Lunar Broadstrokes

Full Moon in Aries

I’m not sure at all that I’ll write something postable this moon. Just like the Aries war-camp in the sky, life has been a barrage of stimulating and confusing scenes.

The full light of the moon brings a big spotlight to the crescendos of the year. We’re compelled to leap into motion but holding it in. The urge to do something about it is so strong, but reality has a mighty wall up.

Honor the work of holding your place. The unrelenting chugging momentum is telling you things, giving a loud chance to assess. Blurt it out. Imagine the ways that you would use power to do good.

I’m writing this in the hours just after the peak full moon. There are plenty of pages with truly excellent astrologers to prepare you for moons as they come. This is just a love note to all of you, an impulsive Aries Moon ramble.

The sense of a looming horizon is strong. Astrology yells about this too, emphasizing some uniquely tense points along our timeline. They happen to match what any of us could predict without astrology. The first couple weeks of November are fraught? You don’t say. Seems like it’ll be troublesome right up to the end of the year? Yup, you figured. Life is mostly hard on us right now? Well, yeah.

Venus is about to take a plunge. As the Moon starts to visibly lose light, Venus will step into Virgo. Since the fullness of the Moon has meaning and magnetizes events around it, I have to guess that those events have the potential to send Venus into a more critical place. Venus can’t be as interested in connecting with things and people when there’s so much that needs fixing. There is a dryness, a drive to fix. I see it in the squirrels; the busyness of a world preparing for winter’s freeze. No time for romance, just for fragments of healing.

So what can you do to prepare to stay connected? What can you say to the people you love to make sure they feel valued while Venus is still in Leo?

Often, when we get ready to batten down the hatches, there’s a disconnect from those we aren’t hunkering down with. It’s one of the reasons New England is such an uptight place to live. It’s fall here, the time that we tend to get our little creature vibes on. We sense that winter is coming. On top of that, the wider social world isn’t particularly grounding or safe to have a relaxed relationship with right now. Without that reliable backdrop for our human experience, our creature identities become even more important.

Each full moon brings an expression of the new moon that happened six months before. I dug up my post from that Aries New Moon here. What fruits from that now?

A tough thing about this Libra Sunlight brightening the face of this Aries Moon is the progression of feeling. The Moon will move like Aries tonight and tomorrow but the sun in Libra might be anxious about whatever the Moon crashes into. The impulses are felt and acted on but the assessment-brain is chewing over decisions done. Let it go.

The heat and the pressure approach from all sides. Whether you’re dancing lightly through the tiny spaces of joy or feeling the weight of very real grief and overly heated impulses, you are a human on this planet at this time and that’s a lot. Do what you’re good at. Love what you love. We never know which piece of our being will be balm or a blade to others.

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