Lunar Broadstrokes

New Moon in Leo – August 18, 2020

This Leo moon begins a cycle where courage and action feel a bit less complicated. I’ve been looking forward to this one. Feed your sustaining fire and listen to your passionate heart. When the moon is full again in Leo, we’ll apply the fullness of our autonomy. We will see our courage utilized, however much or little of it we’ve cultivated. Stick by stick, build that fire. Plan to feed both body and soul with active, willful, accountable love.

We pull ourselves into a cycle of presence. How will your truth face outwards in the next six months? I just typed out the phrase, “renewing the heart” and as cliche as that might feel, it fits. A trine to Mars quickens the pace, allowing movement. Presence emboldens, enlivens, embodies.

Of all the ways that Mars can relate to the Sun’s attention, this current aspect inspires cheers and applause. Mercury too comes to a crucial re-centering just ahead of this dark Moon moment.

How close to your core truths can you operate? It looks like the next few weeks are good times to try for real clarity about what personal integrity looks like.

I always wonder in awe at the geometry of New Moons. There is a point on an astrology chart wheel called the Lot of Fortune. This single point gives us information about the relationship between the Sun, the Moon and the Eastern-most horizon where the land meets the sky.

At every New Moon, the light of the Sun barrels down on us and the light of the Moon is caught in the beam of it. Their light can only mingle, with no space between them to calculate; no movement down into earth or up into sky. So on each New Moon, the Lot of Fortune will land there on that magical spot where everything rises. Fate takes the same breath as will. They sync up for a moment. The purpose and form are there in unison and that’s when cells split. Potentials multiply. This echoes the reasons we set intentions on New Moons. They are in-between places; transitions.

There is little movement in the first days that a seed is planted. These days are for alignment, for brave softening within the new world that life finds itself within. Welcome.

I’ll be using this New Moon to listen to my own heartbeat, to feel the potential of bravery and to plant the seed of courage for all that lies ahead. I don’t have it yet. My hope is that I waste less of my center on sputtering doubts and worry about the lack of courageous love in others, and more effort on actively bravely loving.

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