Lunar Broadstrokes

New Moon in Scorpio – October 27 2019

art by Joan Proudman

The motives of any new moon are mostly unconscious, spontaneous or impulsive and the unplanned natural instincts of the body are given extra oomf with this one. 

Conscious thought is not the way into or out of this yet knowing that will not stop our active minds. 

We’re aiming for social harmony yet trying to tackle depth issues with an “everybody just play nice” mentality. 

Scorpio is a part of every person’s make-up; that area of life where we push farther, go deeper, seek out the poison, roll the stone away and compulsively enter the narrowing cave. 

Every person is their own den of secrets. 

Be mindful of the urge by yourself and others to penetrate vulnerabilities. Our motives remain unclear.

If you find yourself tunneling further and further into gnarly piles of gossip, or turning a friendly conversation into an interrogation, it may be difficult to stop and check yourself. 

It may be difficult to stop and check those around you.  Difficult is not impossible.

This new moon is ready to see it all shaken up.

Your individual pattern of emotional ruts is the irrigation system that waters your fields of stability and comfort and sustenance.

Yet here we are, trying to hack new trenches for the water to flow.  

Sure it may be muddy and infertile for a time.

This excavation is related to similar work you did the second half of May 2019.   

Your hierarchical place in life can constrict and negate your attempts to control situations. 

There is a wildcard in the mix now; some spark that comes out of nowhere to touch off a series of collapsing tunnels. 

New relationships do this.  Surprise social revelations do this.  Abrupt malfunctions of the physical world do this. 

Deep insightful conversations with friends do this.

Instincts don’t always harmonize with reason.  

You can sparkle in surprising directions if you’re willing to honor and acknowledge the truly radical imagination that this era demands.

What freedoms can be made more real than the structures that say no to them? 

Your uniqueness does not scale or flatten into a map of linear growth and you’re ready to believe in it.

Is your spark of life more important than the hamster wheels of outdated systems? 

Can the wild seeds that land by happenchance in your garden be just the medicine you need?

This week says absolutely, unequivocally, yes.

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