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Welcome to March 2022 – the Waxing Moon

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General astrological forecasting means willfully ignoring many variables and exceptions. My goal is to pick the most universal outline of the planetary weather. Think of it this way: If time were a stream, sticks and debris along the edges bounce its flow into eddies and funnels that switch back and are different from how water behaves in the main channel. For every current flowing in one direction, there are other possibilities funneling and splashing and crowding around my words as I write them. The planets in your personal birth chart can impact the general flow like obstacles in pinball machines.

Reining all those words in is a Saturnian effort that I’m hoping to get better at. Only take what you need.

More than anything, I love to sit one-on-one with your unique chart, relating to you as a real person with specific experiences. That’s where the magic happens, when we can describe the shapes and obstacles in your particular stream.

This coming month, March 2022, is harsh on Venus. She has to undergo a thirsty trudge towards what may or may not be mirage. I like to think that if our hopes for March were too high, we wouldn’t be as prepared to weather it. The difficulties fall on the Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio topics of life, while unsettled potentials warm and flood the water signs, help finally arriving in narratives where illusions are no longer holding. Whether this lands as a euphoria of a new chosen distraction or a need for self-protecting dissociation, we are preparing to steep the loose and unformed tea that flavors our next 6.5 years.

This week, we are coming out of an escalated flurry of alignments. Venus, Mars, and Pluto came together in Capricorn, mixing layers of existential impacts with mounting tensions. Mercury met Saturn, ready to say the hard things and the Sun completed his annual meet-up with Jupiter, making help known. These escalated events last Wednesday 3/2 and pushed them to continue unfolding through Sunday 3/6.

Together, Venus and Pluto tend to plunge us into storylines where power and control intercept desire. This calls in themes of resource extraction; our relationship with land and territory, and the bodies of people we see as Venusian: women, feminized populations, the clean and beautiful of all genders. How do we get people to do what we want? What do we consider of their own autonomy and agency? Study consent. How do SAFE/SANE Nurses determine a patient’s boundaries in the context of an ER? How do we ask for and honor the consent of nonverbal children?

Pluto and Mars together conjures militarism, military people, force and violence in general. Whenever Venus moves into the extremes of her dynamic with Pluto alone, she drags her support systems (and ours) right along with her. With Mars there, the persecution becomes visible. Venus has been caught in the way of Mars and Pluto AND actively trying to do what she does in spite of their destruction.

Each of us have Venus as the director of two houses, or groupings of life topics. Whether you were helping those who are being exploited, overlapping with other extremely controlling behaviors, or subject to distress yourself, last week was not an easy time.

On Sunday 3/6, Venus and Mars crossed over together to a space where Venus is less persecuted, more of an active co-pilot as both she and Mars set out to bicker over the structures of the future.

The following horoscopes are grouped by “mode”, a foundational way that astrologers approach signs as three distinct groups: Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed.

Mutable Signs

Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini: You are all what we call “mutable” signs, subject to the same planetary conflicts and similar supports, though they appear in different areas of life with varying impact.

Virgo, now that you’re emerging out of the grindstone efforts of catching up, it may be hard to switch gears. The hard work continues, even as your need to connect with the people you serve and love means pushing the grind into the background when you’re together. Whether you’re helping people wade out of magical thinking, or have discovered substance use was playing a role, or are having a complex relationship to truths around who your partners or clients show themselves to be, it’s appropriate to move your focus onto the real people across from you. You’re informed by the ideas and future goals you’ve been setting, and can trust yourself to persist in both realms.

Sagittarius, horoscopes care less about what you’re doing out in the world and more about what’s happening at home; the way it’s not yet finished and full of dreams. Less hiding can mean more help. Meanwhile there is tension between routine and labor, between indulgence and the expectations of the social world’s obligations, but you’ve brought more freedom into what you do. Spending and figuring your budget and planning for hoped-for shifts has come to whatever fruition was in store. Those of you with siblings, expect some focus to go there. Keep walking your talk on a day-to-day basis and your bravery will grow.

Pisces, By the time the week is over, your wider networks have less new material driving their escalations. In often takes time for your inner world to settle, but circumstances support you expressing what you’re learning during each of the one-on-one times you share and what you’re learning about your own DNA, your place of origin, the land you occupy. There is work to do in private, ideals to sit with in light of all the inner revisions you’re trying to stabilize. The harder topics aren’t things we’re able to see coming this month. From institutional funding to the loose category of sibling behavior, it’s okay to have a lot on your mind going nowhere yet. Synthesizing and making a complete narrative out of something vast is your bread and butter, Pisces. Patience lets you gather more convincing descriptions.

Gemini, we all want to know what you’ll do with the sea of career moves you could make. Don’t push it to be resolved before it is. The stress over what your access to old ways and family stuff looks like is ready to be integrated into your long term planning in a way that has the potential to be accountable and mature and future oriented. Keep working on your mental health, even as work and networks try to cut and slash at your joy. Let the analytic thinking go on in the background after Wednesday and honor the process of feeling it out.

Fixed Signs

Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus: You are what we call the “Fixed” signs, all subject to similar configurations that create stress or ease for all of you at once.

Leo, you’re closer to realizing the truth or deception regarding the extra funding or collaboration you were hoping to access. Is it legitimate? Your other partnerships might not think so, but it’s still unclear. You took the plunge that was available to take. Can you balance the need for personal focus with your outward projects this week? Whether you’re pursuing more education towards a real estate license or putting your heart and soul into Land Back activism, it feels better when you can talk it through one-on-one. If you don’t have someone in mind, consider getting the pulse of the current needs from a person you admire in a shared arena.

Scorpio, you could have been so discouraged but you persevered and made some tough calls. You are nothing if not persistent. Now your efforts with roots and home can feel less in conflict with the other labor you’re engaged in, even as it challenges what you thought you were supposed to want. You are still reinventing what partnership means, what friendship entails. Enough with the careful drilling down. The structures of a more open future can be found after this one dissolves.

Aquarius, it looks like you’re about to keep doing the most. You take on the long-term as well as the day to day, heeding the call to disrupt the familial or foundational legacies as best you can. There is a bottle-neck between the knowledge you have and what you’re able to communicate, but don’t worry. The care with which you act is the bridge between the present struggles and the future you hope for. This week is a sharp and vulnerable place, but the disturbances are known. What was hiding in the realms of your home, land, or family is something you can exert effort towards handling now that it can see the light of day.

Taurus, it must be disorienting to have changed so many things that used to define you. You may fight for things in public that split you from close personal ties, or your partnership may be dominating how others see you. The allegiances and groups you were dedicated to over the last 13 years are allowed to change. Loosing platforms, rebranding, trying to maintain reliability even as you edit; now it goes public. We’ve moved on from planning around and learning the depths of worries to drawing attention; some of you studied everything from the dark arts to how mold and toxicity get into your food sources. Careful communications shift into emotive ones come Wednesday. Keep an eye on the grieving spaces in your communities. Old bonds and new bonds can open the doors to an expanding network.

Cardinal Signs

Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aries: You are what we call the “Cardinal” signs. When something happens in one of you, the rest all feel it.

Cancer, the people you care about have had their peak moment in the most recent cycle of distress. The formalities and divvying up responsibility going forward has yet to happen. Your respect for the way things have always been done can remain intact, even as you help navigate a different path. Family, children and students of yours will benefit from the effort you’ve put into your seemingly unrelated work stuff. Patience doesn’t mean not doing. Rest assured that the synthesis happening within higher education and your ideals will resolve into something that can re-fill your sense of purpose and meaning.

Libra, I hope it feels good to be of service in this moment, inescapable though it may seem. You may always be working to calculate that livable balance between yourself and the people you let in. Those of you with children in your life are familiar with the structures you’ve been trying to create and will not appreciate those solutions being challenged once again. But these times make it hard to ignore the cracks in systems we’d love to be able to rely on; instability that wont mend by being ignored. Libra attaches joy to the accomplishments of the collective, which is currently a fraught and quaking place. Yet your reserves are balm to others. Showing up with only the things you need to care for yourself can be courageous, vulnerable and realistic. It can be tempting to shower our loved ones in ways that deplete bank accounts, so remember that the invisible things you bring are also of value. You are enough.

Capricorn, I didn’t write about the levels of ferocity and passion you must have reached during the last moon cycle and even just last week. There is something ancient and rooted that has developed in your sense of self since 2019. You know what it is to BE the resource that others are exploiting. “Scarcity mindset” gets a bad reputation, but when we’re trying to build flexible systems with natural resources involved, we need to keep our eye on the bottom of the current barrel. This month is a tough one, driving your initiatives into pass/fail mode. You’ve taken action as wisely as you could amidst the constant urge to do more. You made the things work that could work. You pushed with your networks and at home while trying to amplify each inkling of joy that you encountered. Take comfort as you witness your old routines drifting away as you go down your list. Your wheels keep spinning without gaining much traction for a time, but that’s to be accepted. Allow yourself to dream in the background, fueled by the knowing you’ve worked so hard to build.

Aries, I’m glad the struggles in your public life are shifting a bit. It looks like less direct pressure on your reputation. The narratives that were set over these last few weeks have moved off into your networks, like a game of telephone where you’ve already had your turn. Life around you may not be uplifting in any obvious way, but there’s hope inside you regardless. Is it blind faith? Blind fear? It’s taxing to bodies like yours to have to wait, when every part of you knows that action and movement are so important to your well-being. Use this weekend to do some swimming in your inner waters. Observe your investments of time and material resources, the changes in how we handle value. Remember that this fight is an old fight; that your intimates are not to blame for the path the world has taken. Even when resources burn, you yourself are worth protecting and the leaps you take have ripples far into the future.

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