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Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon – September 28 through October 5 2019

Scroll for Sign by Sign Horoscopes – These horoscopes were written for your Rising Sign but are applicable to Sun and Moon Signs as well. Enjoy! Scroll to the end for an overview of the astrological aspects of this week.


There has been a distinct line between work and relationship in recent history.  This week, the balanced sweetness of actual humans wins out against corporate-like repetitions and ceilings. 

Your direct articulation of needs only increases the other’s respect.  These are useful beginnings.  What preventative steps could you take to decrease any clashes between public restrictions and this direction towards partnership?  

There is more support with this moon than you’ve felt in recent months, especially if you put in the effort to reach out to those you consider your teachers.

With all things worth working towards, there is the challenge of effort towards growth.  If September saw you finally moving the grindstone in the right direction, know that this achievement isn’t imaginary.  

Revel in your version of faith or higher learning Wednesday and Thursday.  Keep the channels of innovation open, especially around how you navigate your personal finances. 

Some technological insights are worth considering as the moon brings tension and intensity home with it into the weekend.


The things we do in service can feed us or rob us or simply be.  After all, we aren’t the focus of it.  Our bodies, however, are. 

This new moon coalesces around a less personal way of putting in your effort.  Diplomacy can call for compromise or the delegating of work. 

Is there a weight or a nihilistic loss of faith sapping your long-term inspiration?  You are beginning to navigate by reexamined rules; you can start to see what things could be if the starkness were lessened. 

Other people’s money can help you with the work you embark on.  Your words are persuasive.  The upheaval to your sense of self will not disrupt the tasks at hand.  You may even enjoy them.

This week, appreciate your benefactors with whatever brand of wisdom or resource they bring. 

Double-check that your physical body is ready for what you ask of it.  Breathe where you can and feed your nervous system all the calming things. 

You have broadened your networks at a time that could have left you feeling more isolated, and this is to be applauded.  The crisis of faith is not new anymore and is reaching its final stages. 

Now as the focus on sustainable routine becomes a reality, you can see how this expansiveness has indeed allowed a path forward.


As you begin a new outlook in your relationships and in your objective valuing of the things you create, know that this is a beautiful place to launch from. 

The effort of tending your roots has planted a seed that has what it needs to grow and blossom.  No need to rile your demons beyond their usual whispers during this cycle.  The last waning moon did quite enough of that. 

Do not let the discouragement of how other people handle money sit too close to your beautiful heart. The past cannot determine every future and there is wisdom in this cycle that you have been gathering for some time.

Monday could agitate some brightness into the places you’d rather keep a lid on, a soft preparation for things you’ll have more time to deal with later.

The bounty and possibilities in your partnerships is easiest to feel Wednesday into Friday. The effort and heat towards your family of origin or home-space catches up and moves on (though people born with the moon in Libra will continue this work).

Regardless, there is so much to learn about which battles are ours and how to own them.  It is better to fight these battles in the creative realm and let that learning work on you from the inside out. 

The tension of the first quarter moon is amplified by some breakthrough conversations or insights, perhaps at work or when tending to the humdrum responsibilities of life. 


The amplified focus on you is not the new normal.  It’s an intense way to learn what you’re saying no to, what you’re done saying yes to. 

With so much shifting, we finally come to a renewal of home.  In your most protected private safety, what are the dreams you have for fairness and justice when it comes to family and legacy?  What will continue on? 

Can you step back enough from the passion of initiating change and give an apt assessment of the things you would need to put in place to tip the scales towards harmony in your private spaces? 

Let it also be in harmony with the tangible work that you do in the world, where so much bounty has been stirring.  The delusional parts are fading away and the real work remains, still inspiring in its achievable and no less grandiose scope.

Planting the seed at home with the new moon brings you into a place of willingness to confront what remains unavailable in the realm of partnership. 

What is beyond your readiness or control? Monday could find you creatively showing your feelings to your network of brilliant weirdos.  Innovation makes everything fresh after all. 

The work you do Wednesday and Thursday brings the hope back with less illusions.  It is a good place to be in when riding the tension of the first quarter moon into the weekend.


All the personal finance focus can ease.  Remember to re-fuel your body in keeping with what you’re restricting or keeping out but refueling it nonetheless. 

There is such an easy tone of neglect in the sky, yet your day to day routine is profiting from the energy that you put into the first part of September. 

The lead-up to this new moon contained a last push of effort, still felt, but trust that the renewal is real.  The creative world supports you as you lean into that side of things. 

No longer will your ever-morphing creative dreams be tipped into realms of excess or delusion.  Whether you’re looking at how to increase your mobility or beginning a new way of relating to your siblings or neighbors, you are planting an objectively pleasant seed.

As the moon moves into this week, the stories that need tending are already familiar, and well on their way to completion.  Sunday has the fervor of all that you’ve done to keep your routines functional despite the lessons of the body.

The hunger to retreat and work on your private emotional securities is challenged by what needs doing. 

What breakthroughs does this lead to in the early part of the week? 

Conversations at home smooth the way for some creative bounty or joy with offspring come Wednesday and Thursday. 

By Friday evening this grace recedes, and the investigative private mind takes over.  If moods are darker during the coming weekend, know that the first quarter moon is always a place of tension, a time to go through the challenges of being embodied and on past them to the light of the full moon.


The clutter of the self has eased.  This new moon is so different from the very visible effort of September and all the related challenges, consented to and not. 

Your resources benefit from the hard work you’ve put in.  The very real cause and effect learning-through-restriction in your creativity is more and more possible to work with. 

The more clearly you assess the walls and blockages that exist, the better you can navigate through them.  The dance between delusion and expansion is running its course.  This moon marks a return to solid ground.

Monday brings out the changes that are happening in your big-picture worldview. Midweek you find ease and bounty where you lay your head at night.

As Friday wears on, events become less blessed with easy benevolence. The first quarter moon on Saturday demonstrates the need to keep going, to take what is beginning and to flesh it out and make it real. 

Quarter moons offer us a bump in the road every moon cycle, but they pass quickly and this one is no different.


This moon increases the constructive side of your Libra nature. You are a walking display of concept art, cracking the shell of confinement that Virgo season may have cornered you into. 

Whether you’re adorning yourself with approachable fabrics or sporting your fave slogan tee shirt, your ability to reach out and balance the world radiates. 

So much has been rocking your life-story this year.  The last push of effort before this moon puts you in better standing. 

No longer are you treading resentful waters full of the surface-presenting fixes you think people are asking of you. Instead, the wisdom of your thoughtful deliberation can shine through. 

The ghosts still howl their persistent songs of bitterness in your lineage.  But the vibrant and alive present moment outshouts them. 

Can you commit to the new way of relating that you’ve embarked on?  Trust your daily rhythms during this cycle, as amplified as they may be, but try not to pretend you have less power over them than you do.  

Now that the blinders are coming off, what is truly worth spending your time on?  What will you, of all the signs, bring to the discussion table?

Midweek is noticeably nicer to deal with than the following weekend, but the tension of that first quarter moon is working on stories you’re already aware of. 

Sorting out your relationship to reality is an endeavor worth completing for you as much as for anybody else.


Take those worries and turn them into awesome dreams.  This new moon is a boon for your alone-time and dream-space. 

Withdrawing from limelight could feel like a very nice thing, a place to heal as much as to tend to old wounds.  Even if you walk amongst scarcity with struggle on the brain, your whole picture of personal bounty is given a lift. 

You’re in the best place of any zodiac sign for increasing what has tangible meaning for you through fall and early winter. 

How are you creating value out of seemingly unconnected parts?  What can you touch that signifies your wealth of spirit, of success?

When Monday comes, remember that changes in how you do relationship cannot be figured out all at once. 

If you feel a little raw or over-focused, see if you can interrupt your fixity with some long-term scheming on ways to nurture your friends. 

Wednesday and Thursday are as good as the skies get these days and is grand for starting any ventures. 

The somber tone of the weekend seems an odd follow-up. The first quarter moons are always something to push through, though and your investigative efforts Saturday are moving along what may resist being reinvented.


There are both helpful and distressing things about self-indulgence.  This moon, you may find yourself playing an inspirational role. 

It may take some intention, but you do have feel-good words at your disposal, regardless of the unrelenting pressure of your work-life and the consumption that soothes it. 

When you come through with the meaning-making and zest, you light sparks in the relationships of your networks and patrons. 

You may be tentative about taking up too much space, but this is also your birthright.  Don’t ride it gently like a wave that will go forever. 

Now is the time to build a positive reputation that will sustain you until the restrictions on your personal resources are lifted. 

People are your riches now.  Listen to whatever accountability is being offered, not with malice but with the confidence that you can make it all work better, perhaps with some different types of effort. 

We all could benefit with you and your magic in full effect.

This is the week where the moon gains light, which means pushing through to those steps you know you need to take.  The emotional burden is less than in July, or at the very least your resilience is closer at hand. 

Wednesday and Thursday have an easy aspect with your ruling planet, finally loosening from the times of confusion about the many ways it could end up looking at home. 

Carry this ease as best you can into the weekend.  If you feel the old tension building Friday afternoon into Saturday, don’t panic. You are no longer headed into it; you’re climbing your way out.


In so many ways, this moon pits your public image against who you know yourself to be.  What’s wrong with accepting some helpful graces in the world of your career?  It is beginning. 

Whether you’re making your way in the arts or have a helpful vision of leadership through respect and mutual dignity, you’ll find this next six-month cycle more supportive than things have previously felt. 

What strange inheritance keeps you locked into patterns from your lineage?  Say your thanks for what helps and hold forgiveness on behalf of your ancestors for the patterns that never served them. 

You’re going through something deeply challenging.  If all the world is a stage, use the dignity of this new moon to begin to paint the backdrop you truly want to step out in front of.  When you’re ready.

As the week begins, old fears may seem to surface but could just be reminders of how far you’ve come.  There is an unnameable lift in your routine and subconscious midweek.

The last two years have been quite a ride in one way or another for all the Capricorns and it begins to feel like wisdom come Thursday. 

Your outward work picks up again as the weekend comes.  Remember that unexpected feedback is yours to negate or approve, especially when it comes to your art or your offspring. 

The first quarter moon on Saturday is typical of all quarter moons in that it contains some tension. 

The others in your life might seem to need a little extra.  As always, do what you can to be sure your own hearth-fire is all tucked in before rushing out to help battle their untended flames.


This new moon scratches insistently at the doors that protect you from your own fear of isolation.  

The way you view the world from outside looking in does not find you exempt from rules of this place.  This moon connects your vision to the real people. 

After all the activity around debts and contracts or inheritances of whatever nature last month, this moon plants the seeds for a project for justice. 

Whether you’re starting a new round of classes or traveling on behalf of others who find themselves outside the wall, the haunted places will become less extreme, especially as we finish up the formalities. 

The intensity is found at the beginning and end of the week.  Your mind can stay playful, even when home and identity feel extreme and serious. 

This is a superpower.  Wednesday and Thursday there is a lighter and hopeful influence coming in through your networks. 

A special shift from tension to wisdom. The confusion with your personal resources is wrapping up, the story almost told. 

There is still so much bounty in the teachers you know.  As the moon reaches its first quarter on Saturday, know that there is always some sort of tension at the quarter moons. 

Take the drop in mood with a grain of salt.  What information comes through that reminds you of the shift to your bedrock, or the disruption in your roots?

Next weekend shifts the universal assessment qualities of Libra onto more personal or career-related topics.  More attention to small daily maintenance as preparation will serve you well.


More authentic prioritization of your creative emotional security is finally driving a wedge into the self-erasing practices with your contracts and debts. 

You can use your insights at this inward time to move closer to a way of sharing resources that more fully honors the all the humans involved. 

The stories around this that were unfolding with pain are finally easing up and allowing movement.

The weekend has flash-points for all that is hefty and bright over the course of this year.  Responsibilities lead the charge, but your public face is all the better for it come midweek.  

The endless redefinition of what you allow inside has gone through enough trials that you are starting to sense the motion that is possible on the other side.  Upsets may challenge your point of view. 

After Tuesday, the fears of reception by your audience can be gazed upon with your power intact.  Keep watch for gifts of wisdom. 

If topics from July come knocking, know that now they’ll have less obsessive draw to tempt you with.  These things are almost finished. 

Wednesday and Thursday carry your spirits up.  Stay vigilant come the quarter moon on Saturday, which is always a moon of tension. 

Whether you are being asked to change your mind or look deeper into the polarization of your networks, remember to count the many new tools that you have in your possession and keep swimming. 

Aspects considered:

This new moon took place at 5* of Libra in the terms of Saturn. Saturn is currently strong in its home earth sign but is besieged by Pluto and the now separating South Node.  Venus, ruler of Libra, is domiciled as well, and is host to the dark moon.   

Venus enjoys a sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius, which grants her the faith and power of that domiciled planet if she reaches out. 

The final square of the Jupiter-Neptune cycle is beginning its separation, taking some of the diffuse dreams of Neptune in Pisces and adorning Jupiter’s forward motion with whatever inspiration can be utilized. 

Anyone born 1973 – 2013 will have their natal Pluto touched by the moon during this week of waxing towards the first quarter, which adds to the more collective crisis-energy that quarter moons tend to convey.

Sunday the moon travels through Libra in a square to the austerity and extremism of the 2019 Capricorn configuration.  The sun is in its fall in Libra but it receives a great assist with the presence of Venus.  

Monday the moon sends light across to Uranus in Taurus, currently stirring up eight years’ worth of change and redefinition in the topics of Taurus.  Meanwhile, Venus makes a square to Pluto, flavoring Tuesday with continued intensity and investigation.  Venus’s conjunction with the fixed star Spica bodes well for adding a flavor of wisdom. 

Wednesday, Mercury moves into Scorpio, where it will eventually retrograde, but is now creating an interesting back and forth conversation with Uranus.  These are often tech-significations but can also indicate sudden news and intellectual breakthroughs. 

Also Wednesday, the moon moves into the mutable axis where it grows in Jupiter amplification through Thursday. 

Friday sees the moon enter Capricorn which is challenging but not nothing new.  These topics have been with us for almost two years now.  The bottom has been scraped and as Saturn and the South Node gain a degree of separation, even Pluto is stationing direct. 

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