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Waxing Horoscopes November 4 – 10 2019

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Venus’s entry into Sagittarius last weekend colors this week with an upbeat willingness to party.

This is a nice uplift on the backdrop of this week’s skies which helps us handle the penetrating closeness of Mercury retrograding their way through Scorpio. 

The Moon pushes through her waxing square to the Sun, confirming the energy that is required to get through the energetic half-moon phase.

We ramp up our efforts even as we come up against acute awareness of power dynamics with Mars squaring Pluto for most of the weekdays.  

Saturday and Sunday have the busiest skies, where the balance between acting and negotiating the path for action takes effort. 

There is a likelihood for disruptive outbursts held in check by wisdom as next weekend wraps up, so do your best to plan for flexibility and clear-headedness leading into the following week. 

Use Venus and Jupiter’s zest for fun to dance your way to and from the less heartening obligations.

The following horoscopes are meant to be read from your Rising Sign

and may also resonate for your Sun Sign and/or Moon Sign


Some of your more taboo or touchy entangled resources may have stepped a bit closer, into the glow of your limited attention. 

If there seems to be a focused effort around a certain interruption or process, it’s probably good to acknowledge that you’ve got a bit more time to go.  

Avoid feeling too overwhelmed at each small turn by accepting the long game.

The anxiety of fairness is not as productive as double or triple-checking what you do have control over. 

This last week was a significant step.  

Now there’s likely to be reflections on how it’s all going.  

This week, you may feel the frustration of the level of diplomacy you’re having to explore from both ends, giving and receiving. 

You may need to use your tenacity as the moon pushes through the half-way mark on her way to fullness. 

If you happen to be enjoying some travel or close company from afar, do soak it in. 

Let the good things dislodge you from any compulsive thinking.


Outlooks absolutely look better when material abundance is flowing.  

Take it in as the access to motivation that it is. 

You may be acutely aware of the power dynamics of your labor,

or of the structures that influence the possibility of your assertions having an impact.

The topics you skimmed over regarding partnership that was kept at a useful distance just stepped a little closer.

Is there anything unpondered? Of course there is. 

There is a beautiful balance that can be attained between actual self-care and deeply caring for the other.

This will take some integration of the messages or communications you have been absorbing for the last two weeks.

Your emphasis on the importance of staying grounded could be a great gift for your close people this weekend. 


The easy joy of companionship is getting some nice motivation and inspiration.  

It’s easier to deal with the difficult things when your business or romantic partners are feeling alright. 

Your creative efforts or efforts with children may be in a stop-and-go dance with the rungs of maturity.

This brings awareness again to all the roles that “power” and “control” are playing in your negotiations.  

 How does your self-mastery help you and where is it not as relevant against

the faceless structures that you appeal to?  

Is there a gauge for that?

As the weekend approaches, your social networks become both a push and a pull on your work towards better contracts.

What is your effort at home teaching you about contracts that honor your need for emotional security in addition to material security?

Scrutiny is helpful only to a point. 

Saturday and Sunday, remember to look up and not get bogged down with the shadow cast by the seeming importance of it all.

If a close friend or love seems “too” positive or “too” blatantly hopeful, you may want to rub a bit of their shine onto your personal process.  

For now it’s enough to keep the process present.


The dreaming you’ve done has landed you here.

You’ve been trying to make it alright on all the levels at home.

The tenacity that requires will need to be maintained. 

Have you been winging it? 

You’ve absolutely drawn the first card and you now should know more clearly what it is you’re creatively restructuring; with your child or with anything coming directly from you, or things you give your energy to as an end in themselves.  

Now it’s time to pick up the tools you’ve discovered that you like and to go deeper with them. 

This moon phase, when the moon is halfway to full, is known for being a glimpse of the effort ahead. 

It needs a recommitment, especially for your Cancer placements who are so responsive to the moon’s cycle of light and distance. 

This phase of the Mercury retrograde however, is known for being reflective.

It may have you examining the emotional data of where you’re at. 

This is not the time to back off or call it good enough. 

Yet it’s also not the time to forge ahead without reflection. 

This amplifies the sense of turning inward with a lot of analysis thrown in, even as you maintain the outward forward motion.

There are some productive though very personal signifiers for Saturday and Sunday.

As the weekend approaches you may want to lose yourself in unrelated work to serve as a pleasant interruption to so much home and relationship focus.


Your capacity for play just skyrocketed. 

Yes the diplomatic efforts will ramp up, trying to soothe the interplay between routine/habitual tasks/check-ins and the control you do or don’t have over what’s happening in the work life of your body.

 Fun and playfulness are what supports your sense of self and well-being this week. 

You tried things a certain way with key family members or within your literal home-space, an experiment that came into its trial mode either with the last new moon or since October 11th. 

Now you can use this quite personal reflection time to go over the related emotional content. 

Notice the way it’s shaped by the reality on the ground. 

There are things you were right about and also things that needed to come into real form to be seen clearly. 

The possibility of leading with play rather than austerity can smooth the way for you as you head into next weekend. 

Embrace “the truth”, yet do your best to choose useful truths over dramatic truths. 

As the leaves fall in the North, we gain clearer sight of the terrain underfoot. 

This is an opportunity to see your own shadow and some of the things that may have been missed along the way so far.


In what ways do you feel observed or watched over in the places that are “meant to be” playful and loose?

Is it you who are so hard on yourself?

Are your creations showing up as players in some sort of hierarchical system?

There are gains from this mastery that you’re gaining, harsh as it seems. 

Discipline and control are set to be at odds somehow with the fairness efforts around your personal resources. 

Honor and find value in the differences between now and October 21st, just two weeks ago. 

There is a sustained energy that now gets to be turned in a more productive direction. 

While some paying out of cash or being diplomatically separated from your valuables could still be indicated, the major difference this week is how intentional it is. 

By next weekend, an inspired-yet-honest viewpoint gets the most support. 

Your routines are undergoing an evaluation. 

There are only so many things that are truly worth doing and here you are trying something that feels authentic and necessary. 

Be reassured: you’ve been thrown so many twists and turns and curveballs that you may be losing sight of how magnificent your adeptness truly is.  

It’s very easy to see things that aren’t there in the people you are closest with for example. 

This tends to paint a rosier picture than reality, but this weekend Saturn is here to assist you in clearing away some of the mist.


The questions around value, rules and structure at home, and your uncertain hopefulness around work all conspire to create a mounting clarity. 

As the moon encourages us to keep keeping on, you’re ready to introduce some sparkle to the daily tasks of life. 

Perhaps you’re inspired to implement ways to connect to others and/or teach in a more routine and more fun way. 

Perhaps you’ll re-integrate some hobbies. 

The emphasis on your finances can become clearer as well. 

Your timeline is stretching out longer than you may have anticipated. 

Some “letting it settle” will still need to happen after this week. 

The skies are set in a constructive, if vulnerable, series of unfoldment.

October 28th through the end of this week is only the second card in your three-card spread. 

The first card, the one explaining the situation, was between the 13th and the 27th of October. 

Now you are set to review the details while pressing on. 

You have been taking the form of a more aggressively diplomatic person, uncomfortable though this win-win assertiveness may seem. 

It should come as no surprise to you that the efforts must continue regardless of the ups and downs of tangible results. 

This experiment is just getting off the ground. 


There is some time to let things settle this week. 

Action has been happening to cause you to exert effort in your more unconscious places. 

This may feel harsh and may grate against the power you are able to hold in your routines.  

Your control over your daily habits may feel over-sensitized.  

The truth is that there is a recent boon in the area of resources that you have in your possession. 

The spotlight is on you this season. 

Much of the action is now coming from others or is a natural result of your previous accumulated patterns.

It’s just more in your face now. 

If you’ve been dabbling in many creative endeavors without clarity or focus, this weekend could help you ground your impulses in structures and habits that would make a more consistently possible foundation.

There is support for rapid learning.

As you integrate the events since October 11th, take advantage of the reflection it gives you. 

It’s worth going into the differences you might see between who you thought you were being and the messages you were sending; how you were absorbing life vs how you see it during this process. 

The caution here is about balance. 

How can you learn about yourself in an accountable yet helpful way that empowers you as well as the people you are accountable to going forward?

There’s a unique opportunity to see what’s really there this weekend. 

It’s a fine time to learn about the vulnerable interplay of pleasures and routines.


The motivation to do what needs doing is finally attainable.  

With a little push, the controlling structures around your finances lead to some much-needed real world application. 

Perhaps it’s your value systems themselves that are presenting themselves for re-thinking.  

There is a lovely opportunity for your ruling planet Jupiter to have a greater positive impact on some ongoing diplomacy efforts.  

The feeling of being overwhelmed is possible to avoid by assuming that you’ll need some room for flexibility this November.  

This week is all about the follow-through. 

The moon marks the halfway point to on its way to fullness. 

This looks like having to reaffirm what you’re putting your energy into.

The weekdays carry some more sparse ongoing awareness of power struggles. 

The weekend sees the moon activating solutions-based diplomacy and looks ripe for finding some dark humor in the inner catharsis.

The grounding realism of this week might not be an obvious theme now.

By learning to navigate your inner investigations you are gaining some useful techniques nonetheless. 


What are you putting that Capricorn drive into? 

The topics may be different than in other years but it’s still a mountain to climb. 

This week it may be a vulnerable mountain of feelings, but you’ve taken its measure and are getting plenty of data from your extended networks. 

There are productive moments to integrate these conversations as you go about your routine. 

Some vulnerabilities are best faced with the optimism of rosy glasses. 

That way you whittle down to the truth instead of having to add hopefulness in later.

It isn’t easy or comfortable playing the role of an authority or to be someone who is learning to exercise power appropriately. 

There is a lot of boss symbolism hovering around your presentation. 

Embrace it. 

As you continue to apply yourself, you’ll find some ease in your anxieties. 

It’s hard to get to perfect clarity but you’re getting more grounded and that’s a gift whether you want it or not.


The future-facing problem solver in you could get a lot of quiet exercise this week. 

Standing up for your beliefs or plans takes persistence, even if the critics are a bunch of long-dead ancestors. 

You’re set on the premise of the collaboration or the creative project and now the experimental nature of it can shift to continued effort and data gathering. 

There is a subtle uplift coming from your networks in the form of teachers and companions and a sense of meaning through affiliation. 

This invigorates your ability to continue being so doggedly diplomatic. 

The inspiration that you gain through the things of the past can teach as much about the nature of power and control as the current times we live in do. 

If you are feeling reflective, don’t fight it even as you stay on your course. 

Analysis of collaborations that involved travel and creative projects may help you home in on the proper tools that you’re collecting for your career.

With next weekend, don’t be surprised at people’s willingness to double-down on extreme positions. 

Take it all as the penetrating data that it is and know that you’re justified in taking the time to integrate.


Your early weekdays help to maintain the forward-thinking structures that you began at the last new moon. 

Wednesday turns this re-commitment into momentum. 

Yes, you’ll be aware of the sensitive power dynamics but in general this is not as chaotic as last week. 

It is just as productive to describe events of the heart as it is to describe events of the material world. 

It’s just that the second one is more suited to the vulnerable privacy of trusted friends. 

With a little flexibility and some grounded input from those you consider your mentors, this is a steady and productive experiment. 

Your public persona is in a full-on retrospective party this week. 

This can assist with some dark humor around whatever conflict is seeming to require an abundance of negotiation. 

Even when you feel conflict continuing to simmer away, there’s some wisdom to be had in the lead-up to the weekend. 

You aren’t expected to have it all figured out in order to show up with a valid opinion.  

Honor the habit-breaking that is happening as you go along. 

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