem unable to view the excessive control and dryness in the body and the material world. It’s this tight ship that forms a counterpoint to the feelings that lurk in our repressed places. This may sound heavy, yet it shows up as a release.

The things that came up last week in your career or the true work of your being do their best to undo some of your attachment points. This is a week of consulting your playbook of intentionally cultivated habits and keeping only the ones that authentically support you in avoiding self-sabotage. 

This weekend is good at delivering this sort of information to your psyche. Which containers are too extreme and how do you find the balance?


The plane is tilting, rolling your efforts out into the view of others. Whether you’re showing a personal artistic expression to a crowd of art appreciators or presenting your perfectly dressed child to the internet, this eclipse asks Virgo to share their authentic or playful expressions with the world. It’s no longer yours once they get ahold of it, but this facilitates the refinement of your project.  

The week begins with your need to balance career goals with the energy at home. There is a muddled yet imaginative quality to the early week, a lull before the volatility of Friday’s eclipse. The process of getting you out into the community more continues, especially with groups that provide a sense of protected nurturance to those who need it. Intellectual clarity is overshadowed by your drive to push tangibly against creative limits and address topics that are bigger and older than your immediate expertise. However, there is a stunning moment Friday morning that is ideal for flashes of objective insight. 

Don’t let the news cycle overwhelm your personal agency. If your joyful expression feels enclosed or limited, let astrology remind you that this is a temporary state of affairs. The weekend is momentous one on a global scale, yet you are uniquely situated to keep your cool and keep the helpful wheels turning.


While it’s not unusual for you to find yourself trying to get other humans to balance their interactions, this year reminds us that not everyone can just get along. Bridging the gap between extremes takes a toll on your sense of self, Libra. Catalyzing the good will of others takes an intricate assessment of their intent. 

Perhaps that’s why the simple lessons of accountability, effort and respect can feel like a bludgeon to your way of doing things. I hope that wisdom and structure have come into your home life in ways that support rather than threaten your attempts to create harmony in the people you’re adjacent to.

So often, we struggle to recognize the potentials of a different approach until we’ve completely let go of our most recent version of structure. The foundations you depend upon have been shuffled.

Now that there has been time spent letting go, will you exist in limbo or will you push yourself far enough to feel new goals? This eclipse tilts towards ambitious feelings in your professional life. If you’ve already put wheels in motion, try your hardest to ditch your fears and embrace this new spin.


The way we’ve always done things has its own weight and heft to it. It takes some time to adjust to changes or more rigorous structure.

If your day-to-day schedule feels excessively messed with, this eclipse could actually work in your favor. When so much effort is going towards how to move through the day, it’s more difficult to stay dedicated to the bigger picture. 

This week brings that journey closer to its final form and pushes you towards a wider lens; one that embraces the core values of protectiveness and prioritizing your loved ones or inner circle. There could be tension around your personal expenses or concern about missed opportunities or loss of the ideal schedule but let this bide its time.

Necessary cathartic feelings have a strong pull on Thursday leading into the eclipse. What advanced study or philosophical outlook or long-term plans are you giving attention to? The effort continues but the peak is reached this weekend; a vantage point to see the rest of the road through 2020.


It’s time to get moving in whatever way works most harmoniously for your physical form. The focus on attainment or finances and status may feel almost inescapable yet you’ve come such a long way.

Think of where you were in your goals around self-reliance when 2019 began. If you wrote out your new goals would they be more refined?

There is a shedding process, leaving idealism behind and pushing you towards an even more genuine appreciation of other humans. One of the hardest things in life is learning to rely on imperfect others.

Paying back debts to family or offering them some of what you have can bring up all kinds of standards and judgements.  Luckily, they’re mostly your standards and judgement. Something is internally settling this weekend.

The drive is there. You’ve been consistently putting in the effort to restructure strategies or budgets.  Even outside of a family or inner circle, paying off debts or returning sentimental items would also be well-timed. You are uniquely positioned to take up new healthy habits in place of ones you’re breaking or even just to bring a little more joy into your routine.

Even if scarcity worries loom a little too close, take what pleasure is offered from your daily rhythms.


The pressure to be impeccable may be cresting.  With the weight of emotional responsibility comes a variety of contortions to meet it. While your mind may be pushing a fight or flight narrative, now is not a time to resist connection.

It’s entirely possible to know when to disengage without flying all the way away, right?  But it does take practice. As the path between self and other is tangled in all the threads of our current feelings of resistance, having Capricorn escape hatches into the world of productive or recreational pursuits is key. 

It may not be the ideal adventure you’d like to take but the stripped-down version of temporary reprieve is so much better than not at all.

Capricorn deals deeply in the language of respect. Therefore, this can feel like a distortion of the values that define you. The current skies demonstrate the inappropriate side of demanding unearned respect, but also confronts some internal bullies.

If you feel as though holding the weight of compassion or emotional responsibility is too heavy right now, listen to that feeling. For those with sensitive planets or angles around 22 degrees of Capricorn, I’d like to ease experiences of fearfulness.

When we shed our old skins, the prospect is full of both real and imagined anxieties. Thursday is a good day to meditate on which parts of yourself you’d like to hold onto even in different forms.

The weekend has its own volatility, a narrow, rugged place that turns hot and active by Saturday. We’re ready to see the layout of the terrain and address the reality of our positions. It’s probably better than you think.


A gorgeous evening-star Venus hangs out with your Aquarius placements and brings a touch of joy to your sense of self this week.

Though backwards-looking, this is supportive to your long-term plans and eases the background hum of any potential worry just a bit.  There may be conflict amongst your wider network heading into the week, but that’s a side story, cleaning up the edges of last years exuberance.   

Wednesday is a thoughtful day and a nice meditation ahead of Friday’s eclipse. There’s a gentle push to care, to protect, to maintain the old things that have value if cared for. As you shed the self-sabotaging patterns or private compulsions that you’re able, what do you fill it with?

If you’re experiencing isolation of the literal or metaphorical kind, lean into maintaining your physical form. Gather the good habits that you can, especially now through May. The eclipse action takes away from the psychological problem-solving drills and sends your attention to the necessary upkeep of life.


Is the rigidity or volatility of your networks starting to show? How much restructuring lies in the hands of others?

The fabric of our social hierarchies is resistant but as we drop certain roles, others can be brought into being.  Privacy looks lovely for you whenever you can get it this week, Pisces. Leave space for learning new ways to relate to your daily routine and for creating some calm amidst the waves. 

If your sense of self feels a little numbed, you could just be exhausted! Procrastination is always a form of rebellion, after all, even against yourself. This is a potentially sensitive time for your body as well.

As the sun creeps closer to a Saturn and Pluto conjunction in the sky, it’s only normal for you to feel less secure about your own vitality. The second half of the week could free you of some lingering bits of idealism and myths around how others should behave and more.

If this sends you further into your individual expression and creativity, that’s not a bad thing. The mounting pressure towards control and/or resistance to control comes to a turning point. It’s a spicy weekend after Friday’s eclipse, which highlights any unexpected interruptions to business as usual in your daily rounds. For you though, the primal waters of fierce protection are more likely to inspire than over-exhaust.

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