Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 17 2019

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Wings by Joan Proudman

If it seems like 2019 is shaping up to be an intense year, astrology is here to agree with you. The expansion that you’ve been layering on since early November 2018 is highlighted. We multiply, we synthesize, we become, and we sift through the seemingly endless input.
Now is the time to top off your jug of possibilities.

This is the final card of the Jupiter/Neptune spread we’ve been dealt this year and among other things we probably all feel a bit stretched. How much can adaptability be pushed? Humans adapt, sure, but when we’ve knocked over all the hurdles that aren’t bolted down, how do we navigate? What events and structures are we coming up against?

The sheepdogs of the current skies are the north and south nodes, keeping us on track with what we must/should do to keep “safe” while everything churns. The potent opposition of Mars and Saturn has been aggravating to say the least, but Jupiter and Venus flood us with other higher-minded priorities. The major story lines are concluding while the new ones have yet to truly surface. Like a giant bathtub gone tepid, the hot water tap is on but it’s still pouring cold water. The whole world is waiting to see what resolves this summer, and we must keep treading to stay afloat as we wait.

What new cultural stories will be there once all the epics have concluded? For this full moon, let us surround ourselves with the best conversations. Our questions will be our own, but the ways that we answer them will shape the next worlds we step into. What exactly are you protecting? What shapes your fear of the unknown? What is risk? What makes it worth it?
We are passing through a radical birth canal of emotional and structural reality. This moon is the final pour of Jupiter-juice before next month’s eclipses. We can’t know exactly what will emerge after July, but you know that jug of vision you’ve been topping off? Even if you don’t know exactly what it’s fermenting into, you’re going to be glad of it. Keep it with you, close to heart.

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