Lunar Broadstrokes

Full Moon in Taurus – Nov 12 2019

art by Joan Proudman

Darkness lurks down any infinite tunnel of self-examination.  This full moon is here to stave it off. It is generally good to deal with things.  Yet it is also important for accountability processes to have a resolution; a point where lessons can settle, and a way of being can be established.  Even with yourself.

Purpose shines forth from this November sun, fixedly penetrating far beneath the comfortable processes, probing the depths.

The moon is the form, the material.  She is held in spotlight, showing the reality of fertile and steady persistence in the terrain of life.  Your fears won’t permanently stick to her.  She has heard the words of your megaphone.  She is willing to preserve what has sustenance and is ready to use.  She tills the rest under. 

We’ve brought the fall messes we’ve been trying to remedy; the multiplying flies in the walls, the fears of intensity, the restrictions of embodying an emotional state near those who are already bruised and battered by it.  Yet this isn’t the whole story.

The process that opened last May with the New Moon in Taurus has moved from concept to reality.  Remember to take that wider lens.

Make some nourishing food and cozy up by a source of warmth if possible.  If it’s difficult to name or acknowledge the richness of the work you’ve done this season, it’s not because it isn’t there.  There is fruition; a steady and slow acceleration towards that which sustains. 

The sticky residue of your process is not its center.

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