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Horoscopes for the Week of 11-11-2019


The effort you’ve exerted begins to glimmer with meaning.  It’s been a stretch of your comfortable ways of existing to have to balance that which really isn’t about you.  The uncertainty of this entire inheritance issue is done escalating.  For this full moon, the nice stuff in life smooths and balances with an easy awareness of challenge.  It is better to know and plan accordingly, than to not know and confront fears of uncertainty.  Clarity seems more likely but is held close to the chest, not ready to be in full view until this week ends. The buzz of spirit may seem suspect midweek, tempered by the infinite ways that your culture of thought fails to include everyone.  Connection is more important than the many imperfections of every alliance.  Doubt is healthy, but let it lead you through to the priorities that drive your engagement.  The weekend comes with a pull towards home.  Nostalgia is a powerful thing.  Lean into the joy of knowing what your work is and starting to look further ahead. 


Work effort makes it beyond the fears and stunted long-term outlook.  Can anyone truly hold your joy or your wisdom captive? Take it back and know that it was always yours.  The most penetrating or obsessive thoughts aren’t meant to go so far.  Use the Taurus moon on Tuesday to reel yourself back to balance.  Yes it’s all a lot; but the wind is crisp and the sky is huge and a hot cup of something nice is a special sort of magic. It is not cliché to stop and breathe.  There are some shaky steps to take as the week matures.  The loose threads you’ve collected are clumsily braided into something close to what you need.  It isn’t exactly right yet but it’s better than the tangled threads you’ve been messing around with since early October. Come next weekend, don’t let any upticks in nostalgia take you too much by surprise.  Emotions are found to be real things after all.  Is your balance with you work here on earth where you can handle it being?  There is room for constructive innovation, and all it takes is a little push.


Last week you may have witnessed family patterns with a more penetrating perspective.  There is no pressure to share your new vantage point as it’s still vulnerable.  But let it rewire you.  Let your proactive insights guide you as you make meaning from the events of this world.  How you go about finding time for the things you love tells you abundantly about your relationship to yourself.  The power held by others or by institutions shows up as a blocking or toughening agent.  This theme gives way this week to reflect some balancing and fun connections in your closest partnerships.  Who do you let in with intention?  Can you understand your place in the limiting hierarchy of your experience while also holding space for the wild and non-linear ways we’re all interwoven?  What material stuff is shaping and intensifying your ability to nurture?  How is your preference for emotional security over material security being emphasized during the coming weekend? At who’s behest do you self-make your expression?  That ties into work too, Gemini because who exactly says that you can’t be so many things?  Certainly not you, you magnificent multiplier of ideas.


As you reconstruct the enduring messages and habits contained in your offspring or your creative works, be reassured.  This is a penetrating process that supports the well-being of the self that you want to be.  Monday is a turning point, a burning away of the extraneous words around feelings that tangle our process. The effort required at home or with family members is paying off.  You have, on the bright side, toned the muscles of persistence.  This week, apply that strength to the work matters at hand.  There is every likelihood now that gratitude and connection have the spotlight as your primary motivators, passing the baton away from last week’s thankless striving.  The vulnerable and tenuous nature of your relationships at home and with your wider networks aren’t something to be ashamed of but to be embraced.  Your responses to community messages become tangible and felt in the body, bringing some heat into the efforts of the weekend. Use it to shift to a forward-looking perspective.  Forgive yourself for not yet having the exact articulations around clarity that you know are there. Of course it’s alright to refine your experiments into next week!


The work you’re doing at home or with Scorpio people in your family is worthwhile.  Yet by now, you’ve gone deep enough.  It’s time to take your instinctual responses and examine them with an eye to the future.  Let the full moon put its fertile sustenance around your home projects.  When you shine out in the world, you are sustained, regardless of the miles of caverns beneath your gardens.  If collaborations seem possible midweek, they may be part of unexamined fantasy.  Don’t let them talk you into acting without your concrete boxes checked. The clarity you’ve been seeking is working its way through your piles of tangled roots but will soon emerge into sunlight.  Playfulness is still the key. It’s alright to plan on having some creative motivation Thursday night and Friday morning.  The effort of your body to achieve the necessary things last week serves to jumpstart your ability to be in a more inspired place.  If Sunday requires you to push through some level of discomfort, know that the full moon Tuesday laid a good go-to path to follow back to sustaining comfort. 


Monday morning may have had a gratifying feel of cohesion in your body.  The gathering up of all the overly-examined routes is complete.  It will take one more week to see the career options with any real clarity, but an important corner has been turned.  The fairy tales of this midweek don’t serve to help you ground yourself but could be good fodder for the hopefulness at home.  If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  Friday lights a useful fire under you, setting up the weekend for some constructive work with your community’s nostalgia.  It is no longer appropriate to keep looking at the routines that didn’t work. Now you can turn towards future habit-creation.  If this requires some moments of examining your fears of the future, so be it.  If you can proactively take this on, you should find that the levels of resistance to your structural creativity have substantially lessened.


October for Libra has largely been focused around emotional patterns with material stuff.  Of course, setting your boundaries is difficult for a sign that specializes in staying with the moving target of balancing external factors. The ripples of this theme seems to be reaching into your judgement calls around collaboration and how things should be done.  You have some lovely support for these changes right now, an open door on processes that have been stuck for years.  Yet it could stay subtle.  The worst of it is unearthed and the most grisly feelings are already known, if not conveyed.  As the full moon works its stabilizing and soothing magic on you, stay open to the idea of cooperation.  Keep what you’ve learned closer than you may instinctively feel inclined to, and get right with some sets of rules.  Don’t be deceived midweek by the illusion of a functional hands-off result.  Recommit by the weekend to imagining the best structures to maintain the future you want.  The motivation is there.  If Sunday asks you to push through some level of discomfort, know that it’s the climb out of the swamp, rather than the meandering path by which you wandered in.


I am so ready for you to have some ease.  This is shaking out to be a very “Scorpio” Scorpio season. Just as a reminder, every group of signs has just as much stuff that doesn’t work perfectly in their psyche as you do. The difference is in your willingness to pick at it.  When you scan the room for interest, you are likely to scope out the troublesome or the suspicious. When you scan yourself, the same is true.  Let this full moon draw your perspective back to the functional whole.  Life is miraculous in the way that it proceeds and maintains a simple cohesive reality, regardless of the blotches of putrescence or trouble.  Yes, we know these would spread without attention, but don’t forget the whole in your efforts to tunnel to the stickiest places.  Think of this month as a spread of tarot cards: Oct 11 – 31st would be the first card.  There you became aware of the situations in your being that needed some attention.  The second card was Nov 1st through today, Nov 11th.  There life continued to fill up your table with the mess of it and you observed your instinctual responses and patterns.  Don’t despair Scorpio.  Now you’ve taken your pile to the cleaners and it’s swirling around.  With Mercury’s appearance as a morning star next week, there will be more outward success in aligning your habits and routine communications with the self that you want to be.  By December 6th you will have drawn your completion card.  This particular set of concerns will be neatly dumped in the compost bin, letting the reliable processes of the earth turn it into more useful food for growth.


Your desire to act in more expansive ways gets a boost this week.  This Mercury retrograde has been digging into the compulsive emotional drainage tunnels of your subconscious.  Grief and loss and worry could be floating up to the surface at this point in the cycle.  There is no need to keep digging.  You have cleared out enough clogs and can begin turning your face to the future.  What do the grounding methodical acts of tending to your body’s needs teach you about how to emotionally maintain?  Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring us back into ourselves.  It’s entirely possible that some relationships you thought of as familial aren’t as solid as they maybe seemed.  When blinders come off it can be a big thing or a little thing.  We are in a constant cycle of gaining and shedding belongings, much like emotional baggage.  Again we can always choose to let the material things go.  It is less simple to find new ways of attaining emotional security.  Let the nostalgia run through you this weekend if it must.  Let it be the supportive churning that allows your shift towards forward thinking.   


The extent of the public inquiry has been reached.  The cards are on the table.  If some of them are still face down well so be it.  It’ll come clear next week.  For now, there will be just a little more examining of how the community will proceed into the future and less probing into past behaviors.  The full moon on Tuesday supports this shift by bringing in some wholesome enjoyment to counter the emotional compulsions. Blessed solitary escape is worth acting on.  However, the elements of fantasy that have been sprinkling illusions or escapism throughout your day to day movements comes into play a bit midweek.  Collect what useful tidbits you can.  Misdirected inspiration is still inspiration.  The reliability of deduction comes back with the weekend, as attention is drawn constructively back to your networks and close partners. 


Your public presentation is going through a process.  With this full moon, the compulsion to keep digging is eased.  The turning point in the cycle has been reached.  As you apply creative diplomacy, you may have found yourself trying to assert some different patterns. This has been directly challenging to your sense of self. And yet, the ideas you’ve had to defend the most are now making splashes of meaning.  This is a welcome twist to the adversity you’ve come to expect this month.  An increase in motivation is likely, with more forward thinking and less dwelling on past errors.  During the week, your desire to obtain something of value may subject you to some vulnerability.  These moments of uncertainty will pass.  This weekend, the comforts that make it easier to move through work can be prepped ahead of time.  If it is your work to take care of others, remember to first nourish yourself.


Your emotional assumptions about the world are being re-drawn.  This map begins to pulse as the life-waters of feelings are injected into it.  This is how we make new patterns more real and more sustainable.  The full moon on Tuesday sets a pastoral and grateful tone to your daily routine.  Let them come to you.  Conflict can be a motivator this week, as your expanding career horizons can be stimulated by the feistiness of others. Yet the moon this week supports our urge to get grounded.  Observe the ways you might armor up to protect the lineage of your creative work.  This can galvanize you but can also open you up to sensitivity. When you begin to question the integrity of your gusto or the relationships you build upon unclear spiritual contracts, do the work but take heart.  Sure, it may take pushing through discomfort to reach the abundance of our inspired vision, but we simply must admire the process of unfoldment. As the weekend brings some serious creation-energy into an arena of persistent naysaying, know that you have already moved past those voices.  Ride your intuition on out of there.

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