Full Moon in Libra – April 19 2019

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This full moon in Libra sees us living out the initial steps of what we have, for better or worse, set into motion. The youthful assertions of Aries do hover with the ghosts of past plans gone wrong, but ignore that and commit. If there is concern over directions embarked on with this change of seasons, there’s no use rushing backwards now. We are culminated. We’ve weighed the feathers and analyzed whatever we could. Objective perspective is always a myth. The time of careful niceties and onerous grasping at harmony has smoothed what was open to being smoothed. Now it’s on.

The sun is about to cross paths with a bit of a jolt. We can welcome the next days with awareness, and keep in mind that this amplification of electric body energy, whether anxiety or brilliance, will make its way through us by the end of next week. It’s a lovely time to take note of which part of your life seems the most oppressive. 

It is also a time to be open to hearing from your own fiery core about what perfect ideals or inventions you are yearning towards. Of course we’re all just down here in the dirt battling it out with reality, but keep a little nugget of self-knowledge from this moment. Shifts are happening on a massive scale and each day we deal with the micro level of it. Soon the relative steadiness of the sun in Taurus can establish in earnest as the full moon passes, keeping pace with the impulses of the season.

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