Lunar Broadstrokes

Full Moon in Aries – October 13 2019

There is a wheel of oneness and otherness that spins around the Aries/Libra axis.

Preparation for this moon should include an escape hatch: a willingness to disengage, a solo place, a note of self-love from you to you waiting there where you’ll be most likely to find it.

There is vertigo here. The edge of all that isn’t quite resolved comes to a point of release or purge. The drama beckons.

Jupiter yells ‘yeah bring it!’ lifting arms up and enjoying the unsustainable tug of gravity on the guts.  Jupiter loves a good story, and this is a crucial scene.

There may have been a moment two weeks ago when you knew frankness would be the most self-respecting thing to do.  Did you act upon your hunch then? 

Most of us didn’t.  Vulnerability is always a risk, a lesson we’ve learned too well.

In its favor, this moon’s intensity has some unrestrained truth-telling potential.  A rough and dirty sketch of the truth is better than no attempt at all.

This moon is fire, and it is not interested in your dogmatic rejection of what IS for the sake of what you want it to be. 

Be sure that your need to sound powerful and right isn’t a false shield. It may be hard to see the difference between meaningful debate and our attempts to control the discourse.

There is a compulsive urge to edge ourselves closer to what could be danger, but could also just be a much needed share.

Try to be good to one another even if you speak of fear.  Remove yourself from the potential of violence.

Things have a way of building up when we don’t have the clarity to let them out. Or when we postpone for the sake of temporal harmony.

Speaking truth to power can be a vulnerable, selfless act.  Calling bullshit can be powerful. 

Lashing out with righteous indignation from a place of deep tiredness can… move gears that were stuck.  Sometimes. It can also hurt people.

Your unacknowledged abyss of violated boundaries may just decide to take the mic. Even if you’ve worked on that shit.

Is it you who didn’t notice the ground that slid away beneath you? Or have you been the one pushing a bit too far? Catch the moments of compromise where you can. 

The particulars of the present moment write the emotional script. However, these short fuses are six months in the making.

This isn’t resolution.  This is opening the closet and seeing what tumbles out.

It won’t always feel this way. There is brightness and uplift coming after the release. This is a step toward balance.

For now, dwell on the poignant drama of the sky.  The smells of weather and of humanity may not be universally ideal or pleasing but they are handholds. 

Use them to ground your sense of the present and to fortify your connection to all that is real.




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