Horoscopes have been on pause… but new ones are coming soon!

On Feb 17, 2022 I am releasing a new series of horoscopes.

While these reports can be useful for anyone in any discipline, I will be directly considering those of us in helping and support roles.

Whether you’re pushing towards systemic change and/or caught in the loop of mitigating failing systems, people come to you with needs. I’m thinking of advocates, nurses, therapists, mutual aid groups, housing activists, case managers, crisis workers and many more; those of us who help with or without a paycheck or title.

When planet combinations show general times of stress, people with well-resourced, supported, insulated lives are buffered from the impact.

But for those of us who give aid at the margins of survival, who respond to crisis, who support others through chasms, traps and doldrums, it’s an entirely different story.

When burnout is a constant threat or companion, planning well can be a challenge. Extra heavy or confusing times bring busy weeks and tired hearts, while times of ease and relief deserve our full attention.

Whether your work is constrained by the structure of an organization or by personal struggles to meet basic needs, I hope this gentle forecast can offer grounding. I’ll do my best to keep us in touch with the wider historical cycles, the currents that hold us back and send us onward.

Writing this series is a devotional practice of love and care. I check the skies on a regular basis for myself and others anyway, so I’d like this effort to benefit more people.

Your personal birth chart determines the topics and events that have access to you in any given moment. Therefore, these reports will be organized by tropical zodiac sign. I will be writing for your Rising, also known as your Ascendant.

If you do not have access to your time of birth, you can still benefit from reading your Sun and Moon signs. If you’d like to receive these forecasts in your email inbox, sign up here:

Or simply check this space when you need to.

With love and solidarity,


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