Lunar Broadstrokes

Full Moon in Scorpio – May 18 2019

Mystery Thicket by Joan Proudman

Our feelings are valid, our feelings come from somewhere, our feelings are real.  We are aware of the precarious moment, aware of others trying to exert inappropriate control, aware of our inner absolute refusal to be fucked with.  We are also aware of the complexity of choosing our battles, the likelihood of wounding our allies.  Everyone is somewhat twisted by trauma after all. 

We are ALSO capable beings who can ground ourselves in deep breaths and the sweet artistry of the moment. Though there is a spike in suspicion and mistrust of power, we should all do our best to stay wary of leaps to conclusions about our immediate surroundings.  We need our suspicion, we need our wariness, we need our investigative and relentless search for truth.  However, there are positive and grounding experiences of innovative beauty to be had, and exciting connections to be made.  If our bodies are reluctant to feel secure, we may need to remind ourselves that the moon is amplifying some trickiness in our protective natures, analogous to a soldier who comes home from war only to perceive threats that are no longer there.  The nervous system is wired to go on full alert, but that can be an inappropriate response which can do more harm than good.  It may be challenging to be loving and patient with yourself but please do attempt it.  What does mature protectiveness actually look like?  For some of us our bodies may feel amped and drained simultaneously. Others may appear buoyed up by all the excitement while they are, in reality, fighting to stay within acceptable levels of moodiness. We are figuring out how to draw in what feels best or better and who we might meet to influence our journey of realignment with our real priorities.  There is a sense of finality when we have full moons in the late degrees of signs like this one; endings.  We set this particular ball into motion during early November of 2018 and now we see its full expression.

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