New Moon in Taurus – May 4 2019

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This new moon is the proverbial door that opens while another closes. Mark your progress without despair. We are all of us subject to our individual fears and doubts and traumas around obtaining and maintaining security, whether material or ethereal. There has been some loosening of the most rigid ground in your chart and this moon sits just a ways beyond it, luring us away from the starting line and moving us boldly forward. 

There are gauntlets here to run; some fiery words thrown at the things you know but can’t quite explain. Is there heated opposition to the positivity you need to make change hopeful? Or an uncomfortable yet logical challenge to the things you or others believe blindly without review? Don’t worry. This is restoration by fire; a head-on push into the next long process, sure to bring eruptions of insight around the nature of stability and of sustenance as well as some real space for the new.

Some very potent aspects of life are still disconnected. This defines the times we live in. With this new moon though, we see the first real motion towards connecting the dots. Here’s to integration, authenticity, and dealing with the hard shit! Here we are, making adjustments relevant to the long-term outlook. We continue putting in the emotional effort to get there, but by Thursday we’ll be deeper in our acceptance of the present, imagining the way forward; integrating the work that’s been done around recent losses or fear of loss.

Of course, your sense of love and connectivity can work both for and against appropriate motion. This is normal and natural and true to the joys and pains of humanity. Our dreams of nourishment are pinpricks of light that guide us to check ourselves. It’s ok to need things. It’s ok to rest or to adjust your approach so that you can stop to graze or bask in the sun as you establish the pace for whatever road you’re on. It’s ok to make a metaphorical dash to the top of the next rise if that’s what gets you where you need to be. Your pace is YOURS. Now is the time to own it in all the ways you are able

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