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Horoscopes November 18 – 25th 2019

Every other year Mars moves opposite Uranus in the sky. These two spicy planets of active change collaborate to get things unstuck. The expression of Mars in this aspect has been noticeably diffused over the past eight years since it has been operating from Libra, a sign Mars struggles in, whenever the time has come to oppose Uranus in Aries.  This time it’s a more effective Mars putting its direct emotional acupuncture to the pockets of pressure that Taurus has been building up for years. 

Also this week we have the conjunction of bountiful, meaningful Jupiter with a fun-loving and adventurous Venus. There is an accessible playful exuberance amidst any disruptions.

This all takes place on the backdrop of Mercury stationing direct, ready to accelerate out of the obscuring sunlight and bring more clarity and action to your re-wiring processes.

Look for Mercury just before dawn this week; ready to look forward to the times ahead.

The following horoscopes are meant to be read from your Rising Sign

and may also resonate for your Sun Sign and/or Moon Sign


There are activities you do for fun that are important to your identity.  Your material resources may clash with these things.  What have you been trying to do better with?  Perhaps there’s a collaboration you’re re-working or an attempt to establish better work-related patterns.  When things are out of your control, there is a need to self-soothe that brings up patterns of nurture.  Breakthroughs abound.

There is a building need for emotional authenticity this week.  It is both inspired by and challenged by your relationships.  Tuesday brings awareness of whatever is potentially sharp or explosive.  Know that your urges towards personal sovereignty are necessary.  This may draw pointed attention to the unconventional way you’ve run your finances. You may need to leave it alone and let it settle midweek.  Sometimes your dreams have more processing power than your waking life and this is one of those times. 

Thursday there are helpful aspects for accepting what must be done without dwelling on the discomfort of it.  It becomes more possible to do the right thing with an unexpected layer of optimism.  What’s happened on your watch that isn’t ideal?  Acknowledging mistakes does wonders in a healthy environment.  By Monday, you have the forward motion rolling and access to more accurate information. 


While your body is busy at home, the unexpressed or held-under fixations of the past month are coming into actionable focus.  There is a steady build in the pressure to release all this week, becoming more insistent from Tuesday on.  Since your general tendency is to draw your sustenance towards you, tread gently with the wild or spontaneous eruptions that are dropped on your doorstep. 

Sharp clarity arrives through the medium of partnership. It is very easy to bring things to a level of personal upset so this is a good week to utilize any tactics for loving communication that you’ve picked up along the way.

If you’ve been feeling like a blunted tool, subject to feelings not of your choosing, this week is here to sharpen the edge on your forward motion.  Handle with care. 

By Friday, the old seesaw of daily obligations must be balanced with long-term planning. Look the chaos in the face and don’t shy away from the zigzagging path.  Find and embrace the freedom and hopefulness of the weekend. Do drive safe though and keep your tissues handy.  If your grieving process is rusty, be prepared to let it out.  Sadness only finds its way through the exits that we give it.


What has been going on with your work life?  While your inner simmering has covered topics as broad as familial genetic trees and your very identity in the world, it’s time to get focused on the now.  You don’t have to be out in the verbal open about it to take action.  What resources will you work towards to get the support for your personal process that you want and need? 

The effort you put in this week may bring some deep responses to the surface.  How many lingering tensions are you comfortable living with? There are tools and then there’s catharsis.  If we aren’t expressing grief, even for the little things, it can build up into a monolith of sadness that our culture has come to see as normal. 

You are a playful being.  What is this weight, this stone trapping some element of you in your hole?  Examine what is done in willing service.  Examine what is done with compelling obligation.  What lives in you that is mistakenly kept down for fear of disturbing what lurks in the subconscious? 

If your instincts have been feeling blunted in recent months, know that you are not alone.  We are all in unfamiliar waters.  This week hands them back to you, fully sharpened and ready to battle what lives in the lonely places; even if it’s just in the dream world that you must bare your fangs. 

Take good care of your pets and watch your temper in the workplace.  If you can find intentional releases, know that blowing bits of steam off consistently is better than building towards it all happening at once.


The reformatting of your creation takes resilience.  It asks for just a bit more.  Early in the week you may find yourself grounding by reviewing sentimental objects.  This is supportive as you find your way out of the rewiring process and into forward motion.  There is no shame in your sacred role as keeper of the feelings. 

Use your deep relationship with the process of growth to feel into your resilient motivation and express gratitude for any supportive relationships that enabled it now or in the past.  There is a buildup that could enable some glorious buzz and creation but could just as easily look like a blow-out with children/parents in a public or internet space. 

All the tunneling into sticky places, whether of your creative projects or with child rearing, strikes a pressure point and unlodges some tumultuous action.  Remember what change you’ve been seeking. 

This week builds towards Sunday’s declaration towards freedom; unshackling anything that can be seen clearly as restrictive or unwanted.  Share your real self as much as you can in the lead-up so that there is less to come out. The immediate results and motives are shown to be optimistic and forward-thinking so let this exposure serve to send you where you want to go.


As the moon wanes down, know that you’re leaving a window of troublesome configurations.  With Tuesday’s skies, anything repressed or pushed aside at home could make its way out into the light.  The heated pressure arrives in the form of feelings and is met with an undeniable urge for authentic representation in the world. 

There is expansive growth and connection to be celebrated, which could look like creative teachers or even opportunities for your children if you have them.  Lean into these positives and do your expressive and meaning-rich forms of fun. 

By the start of next week, a shift toward practicality happens. There are scarcities in the life of the body and the labor you do which could use an influx of connectivity and joy. Use your inspired sense of play to craft what you’d like this practical shift to look like.

At home, you could use these expressive tools to let off the steam in constructive ways.  Sunday has a fairly touchy fuse, better let out in small bursts than one big one. 

Trust that the shift happening in home and career is being moved ever more directly and with more conscious intention.  It’s alright if you’ve been figuring it out.  The stage is set to radically motivate you in committed directions that also have heart and meaning.


There is so much to say yes to at home and/or with family this week.  There’s a light-hearted adventurous influence there but it could be at odds with your Virgo placements.  Your personal motives are a bit more turned towards the many daily tasks you are trying to complete.  Though your efforts are fueled by that which supports you, there’s a volatility there. 

Breathe deeply while driving and remember to talk nice to yourself.  If you need to cut out a part of your routine, there is an opportunity here to do it with intention.  You might learn something radical about the universe or you might just feel some routine conflict around long-range planning or religion or decisions to travel.  Either way, there is a clarity with purposeful action, which is a lovely shift.  It gives back some of your personal drive.  If there’s too much drive, anxiety could re-brand itself as stasis-phobia, the fear of staying still.  

Remember that this is a waning moon, loosing light all the way down to the new moon the following week.  The urge to shed what isn’t working gets stronger and the mind is back on track. 


The anxieties around what you have and don’t have becomes less background obscurity and more acutely worked with. Leaving some flexibility this week could prevent impulse-buying or paying more for convenience. 

There’s some active attention to things that have caused anxiety but not been clearly examined; maybe some relief of any numbness through clarity. It’s better to know the whole story. This week’s skies take whatever you’ve been diverting your attention with and allows for a change of topic. 

In some ways it’s more challenging for you to conform to the expectations of the home and/or tradition when it comes to rules.  Yet your day to day routine has so much warmth in it during this final waning quarter.  This can take the spikiness of the last cycle and create less of a need to defend your personal space-bubble.  

There are often costs associated with moves towards authenticity or with big changes in the way resources are shared. It doesn’t always come about in the most thoughtful or well-planned way, but flexibility works when we’re paying attention.


Are you ready to push the stone aside and stand firmly on the truths that you’re aware of?  When you decide that the time has come to put in effort for your own sake and not center the others, your forward motion is accelerated.  It’s time to put all those years of conflict compassion to use. Survey the tools at your disposal.  There are things that inspire your direct response; a process of stimulus that gives you practice with your reflexive feelings.  Can you own your role and accountability?

The moon passing through Scorpio on its way to darkness next weekend brings an emotional component into your process that could unlock some key places.  Outward communication can resume with this stirring. When we’re engaged with growth and with change, there’s a potential for too much too fast.  Integration has been happening and is only now ready to bubble up in a new form as things you now know. 

There’s a chance that others have mistaken your crucial pressure points for general stubbornness. Or maybe there is an abundance of crucial pressure points in the others around you so how could some not be shaken and opened up?  It’s probably both.  What radical shifts have gone un-grieved, unspoken to?

This is a good week for counting to ten before responding reflexively.  Use the power of self-defense only as far as it’s in support of your authenticity and not to attack.  Take all the learning you’ve done around this and find the wiggle room. This is a powerful place to be, with less inner conflict than the last cycle.  


It’s time to take that deep dive.  Sometimes the upsets to our bodies or to what we think of as work can create things we need to deal with on an internal level.

There is so much outward hope and social fun that there could be a temporary split between inner and outer life for you.  Maintain by finding the flexible moments to fully express in solitude. 

Fortify by releasing pressure rather than tightening around it. Much of what you shared and received responses on is all ready to get tucked in and privately chewed on. 

Don’t let your inner voices keep you from the exuberance of your outward expression.  The more grief you let out, the more room for the good stuff. 

There will be room over the weekend to find both release and gratitude. 


It often takes a catalyst for indirect searching to turn into a pointed focus. Something is different at home, possibly as a result of information from networks.  

If your creative process feels messed with or chaos is preventing your grounded regular expression, try experimenting with something new.  It’s a great time for creative innovation.

Wednesday’s integration process can happen subconsciously, but please include recognition of your personal sovereignty in all that stuff you digest.  The desires for togetherness and fun may nag at the present circumstance, begging for attention. 

Weathering this week means preparing for breakthroughs.  The darker edges of life are not the only places that deserve focus.  The weekend starts analytical and finishes on an emotional note. Yet there’s no one more suited to accepting reality as is and appreciating what is real and there to appreciate.

As the light wanes down to a new moon the following Tuesday, there’s a whole new chapter to open.  You’ve been living your joy in secret ways and now much of that can move into the present.


In career, there seems to have been an overhaul.  Now you can get clarity about the core issues and make more sense of the direction to take.  The unpredictability in the skies show a link between the experiments at home and this new intention.  Without meaning to, your public image could prod at the pressurized places in home and family or vice versa.  These concerns are not old legacies but have a flavor of newness to them.

If pockets of volatility are already known to you, can you release pressure or information in a less explosive way?  There’s a bit of action in the realms of things beyond your control, but it brings up things that are entirely personal: how you do your work, what your home environment is like, and what glorious things are happening throughout your networks? 

Focus on the glorious and make room for the lightning of breakthrough.  The meditative spaces that you have available to you are less haunted now and more willing to be strategic.  The real world organizes itself according to archaic and unjust rules, true; but it can’t stop you from enjoying your moments of gratitude and connection with wider circles who share some of your worldview in the midst of it.


 The way that beliefs crystallize and become a sort of rudder to steer by is sometimes gradual.  This week though, it’s quick and certain, which is a welcome shift regardless of potential drama or upsets to schedule.  What has been a diffuse and unfocused pursuit now comes into definition.  

How can your public expression take advantage of the current bounty and positive relations that are lending you motivational and visionary support?  The exact flavor of volatility in this week’s skies leaves a lot of room for unplanned disruptions to travel.  Making more room for flexibility would be a useful experiment to try, especially Tuesday and Sunday.

Even if plans get a little bumpy, know that large parts of the week are about liberation.  The freer to go and do and believe you are, the less built-up pressure there will be to release.  Don’t worry about fleeting ambivalence between the topics of your creative output or your children and the outer world that sees what you do. 

You can both belong and be your uniquely individual self simultaneously.  By the next week, you’ll be following some release from obligations towards the light of functional and exciting colleagueship and a last hurrah of breakthrough and expansive meaning-making.  Perhaps the disruptions look like you saying yes to something wonderful.  Perhaps it’s just a very strange list of errands.  Regardless, it’s an astrologically buzzing week driving you onto a path of even more authenticity.

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