Lunar Broadstrokes

New Moon in Virgo – September 17, 2020

We wake to a New Moon in Virgo. The 30 degrees of sky that we tropical astrologers call “Virgo” beams with detailed analysis. Virgo is a processing powerhouse.

The Moon and Sun come together in the perfect place to bid a 2020 farewell to some long-established ways of doing things. This is an excellent moment for inner negotiations in preparation for outer ones.

Preserve your highest aspirations. Know beyond a doubt which pieces are non-negotiable. Speak up for others.

This particular dark moon is a place to pause and assess the tension between gathering information and responding with meaningful action. This is the half-way point between this year’s eclipses. These eclipses stretch across the Gemini vs Sagittarius polarity. These opposing homes of Mercury and Jupiter speak to the contrast of multiplying vs synthesis; technicalities vs wide-range vision; differences vs unification.

This tension is mirrored in the position of Mercury and Jupiter in the sky this morning. They are in a tight geometric 90 degree square, a loud symbolic conversation. Negotiations must occur.

A great talent of Virgo is the mystical art of cutting away the unnecessary. The caution here is not to cut away all of it at once. Conserve your power of compromise.

Jupiter is not in a position to pull rainbows and perfection out of any magic sacks. But it does give symbolic buoyancy to these negotiations. If we aim high enough, with big enough goals, we are likely to achieve some piece of them. Big asks are necessary for small achievements. We need all of the wild belief and faith-driven lift that Jupiter can provide to make it one baby step forward.

Which baby step is most important to you? This Virgo Moon is brewing clarity about which tiny tweaks will make the most overall difference.

Our motivations may feel unfamiliar to ourselves as Mars retrogrades back through territory we thought we had already covered. Yet proper pruning makes for a better harvest. Thoughtful revision is better than hacking madly, but we do what we can. Evaluate your backup plans. Decide which old structures need edits. Preparation is the better part of valor.

Saturn guards this moon with all of our attachments to known structures, barricading the passage with heaps of authority and seriousness. If we aim low, any compromise backs us deeper into the weight of these crumbling barricades.

Ask for the fullness of a new world from which to winnow the most crucial seeds.

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