Lunar Broadstrokes

Full Moon in Pisces – September 2, 2020

On Februrary 23rd of 2020, we had a New Moon in Pisces. This Full Moon is the peak of that cycle, its fullness. Where were you at that particular beginning? What have you learned about the shifty nature of time? You have been steeped in the collective; pickled in the brine of 2020. How are you handling the tension between difference and sameness; careful categories vs all-consuming tides?

This Full Moon gives us an opportunity to break from habit. Be bigger than the well-worn ruts you typically tread at this change of season. Readiness does not mean tension. Bracing for impact tends to cause more damage than mindless flowing. The Moon is here to lean on and remind us of flow.

If melancholy seeps in, know that it is a group experience. We have been thrust into the space between individuals and masses; tiny moving parts and vast emotive experiences. It is easy to sink here. Pushing through takes love. Fill your tank with that which moves you.

Those who fight for prison abolition are spotlighted now. They know all about the sort of endurance that this moment calls for. Mars pushes ahead with more force than usual, but spins and sputters against the fences and barriers of Saturn’s cold systems, grinding.

News during these first days of September will be more accurate than much of the gunk we’ve tried to sift through this year. Reliable clarity is fleeting in these times so grab it where you can. There’s a current, and while more exertion isn’t guaranteed to move anything forward, it seems needed just to keep pace.

Patterns, addictions and habits aren’t visionary, but comfort has its needed place. Driverless rage might feel easier than maximum efficiency but that road leads to burnout. Find some tiny calm. Every day. Even you.

If March was a test-run, what did it teach you? Now is the time to apply those lessons.

Virgo, Gemini, Leo: each step you’re able to take matters. Immobility may be a screetching frustration but under these circumstances what you see as restricted movement appears as massive strength to the rest of us. Getting organized is not a waste of time.

Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius: this week may ask you to accept some Capricorn-esque tough-love resiliance. It’s worth the effort to preserve the hopeful seeds of beauty that live in your core. Grief will always catch us, as is well and good and proper. Vent it, but don’t let it keep you from eyes-open assessment. You are an expert when it comes to your own experience. Discomfort does not always mean you’re on the wrong track.

Scorpio, Aries: ground that growing ferocity in the earth, in the clouds, in the trickle of cold water from your faucet. Send it out through your feet and feel the currents of pulsing heat fade to human-sized heartbeats. Find where you do have agency and drill in to that place with precision. Thank your body and physically move in any way that you’re able. Endurance is something we’re all in search of so share your tactics with your loved ones. Strategies can be refined as you go. Use this Moon for aliveness, connection, meaning and purpose. The feisty-juice isn’t running out any time soon.

Taurus, Aquarius, Capricorn: build the new and dismantle the old. But you knew that already. All that you put in is never lost, only changed. This is a plateau on the edge of things. Breathe and look around and make connections while it still feels natural. If you don’t know your place, that’s well and good as the whole structure itself is tilting. Take the advice you give and take your shoes off. Find the dirt. Preparation is the best playground. Trust your gut and dig in.

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