Lunar Broadstrokes

New Moon in Gemini – June 3 2019

Lofty Thoughts

You’ve been having ideas again. If you can keep them all, you’ll have quite a bundle. They are like many little threads stretching forward. Glimpsed closer they’d be choices and actions and work but for now they are available to you. You could pluck them and tuck them away as little wind-spells for later, when you find that your sails need lift or direction. Last February, some of the same ideas were forming but there was a mirage quality to the distant circumstances approaching you. Now life has shown the territory. Venus nods to Pluto and sends her secret roots deep into the powerful earth, gripping what has value. Pledge to include the things we like, to keep bringing in what we want as part of life. What has value must sustain.   

You are not subject to the weight of right answers today as you capture your options and draw them closer; making lists of ideas and ideas out of lists. You are compiling the data. What have you learned during the last week of May, during Mercury’s time in Gemini? Sometimes when we’ve just had an amazing dream, we don’t write it down because we think we’ll remember. This is like that.

What are the children saying this new moon? Do you know how you’ll move your body through June and July? Chart multiple courses.

Happening in Gemini, with Mercury right at home to host it, we have a dialogue between the planets in the mutable signs; the adaptable ones. When both the sun and the moon are in the same place in the sky together, a new moon, our vitality aligns, conspires and begins a cycle. When Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune come into a brainstorming session, which is what this is, they are fabulous schemers. Mercury has traveled rapidly through all the aspects it will make while in Gemini and will only be there another moment. The thing is, Mercury is about to start speaking the emotional language of Cancer, where Mars heats the waters while the North Node stirs them, ever opposed the burgeoning reality structures restricting everything but their own weight from Capricorn. Use this moment today, tonight, to utilize the clear-headedness. Record what you know and what you’d like to do with it. Keep it for reference and trust it later when the skies are not so clear.

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