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February 17 – March 2, 2022

~ Aries through Sagittarius Rising ~

The Full Moon in Leo arrived Wednesday on the cresting wave of the Mars Venus conjunction. This means the Moon and Mars were pushing, amplifying an already significant lunation.

You can expect less ramped up body energy as the moon decreases in light. These planets are still on or in earshot of the terrain they covered in January. They’re acquainted with the problems.

Jupiter in Pisces would be inclusive, almost enough to push the world in a direction of authentic care. But Jupiter in Pisces plus Neptune? That is extra expansive, big enough for anything but synthesized into something meaningful with Jupiter’s presence. This makes it look like we really do have the imaginative capacity to dream up systems that center care and enough ideas already seasoned and knocking at the door to feel hopeful.

Neptune can make things look good and loose and false and too dreamy on it’s own, but Saturn will cross there just next year with plenty of limits and blocks to drop into Pisces newly expanded ocean. Saturn, the builders.

From now into May is the time for dreaming as big as you possibly can. Neptune’s mist snakes along the edges of what can form, the dust of the old cycle dissolving into the waters of the next. The flood that swells up between now and May is buoyant and can float many themes for a short time.

I’d like to share a more put together piece on the Saturn and Uranus cycle too. Apparently I’m writing again! Very briefly – there is a 34ish year journey that maps tightly to moments of disruption and re-structuring in social structures around the globe. We are currently in a volatile period, as I’m sure you could figure out without astrology. Difficult but key. A time to nurture the nervous system.

My apologies to the remaining signs of the tropical zodiac! Your love letters are delayed.


First of all, I’ve missed you and the way you inspire the rest of us to be a little less careful, a little less resigned.

I hope you are able to remember your dreaming over the next few weeks. You are gathering a sheen of hopeful belief in the dark spaces of inner process.

The Full Moon on Wednesday brought some not fully comfortable visibility to your home base. A banner-waving moon. Our networks are filled with people who dwell outside of easy or approved ways of life. It’s hard to draw a single circle around them. They differ. We sit with the differences. We watch ourselves make assumptions and try to make less.

Your passion is evident, public; a build in tension. The first half of this month climbed up to that moon while your ruling planet Mars climbed right up to Venus.

Whether you’ve had disruptions to your income, are enamored with digital currency, or are shaken by environmental changes to the land and food you rely on, there is opportunity for insight here.

We are in the closing crisis of a resource-based value system. The current Saturn and Uranus conversation started in 1988 with a meeting of these two planets in the very place where Pluto now festers. Pain and exploitation are the obvious fruits when we fail to meet basic needs.


Taurus my dear! I am always struck by just how much Venus has claimed your physical form. Your health and vitality are both important concerns of hers.

The first half of February, we had Mars chiseling his way steadily through Capricorn right at Venus. She’s usually a lot faster than he is. She CAN be extremely resourceful and so much fun as the ruling planet of your physical form. But she’s in charge of what you need to fend off just as much as what keeps you guided ahead, doing you.

You can think of partnerships you have at home and this certainly applies to intimates. Every so-called client interaction is also a relationship. You enter into a relationship with that human at that time.

One of the many talents of Taurus Risings can be co-regulating, soothing other people’s nervous systems by demonstrating our own. And of course, the opposite of that is also true.

Venus in Capricorn tends to direct attention towards the traditional markers of long-term planning, which is where Mars and Pluto are pulling her along in a choppy way through the public institutions where hierarchy thrive.

Do you have a go-to reminder when your body system is elevated or too turned down? I have quite a few people around me who will tap with their fingers on their face, temple, behind their ear, just below the collar bone. I like placing one hand on my forehead and the other on my heart, relaxing my face; elbows up and breathing,

The half moon is February 23rd and 24th, set up in such a way that Jupiter finds your requests for collaboration or loans or grant money difficult to reject.


Everyone’s chart holds tension between Venus and Mars, but no one straddles the productive inside of tension quite like you do. With Gemini Rising the month, this contrast is most notable in the space between creating and displaying any kind of creative output and also the space between physical problem solving and psychological problem solving.

Mars and Venus are butting their way through the very loaded terrain of the last decan of Capricorn. Mars came into Venus’s space two weeks ago and has overtaken her. She’ll stay close to him, encouraging passionate play and adding spice and nails to the nice little garden bed you’ve been preparing in your psyche.

If you are organizing , receiving, and asking for resources, loans, grants, custody, or legislation, February supports you in making this a useful learning process. With Gemini Rising, you often live multiple stories within the same symbols. It’s difficult to make a long term plan right now, and that impacts how you share resources.

Art therapy, stand up comedy but dark, time spent with children. One scenario could tie the related topics of audience and art together in a way that stirs creation and agitates an audience into being. News keeps going out and action is happening in your networks.


Your energy levels and impulses may follow the lunar cycle more than any other sign . The last two weeks continued a focused exertion different thanculminated with the full moon in Leo. That full moon shone light onto some recent do-overs. These could be within your patient base, collaborative partnerships, home partnership or with any living thing that you are trying to be in relationship with.

Mercury has dug up and taken a look at the sludge at the end of these topics in Capricorn and is now heading into the realm of contracts and MOUs and grant applications and project proposals, etc. With Saturn in the house where we partake in shared resources, you may have felt that blockage.

Jupiter has always been the planet who guides your spiritual outlook on life, Cancer Rising. But Jupiter hasn’t been home to that part of your chart, in that location in the sky, for 12 years. Since his arrival home on December 29, Jupiter has been cleaning house. Grief is allowed here. Grief is necessary.

Mercury brings a more ready mind all the way to Saturn, just in time for the New Moon. Mars and Venus drag the realms they’re in charge of to Pluto’s doorstep on the same day, March 2nd. Mercury and Saturn, Mars and Venus; each planetary pair has a unique moment of conjunction that sows seeds into the next moon cycle. This tidy transition feels properly ceremonial as suits Jupiter’s tastes.


You belong to the wonderful grouping of fixed signs, Leo. With the Sun as your planet parent, you know the importance of being able to maintain your core. When you share compliments, they land well. When you do active listening, you share your solar adoration skills.

Fixed signs have been weathering disruptions and innovations to their public house since 2019. The story we find ourselves living out is one of contention between Uranus, the principle of total authentic liberatory spontaneous, earth rumbling, experimental, electric, weird and beyond human scale freedom and Saturn, who says no. This particular cycle stared in 1988 and this is the final showdown, the closing square.

When this moon cycle closes and we get to the new moon on March 2, Jupiter and Neptune will be taking center stage, away from the acute concerns of Saturn. Leo, you have a direct line of sight with the people who are doing the work of bringing a way from the known to the unknown; crafting the future. As Mercury meets up with Saturn, March 2 as well, the navigation for the course is being set. This can look like having a solid safety plan in place with a teen at risk of being trafficked. When it’s Saturn square Uranus time, a solid plan is a flexible plan with plenty of room for innovation.

Mars and Venus are doing a trek together, busy and integrated in the place in your chart where we do what we have to do. Labor. Mars will get things done in Capricorn that need doing: exerting, cutting, slicing, having sex.

This phase of the waning moon has solid debriefs and intentional work happening with the people you face one-on-one. Jupiter can be asked for inclusive group resources and revived imaginations. Inspiration as a side effect.


Facing the world as a Virgo Rising, your ability to optimize the spaces that you inhabit when you do things is one of many things I will never stop appreciating about you, Virgo Rising.

Because Jupiter has been visiting your seventh house, the partnerships that you build, the client relationships that you have, these kinds of things.. they feel fertile. Some of that is stuff that will die with this cycle and some of it will be useful to you and continue to provide a beautiful relationship going forward.

The trouble with Neptune there is that they can present a deceptive screen. One-on-one care relationships with people can directly address topics around abuse tactics of people who have confusing and deceiving others as part of a behavior pattern. If there are defense patterns or people who are getting out of the overwhelming influence of some kind of “group-think”, that also falls under the umbrella of supporting people who are confronting Neptunian things. We are going to be wading into some Neptunian times for the next few months.

There are plenty of people who are going to experience Jupiter and Neptune together as a much needed exhale, or more empathetic focus and receiving emotional care. Proximity to real relational care. There’s also people presenting to you in ways that aren’t solid, where you may not be accurately perceiving where they’re coming from. Neptune has been in your seventh house since 2012, so Jupiter brings a healing piece to it that is balm for a long process; new stories to be made.

Whenever Saturn goes through the places in the chart where you can experience pain from hard work, coldness, restriction. fatigue, bodily limits, especially lower legs, Saturn there might lean on those things. This is not a medical reference but more about labor. Support the organizers in your proximity.

The New Moon on March 2nd births a fresh and appreciated burst of compassion and care.


Libra, I feel deeply for your body’s efforts to adapt to the extra care work you’ve been tasked with during the last few years. The story of your physical effort, maintaining in the face of changes, is woven through it; adjusting, adapting, trying new things.

When we balance a scale, we don’t add weight to its center. We add to either side. Now though, it’s time to tend to that fulcrum point in the middle. That’s you. Notice when you don’t shift without resistance. Oil yourself. Polish the corrosion. Find honesty around what you’re capable of assessing with the current state of your equipment.

Jupiter brings Libra risings a mix of results: close-to-home adventures, kind people in your day-to-day routines, and on the down side: the effects that creep in unnoticed that stem from compassion fatigue.

Old stories of how we care for people, or the actions we take to improve conditions, might feel too diluted when we face an increase in need. Niceties don’t do the work that they used to.

The Sun entering Pisces is on a mission of renewal. This process doesn’t need you to pay attention too closely. But know that after the new moon on March 2, newness and novelty are allowed back into the labor you do. If you find yourself asking “does this even matter?” often from now through May, don’t be discouraged.

This is the best time we’ll see in the next four years for quitting habits that threaten your body’s health. Recommit, even if it’s hard. The skies support you.

Your transformation is a thing to be proud of. Saturn asks for time-consuming artistry and creative ways of expressing the new rules you’ve been drafting. Mercury willingly hands over the tools of description and is ready to share with others as you learn.

Venus and all of her children are pulling hard for you. The length of Venus’s retrograde was apparently not long enough for all her work this year. You’ve undergone a serious journey at home and there’s more to tackle still. But I hope you’re feeling the new glint of iron in your makeup, and treasuring the motivation that lives in the sharpness and heat behind your carefully held expressions.


Mars in Capricorn has been bringing your daily efforts into focus. You’ve had some opportunities to get on top of how you do things in the world and to go after what needs doing. Vitality and useable effort is pouring into you from your ruling planet, while innovations and support from others can offer a buffer from immediate burnout.

You are uniquely set up as a Scorpio Rising to give Mars more power over your physical health and vitality than it enjoys over any other sign. Aries directs Mars’ fire outward, but Scorpio, you feel it turned inward just as much.

There is a gut knowing that you have Scorpio, as you tunnel your way through life. It is brilliant and also vulnerable to be so compelled. The things that were daunting during the opening of this year are more fleshed out now. Your cache of skills has grown again.

Through action however, you are confronted with all the things that attempt to undermine your goals in the world. Many of you Scorpio Risings are already confronting abuses of power around you and inside you, and the urge to bite back is strong.

Your efforts with Mercurial tools (writing, calculating, coding, talking) are well supported, better than they have been since the new year began. Mercury draws connections, maps intersectional spaces and highlights them for all to see.

The people we live with have been navigating our energy OR have been severely troubled by other acts of Mars. This includes the people in our buildings and neighborhoods, the people we grew up with, those who drive by our house daily or take part in any incidental social worlds that we walk through, as well as also our closely held intimates, our best friends, and our business partners.

Because this Mars can be heroic in ancient Capricorn but can also cause harm, and bear witness to harm, it raises the question of old harms committed and not addressed. From the atrocities of settlers to gender violence cold cases, the space weather has increased the intensity of buried stories over the last three weeks. These narratives explode with tension and then unravel more gently as the moon winds down to a reset in Pisces, embedding your relationship to these topics as a core seed for the next lunar cycle.


I admire your willingness to leap into new environments and am in awe of the vitality that seeps from you, the abundance of your heart. The fires you kindle, the changes you bring into the spaces you enter, keeps them from getting stuck.

When we enter groups that have established work patterns, there is not much appreciation for exploratory heroics. We may be viewed as reinventing the wheel. How will you find appropriate sites of experimentation? There is heroism here, but it can also feel controlling; the urge to feed everyone from the same stream of concerns and inspirations. Active listening is worth the effort.

Sometimes Mars going through our second house can separate us from sources of income. Mars in Capricorn is going to do this in a way that is in line with your creative desires and your interest in what you want to set loose upon the earth. But there is a natural tension or a puzzle to solve when we look at topics of what we want to do with our resources and how we secure those resources in the first place. Foresight is an art that takes practice.

Some Sagittarius Risings will have less resistance to substances as we weather this time. This new moon is open for alternate journeys though, ones where fiction or art or meditation or deep grief can take the place of body-harming escapism.

Most likely, your home is a site of escape for more than just yourself. The people around you do have different structures of their own to resist overindulgence. There’s no shame in leaning into routines set by others to help with any of your own leaky containers.

Whether you’re coming down from choices made or caught in the fallout of other’s decisions, know that you are feeling some aftershocks. Coming down is a big part of burning so much variable energetic fuel all the time, so much sporadic effort. Practice radical rest in the moments you can, learning from the moon.

We do need to see through the commitments we made to the last cycle, but that will close at the March 2nd new moon. Jupiter finds renewal behind the Sun then, as far as can be from Earth, receiving new instructions from our core guiding principles before reemerging with newfound vigor in April.

This period of undoing looks worth the hassle. Ever since Jupiter entered Pisces at the end of December, you have been trying to lay foundations on too much moisture, the kind of over-watering that leads to root-rot when our containers are too small or our environment doesn’t have enough air circulating. If you haven’t been putting your impulses into action, don’t fret. You’re noticing, learning, saving only the seeds that will be grown in the next cycle. You’re right on time.

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