Sun in Aries – March 20 2021

Welcome to Aries season, the place of the Sun’s rebirth! Each planet has their own cycle, overlapping and dancing the threads of time together. The solstice is our finish line for the Sun, the tropical astrological new year. This freshness applies only to the relationship between the Sun and the Earth, or spirit/life force and embodiment. It’s time to embark, ready or not.

Aries season brings an urge to begin. Mars scatters those urges in directions that may or may not be contradictory. He sits in Gemini with the North Node of the Moon until mid-April. This swells our hunger for blazing many trails, not all of which truly need our energy. Send this rush of opening into your body with cool water and movements.

Mars, the planet of agency, fierceness, and individual effort pushes the many threads of our ideas into overload. This is a good time to practice writing lists of all the directions you imagine going. We don’t need to edit them down quite yet. Catch the winds of motivation as they blow. The mind is very busy under these skies.

This moment asks us to examine our rashness, to adore it and revel in it and also talk it down. There are already projects in place. I’m reminded of starting a controlled prairie burn without first making sure there’s enough water on hand for the perimeter. There may be events that stimulate our reactiveness.

Take a deep breath of the scents around you. Every planet has some forward momentum right now. We’ve emerged from months of countered effort and now there is finally movement. Revel in the joy of emergence!

Lean into the community-focused steadiness of Saturn and Jupiter this month. They are not following traditional channels for success and are urging us to make new rules for our communal futures. Our many directions and thoughts are food for them. Yet they offer grounding in foresight and long-term planning towards that which sustains and is also meaningful.

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