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Horoscopes for the Waxing and Full Moon – December 9 2019


The dance between ideas and reality or education and experimentation is necessary if sometimes awkward.  Never be afraid to use a beginner mindset.

As we head into the weekend, there’s a usefulness to the quakes around your values, resources and belongings. Last February is worth reflecting on around these topics and relationships.  Any major shifts towards releasing things back then has left some space which you are now able to assess. 

There is a hypercritical edge lurking here and there over the week. While useful for discernment, it won’t help to overdo it.

The unique vantage of more positive aspects this week can teach and shape the ways that you implement your plans for the better. This is especially true for your publicly visible roles.

Efforts in the realm of bureaucracy or “death and taxes” may continue but they demand less brainpower or anxiety around fairness.

Socializing is a great pressure-release valve. The week’s vibrant full moon on Thursday paves the way for some excellent conversations, both chatty and productive.


The week begins with a bit of fire, a shift towards thinking about the tasks of collaboration.  As you build towards the full moon on Thursday, the push is more about resources and shared projects. 

A chatty and playful moon in Gemini could feel like a bit of welcome distraction. 

The underlying motivations involve any benefits and bounty coming through your shared resources finding an urge for follow-up and follow-through. This in turn will affect your personal coffers across your varied concepts of value and enjoyment. 

If there is an internal negation of health and the body, this could be related to an experience of delay and restraint and empty ground in your beliefs and the simultaneous re-envisioning of your career.  This looks like facing it. 

Friday especially may center this inner austerity, sparking a brilliant set of concrete steps forward.  Don’t dismiss the potential of this emptying out and opportunity to re-frame yourself. 

If you or others are motivated to take on some actions for the greater good, don’t let it become a source of needless conflict with loved ones.  You’re good at balancing your perspective against another’s when you use your skills with intention.


The beginning of this week marks a lovely shift towards awareness and conversation around partnership/collaboration goals.  This can expose some mysteries, but it has a much lighter feel to it than the past couple months. 

You may still be battling some trials of the body. Regardless, you are also re-connecting with your inspiration.  The sources of joy that motivate the altruistic ways you show up in public aren’t wasted.  

The seriousness of trying to attain fair compensation may spill over into your quiet time but if it feels like worry or loneliness, know that there’s an equally strong urge to rewire these pathways. The conditions are right. 

The full moon on Thursday is glorious for all the ways you shine.  It does bring some heightened sensitivity too, so build in prep times and decide on some boundaries for success.  No running on air.

There is a background hum of coldness, a fear of resources drying up, prone to exaggerate beyond what is really happening.  This is not the whole picture.

Take what actions you can and let the weight lift. You’ll find ways to grow the bounty you’re already starting to bring in. Give yourself the gift of a grounded container for the weekend.


You are ready to send the emails, have the interviews, do whatever task you need to do to make it work. You may find that your big-picture planning has left some details that need hammering out.

Often, good is good enough.  If it fits the general picture, reclaiming the sure footing of taking action is more important than getting every detail perfect.

This week builds to a full moon, a problem-solving moon for you, which we’ll feel most strongly Wednesday and Thursday. 

The second week of February had a similar backdrop, one that built towards letting go of something in your close personal relationships. If there is a lingering edge around these same themes this week, know that it is less about letting go and more about what you’ll do with the empty places.  This echoes in the realms of community, home-life and family. 

The pointed efforts of this past Mercury retrograde around your children or areas of enjoyment continue with less constant negotiation. They gain some more widely compassionate motives.

Look to the ways you’re breaking ground with new groups of people or an experimental approach with your current networks come this weekend.  There are clues there for a very helpful directional or perspective adjustment. 

You are capable of more foresight than you give yourself credit for.


As you fill in the details of your creative questing, some shimmery ideals will of course have to fade.  This is a positive trade-off.  It could look like some review and finessing, documenting projects, or trying to use mediums or tools that don’t quite do every little thing you envisioned. 

Gratitude for any amount of outreach and productivity is helpful here. Looked at another way, this could also look like implementing a parenting strategy; often grand plans yield fuzzy results but it’s important to just keep at it. 

Your routines and career or whatever you would consider your real work in the world is impacted now by the destruction/creation around the labor you do. 

In mid-February, you may have been preparing to let go of something around health and partnership and self-maintenance.  Now this theme reemerges: what will become of the space that you’ve opened through letting go?  This is a year for implementation. 

The full moon Thursday comes with a build-up all week; a moon for enjoyment!  

Don’t be surprised to find yourself motivated to fight for a cause. Altruism is in the air as well as a real opportunity to re-frame the changes you’ve made since last winter in the most productive ways.


Performing technical tasks or at-home projects never turns out to be the exact science one would hope for.  Action can be its own reward though, and your efforts are worth it.

This week highlights the build-up to a full moon on Thursday with an emphasis on your ruling planet, Mercury.  The chance to overflow with communicative fervor at home and away is bountiful and expansive in the lead-up to the full moon Thursday.  Follow it where you will.

There is more support for action than for perfect execution, which could grate against your personal preferences but is also just the thing for widening the scope of your practical experience. 

You may feel a more private subtext happening around finances and long-term goals, and these processes show movement too. By the time Friday arrives, there’s a good chance you’ll feel prepared for an interesting shift in perspectives. 

Last March began a time where some grounded parts of your outlook became full of quakes.  From now through the end of December there is a new push to use that opened space, that experimental uncertainty, to gain some optimism and real footing in your process.  

Stay curious. We won’t always recognize when learning is happening.


It isn’t always easy to stay in touch.  If you’ve hoped to have phone calls, write letters, post more blogs or whatever it is, you may find that this week brings a helpful shift in favor of more communication.

The full moon makes itself known before exact fullness on Thursday. It can provide an assist in the balance you seek; appreciating so many different perspectives on the one hand versus the need to provide a singular motivating presence on the other.  

Your motivation to do the right thing or give to a cause may increase this week, so be honest in your evaluation of your position to give.  After all, money is a bit less prone to stay in your pocket and could be called a slippery resource this season.

When you let go of something around home, land, or your roots last year you opened some space around these topics.  Have you watered your new ground with enough appropriate grief? Can you take some concrete steps towards reconstruction?

What shifts are being wrought by your new experiments around sharing resources?  Consider how attached you might be to an assumed career model and be open to tweaking what you can. As the coming weekend draws to a close, be open to the unconventional or experimental approaches that just can’t be ruled out as possible options.


The intensity around who you are and what you stand for can ease.  While your body and obligations keep you in your relative version of activity-mode, there is less of a need to get your mind around it.

If you’ve been trying to rework your approach to people or partnership, a disruption to your usual neighborhood patterns can help. Let the wisdom of your closest people do its work on you. Let your clashes with others only increase your ability to see new routes.

The amount of social effort may crescendo in the lead-up to the full moon Thursday.  You can keep the conversation light or go deep with broad topics. 

For all your playful exterior, self-criticism may need a little reminder that it isn’t welcome.  If you need a boost in focus, try turning to your creative side this week.  Making some space to lose yourself in your creativity endeavors of choice sends positive ripples through the rest of life.

The routines or patterns you grew away from last February have left some unfinished structures in your day to day life.  The routine communications you perform are also in experimentation mode. You may know how your best schemes look on paper but how do they look in practice?


It’s all about value-creation now. For two months, you’ve been doing some serious inner work. 

In the best of cases this has worked over some deep emotional habits or it may just have emphasized some worries. 

Now your commitment to speaking out loud can grab ahold and feel some movement. 

The full moon builds within us all week, culminating on Thursday with a willingness to speak up.  You may have been running gauntlets and hurdles in the world of your personal finances or had to prioritize and rank your values beyond currency, facing the fears of relative scarcity.

This week brings us a stunning re-seeding moment as the weekend unfolds. 

Hold space for unpredictability and brilliance.  

Re-frame the data you’re receiving from your body and your labor. Your compassion and the caring you’re doing may feel a bit jarring but is the source of more and more motivation. 


When you put in the effort, the whole world quakes. There have been some definite restraints showing up in varied ways. Whether this has expressed as physical or financial limitations, the battles are real. 

This week gives us a taste of the honey amidst the bees.  Some of our best moves begin as nagging insecurities.  Follow the voice to the source and only listen to what has substance. 

Get ready to re-frame the set of problems. We rarely have an accurate mirror and can’t know our exact place in the hierarchy. 

Connections forged through scandal may come back around to help.

Re-framing our fears around properly valuing our creative efforts may open the door to a more authentic presentation.  Remember that when we phrase problems as “either or”, we are most likely missing something. 

Synthesizing is a skill to be learned.  The full moon draws in these opportunities, most likely in realms of work and labor. 

Allow gratitude for the cycle of letting go and observe the tangible steps laid out towards the proverbial doors that open.


All week we’ll feel the ripples of the upcoming full moon Thursday.  It’s an invigorating moon in your charts Aquarius, one that takes your usual focus and sends it towards enjoyment. 

There’s some energizing action coming from your roots or home that can amplify your dreamscapes. The process happens even while you sleep. And hey, if you happen to be into dream-journaling, this week looks promising. 

There are so many ways to think about our relationships to the land we dwell on.  How can you re-frame your assumptions? How do you relate to your ancestors?

Last February brushed the dust away from the beliefs you hold about the world and gave them an exposed look.

Adjustments are always an option and there are some inspiring values in easy reach of plucking.  They grow during any conversation, vying for sunlight.


While you’re going about your business this week, see if you can feel a crescendo as we build up to the full moon on Thursday.  There is a playful feel to the external world and a brave attempt to synthesize our schemes into one functional picture.

We all present ourselves a certain way.  Some of it is intentional, yet so much is not.

How can your motivations shine through? There will always be another layer of authenticity, some new wool to peel back from your eyes with wonder. 

How are you embodying your values? This looks different for everyone.

Through all the places in your self and body that feel changeable or open to interpretation, where are the constants and what makes you feel defensive or unsure?  Some of the work could be lessened by choosing your ideological battles selectively, but then where would the challenge be?

When you breathe in, you change the air inside of yourself and send it out a different composition, off to mingle with the rest of the world. Our conversations have a very similar power.

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