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Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon Oct 28 – Nov 3 2019

This week follows a very fresh New Moon in Scorpio, and is full of its sparks and adjustments.

The New Moon occurred opposite Uranus, the planet of sudden insights, upheavals and shocking brilliance.

Mercury stations and turns retrograde Thursday into Friday, among other events.

Read your sign by sign horoscopes for more on how this colors your week ahead!

The following horoscopes are meant to be read from your Rising Sign.

They may also resonate for your Sun Sign and/or Moon Sign.


It’s not entirely comfortable for your active nature to bear witness to the indirect way that others may seek to get their needs met. 

It may be time to learn some love languages and really lean into the more wholesome expressions of conflict mitigation.  

What pathways have you overlooked in your collaborative efforts? 

Is there a relationship between the disruptions to your previously stable way of handling your own finances and the places you need to try a more penetrating approach? 

The effect on your day to day routine and the detailed way that you do your work is tangible. 

These areas of life may seem to take on a slow and questioning pace in reflection of Mercury’s visible slow-down in the sky. 

This is a more fertile process than it may at first seem to be. 

If the start of the week feels a bit much, hang in there. 

Once Friday comes and goes, the joy in your outlook can make a strong appearance.  

This time since October 11th has been a process of pushing on boulders to see which ones could budge.

This is now valuable data.

You have come through the most dramatic part and are ready to re-work the parts of your structures that have room to budge. 

Remember when collaborating that tactics are not motives, they are merely modes of execution. 

Yes, they’re related, but it would do well to remember that we all experienced different nurture patterns which taught us different things.

Relate and restore.


Others move us along more than we would be inclined to on our own.

If gratitude isn’t your first response, I don’t blame you. 

You bear witness to some intense opportunities for radical adjustment. 

As you put the hard effort in with your physical form, especially early in the week, you may feel the counter-eruptions in your body. 

Stimulants like coffee might not be your best friend right now.  

Do the grounding that fits around your activity. 

Crunch time has a way of putting you face to face with the blockages that exist around long-term planning. 

In the here and now, how can you introduce some love and comfort into the darker passages through your will towards completion? 

There’s a fulfillment you’ve been seeking that would be better served by revisiting some conversations and feelings with the people involved. 

It’s good that you skipped right over the true depths of it in the last three weeks. 

Truths were certainly communicated and applied but all that was like a stone skipping across the surface, mapping the territory before sliding back down the far bank, ready to really submerge and confront the shapes of what only loomed under the water before.

A little time in the lens of another’s compassion is the oxygen that stabilizes you for a successful dive below.


This new moon is launching a fresh and snappy approach to the work you are willing to take on. 

What knee-jerk habits are you fed up with? 

What have you merely weathered over the last three weeks while internal storms swirled and brewed up a “never again” internal monologue? 

You may be surprised to find out that the suspicions of personal malice were mostly an elaborate ploy of your playful imagination. 

You’ve launched something that matters and now you have the opportunity to rethink the choices you just had to go with to get it out there. 

Such valuable information has come in from this endeavor. 

What innovations did you aspire to but have to step over to get it done? 

Now the little sips of appreciation and support that you have access to can and will sustain you towards the invention of more satisfyingly explored protocols. 

There is a direct restriction on your collaborative efforts; past fears mingle with looming prospects of scarcity. 

Is this keeping a lid on the creative work? 

Maybe it feels like it but this doesn’t have to define your story going forward. 

Work within the tangible progress you’ve made and use that foundation to imagine more. 

Tuesday and Wednesday are very constructive days for your relationship patterns to take on the supportive framework that enables your deeper commitment to the work you’re compelled to do. 

The heavy stuff may reappear over the weekend, but the support is undeniable. 

By Sunday evening the self-exploratory chimes have the space to pipe up.


You are so ready for this renewed commitment to cleaning out the creative pipes. 

You have an innate trust in the power of primal forces. 

Tapping into this will ease the transition as Mercury visibly slows and readies for its time spent retrograde.  

Topics of daily routine and mental health continue to make themselves known but now it’s the possible solutions that are multiplied and sifted and re-worked. 

The challenges have been seen as though backlit by flashes of lightning.

Now the depth of conversation and connection can be felt and creatively worked more deeply. 

Don’t forget that you do have an easy acceptance of the messy business of living, the blood and shit that happens. 

You are not one to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. 

But by all means, drain that pool away. 

Find out what the buried unease at home is all about and unearth it. 

You are no longer in a place of accepting the same level of dis-ease that your younger self ate right up. 

If there is a tug at your intuition, don’t ignore it for the sake of a perfect illusion. 

Trust that there is enough substance there to make it worth it without the rose colored glasses. 

Your outlook may be changing as a result.

If you are prone to noticing the controlling nature of others, but sure that you aren’t feeding them reassurance. 

It is uncomfortable to be diplomatically protecting others while trying to assert for yourself. 

This tension eases into productivity with just a little attention. 


This fresh start at home may be taking you into quite the whirlpool of emotions. 

Your ancestral memories stir and quake, ready to respond from the most fixed and stubborn of the old stories of origin. 

Something braces you to resist. 

As the week begins, the contradictions in who you present yourself to be out in the world versus your ingrained response patterns at home are more noticeable. 

This is private work, but it has great and sustaining implications for the future. 

Wednesday and Thursday are good days for the new moon insights to productively settle. 

As Mercury visibly slows, you may find that the results you were hoping for from your audiences/patrons takes longer to manifest especially where finances are concerned. 

Give it a few weeks. 

The energy expended on keeping your ship (or ships) afloat is nothing to brush off lightly. 

Let the loyalty in your life be noticed. 

It’s easy to name places that rouse suspicions and doubt. 

Practice naming what remains secure and stay with that. 


As you head into the week, the noise of everyone else’s efforts and trials may haunt your airspace. 

Know what is yours and navigate the rest judiciously. 

The drama in your own life may be altering your long-term trajectory with the explosive magic of change. 

It’s therefore important that the roots of your ingrained habits are coming free, ready to be searched out and examined. 

This doesn’t mean drop what you’re doing and investigate on behalf of everyone else’s motives. 

While there is often overlap, don’t let go of your own process in order to grip onto someone else’s.  

Career may have come to a standstill, emphasized by Mercury’s slow-down this week. 

The unexpected sparks and options come whispering dreams of new and different territories. 

It’s alright to still and listen. 

You may have been working towards an entirely different path over the last three weeks. 

Reevaluation of your current routine loops is exactly what’s being asked of you. 

In what ways do you compulsively give of yourself and your resources?

Are there patterns here that you’re ready to be done with?

There is a beautiful loyalty that ripples out from some of your day to day movements. 

Do you understand your own insistence on protecting the value of others? 

The intensity of your engagement with the details of life seeds the path of bright stones that you follow into and through the darkness.


You are challenged to frame your wants in language that honors you and the true aim of your efforts. 

Hone in. 

The cracking open of your dealings in the world of Scorpio depths and emotions may find you learning intently about what has value to you. 

Sparks fly from the places where you assert boundaries in order to better collaborate around value and literal stuff. 

Midweek there is a unique opportunity to feel a loyal and sincere injection of love into your investigations of wealth and meaning. 

By Wednesday evening the momentum feels possible if not yet attained.  

Mercury moves almost not at all from our perspective here on Earth. 

Long-term planning and how to solve for the best mental health possible become topics that matter yet see little movement.  There’s time. 

You haven’t been doing it wrong per se but perhaps you’ve finally realized that there must be a better way. 

Over the next three weeks, you get to investigate the details of your endeavors and course correct as needed. 

There is a definite sense of relief and corners being turned come Friday. 

For you this happens in your daily routine. 

A freshness and possibility within your day to day patterns. 

This new examination doesn’t sidestep your continued sensitivity to power dynamics. 

You are doing so much. 

If you must rightfully jump into situations where power is confronted, so be it. 

However, be cautious and know that struggles at home can trigger defensive emotions from times that are no longer as relevant. 

If this can be put to creative use, so be it.  If it clogs up your emotional pipes, get rid of it. 



You carry a flashlight into the darkest tunnels of your being. 

The upsets waged on you by others is uncomfortable and also stirring.  T

he effort it takes to find calm and quiet alone space is feeling ineffective.

This is temporary but let it be instructive.  

Vulnerable connection is a reason for so many hurts but also for joy.  

If you’re not ready to take it on with others, explore what you do. 

What do you say and do to cause yourself pain?  We all have that urge. 

How gently can you offer yourself some of the unconditional loyal acceptance that you have on offer for everyone else?

The temporary ease of the midweek is wishful and hopeful but do go ahead and wholeheartedly enjoy it nonetheless. 

Mercury slows down to a standstill the second half of the week. 

This happens in your first house, a place where Mercury delights. 

You have a clarity of choice here.  How will you talk with people? 

With love and a deep sense of caring?  Or with your hackles up ready to sting? 

The subconscious urge to avoid the difficult things and act like nothing is going on won’t serve for too long. 

With the weekend underway, the power dynamics of the neighborhood or among siblings and along your route will feel vaguely inescapable.

Tap back into your creative joy and get beyond the drama to the deeper healing.


The conflict in your wider audience or network has the reins on your meditative mind. 

Wherever you are feeling upsets to your inner calm, know that the way you talk to yourself and what you let in from the other realms has great re-working potential. 

The depths are typically not your favorite place to be, yet the revelations around how you do your work and take care of your body have sparked a new cycle of inner adjustment. 

Whether you are adapting to a new state of grief or responsibility, some passage into further adulthood has slowed you down enough to really need a process. 

This is an excellent week to try a new way of handling your inner life, whether it’s a meditative practice, a form of therapy or at least an acknowledgement of what needs rooting out. 

Addictive tendencies have been making their presences known. 

How will you be forming new pathways of inner problem solving?  Experiment. 

Our relationships to the dead does matter this Scorpio season.  

What ancestral hurts or failings still lurk as pattern-forming beasts in the places you ignore?

The support for a new and healthier cycle is clear. 

Whatever way you arrive in that liminal space, you will reemerge a more self-examined human in only a few short weeks.


If you aren’t a parent, your creative projects are still your children. 

Your creative process, your joy, what you make, and all that you do for its own sake is in a long shake-up. 

If conditions have been demanding a response or providing you with the opportunity to do things differently, then it’s not your job to make it all go back to some previous way of handling it. 

As children grow, they demand different types of appropriate response.

Are you in pace with the needs of this era? 

As Mercury visibly appears to slow to a standstill in the night sky, it’s time to trust that we’ll connect with just who we need to. 

You’re in a great position to witness the way that connection and communication can shift the feedback you’ve been getting. 

Pay attention to the level of joy that others are or are not capable of telling you about.

Ask them questions.  Discover new networks. 

Sometimes our efforts may feel like they’re going nowhere. 

Don’t let our culture’s obsession with linear progress fool you into thinking that only production matters.

  It’s alright to be a source of controversy.  Authority is not a dirty word.  

The phases of creation and diplomacy where we must wrestle with the free will of others, the imperfect beholders that they are, are not the most comfortable places. 

It is a necessary stage of the cycle. Your most comfortable people do support you.

Your discovery of your own standards and rules around vulnerabilities are yours alone to try. 

Others are going to do what they’re going to do.


The week opens with the sharp flavor of the new moon. 

It highlights the active play between disruptions at home and the readiness for freshness in your career and your public face that you’ve been exploring. 

Prepare to go deeper. 

Some heartfelt assistance is likely to galvanize a different approach, something not all the way worked out yet but on the right track of revision. 

How do you interact with your supply chain and other necessary collaborations? 

Which emotional ruts aren’t serving your creative process?

Are you inspired to stand up for the win-win solutions, putting an excessive amount of care and work into your approach only to let a tiny slice of it out into the world?

This week’s Mercury retrograde begins a three-week journey. 

It gives you the opportunity to rework your process around many of these things. 

The experimental do-over isn’t a quick fix, but rather a winding path.

The brightness of the endeavors you’re engaged in will feel possible and meaningful midweek. 

The work takes more substantial psychological structures on head to head as we gear up for next week. 

If you feel the resistance coming from your own psyche, please don’t be too hard on yourself. 

These are some of the most tricky combinations and you deserve some patience and curiosity from yourself as well as others.


Disruptions to your stable routine have a more meaningful impact than it might seem.  

It is tempting to strive for perfect outcomes but life is setting the stage for a hefty dose of identifying your central concerns.

Then the work is how to prioritize them. Sound basic? Good. 

If you are in school as either a teacher or a student, this entry into Mercury retrograde season could look like some very practical revision work. 

If you’ve lost what feels like an annoying amount of progress, it may take a moment to gather the steam to commit to recreating something to replace it. 

Your final outcomes will be much better suited to reflect the input that you’re positioned to receive. 

Look for a connection to be made Wednesday into Thursday, perhaps through the words of a business partner or a loved one. 

This can plant the seeds to reset what you think you already know. 

What territory have you covered since October 11th?

The path is full of roadblocks and rules within your groups and networks, but these have been slowly learned and navigated. 

How is the boundary-work in your outward facing personality going?

There are tools there to pick up.

Inspiration flows from what is concrete and real as easily as from what beckons unformed.

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