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Venus in Leo – June 2023

& introducing a new group experience 80 Nights with Venus

On June 5, 2023, the planet Venus moved boldly into Leo. You may have felt the impact, the insistence of your core desires. The grip of them. Events that reared up over this past week speak volumes about what’s here to stay.

Many of you are deciding to show up in the world. As your real selves, no less! Don’t think this means you can give away all of you. Here in Leo, Venus is an expert at directing the attention of others in a way that shows the true self without unnecessary overexposure. The core of the matter is not the whole thing, but it is still the truth. We are learning the efficiency of passion.

Where will you point the spotlight of your heart? What keeps you going without burning all your fuel? The balance between compromise and connection has developed a bit of a wobble, to put it lightly. The ways that we show up daily do impact our long term reputations. We are no longer satisfied with mismatch.

Venus is the final player to be introduced in the drama of our lives from Solstice to Equinox. The stage has been set for the coming months. Fire is now a part of the story.

But it is not the only thing. Through all of this, we are feeling our way through the thickening chill of Saturn in Pisces. Every person has their own way here, yet we’re sensitized to feel the push and pull of larger movements. The tiny wakes left by the motions of other people now compounds into currents.

Mapping by sonar isn’t straightforward. It’s hard to find the edges and solid forms through all the other soft and moving beings. We’re more and more accustomed to the underwater caves here since early March. But they’re no less disorienting for all that.

I just re-read some astrology love notes that I wrote in Jan of 2020. I felt surprised. How exuberant I was! My enthusiasm for birthing the next era was still strong. I described us as baby chicks pecking our way through to the other side, ready to find a different environment waiting for us.

But the transition time between then and now has been so dry. The world we’ve made our way into is a hard one. We’ve breached that tough scabby shell, and are now set loose in collective waters. And they’re vast. We find we’re vulnerable. Tiny turtles in a big wide ocean. No matter who we were before, our flesh is now squishy, squirmy. And our sight is short.

Venus has been doing relationship work throughout this change. Now in Leo all summer, she faces the dry arenas that Saturn has worked over and left behind. She asks for courage.

She’ll be calling standard practices into the fire with her as her massive planetary body moves closer and closer to Earth. The weight of her motivating desires will come between us and the life-giving Sun during the whole month of August. The harmony she seeks in her dealings with others is authentic; true now and true always. This is a radical Venus.

In our individual lives, this summer beckons us to get very real with ourselves. Any changes we make will be towards greater sustainability. But that’s often preceded by a negative: what can’t my heart sustain? We’ll need neutral spaces for refuge and grounding.

And all the while, Saturn lends a chilly weight and emptiness to Jupiter’s usually life-filled ocean realm. Venus heats and demands. Saturn demonstrates the consequences. We grope for the shape of the container and find that the walls and edges move. When we do find the substance, it’s leaden. It weighs us down, but we stay with it. We’re on a quest for cohesion, after all. Seeking for some kind of unity in the expanse of all that’s come before. The heft of the masses. The power behind the “why” of every move.

We were builders. We had scaffolding. We had a rugged, undiluted Saturn from the start of 2018 until March of 2023.

But now Saturn staggers, somewhat confusedly feeling their way around the Church library. Chilled and damp, she’d prioritize a hot cup of tea. She’s sorting through heaps of wet religious texts, ready to chance upon the next rhizome that leads somewhere sensible. She knows that the structures of life must integrate the universal truths. A tall order. A necessary one. A messy pursuit. Her hand hovers over volumes of fiction and non-fiction alike, sure of nothing beyond the value of experience and immersion.

You’ve been wandering in from different scenes lately. The substance of struggle has changed, as it always does, following Saturn through her paces. When times shift, I do too. I am walking the newly dawned world outside my cottage daily. I refill the ink well. I open the old books. I track the most troubling clusters and set to mapping them.

My consultation space has always been on the fringe of the darkest places. I am often stumbled upon just as the tangled woods of experience grow too close to see very far ahead.

When the threats and delights of tangled paths need sorting, I am a map maker. The charts of your unique lives are spread out across my table.

I’m re-tracing the maps of these Pisces formations now, ready for Saturn’s tidal retrograde motion, back through similar waters from a upside-down perspective. I orient towards the old passageways yet again. I remember from last time, and the times before.

If you find yourself lost or even just a wee bit lonely on your charted path, let me be a helper to you. I am here at the outskirts. My kettle is on. My books are open. We can always sit for a one on one session together here.

But I want to offer something more immersive. Less constrained. More room for full hearted discussion.

What I hear from more and more of you is that Saturn in Aquarius left us isolated in our own spaces. That the last few years drew new solid lines around our means of access. That simple support is complicated.

When it comes to the work I do with you directly, a one-off heady session of dates and times and precision is most suited to the kind of Saturn that used to be, the Saturn of 2019-2022. I will absolutely continue to offer one-on-one readings. Nothing will change for those of you who prefer to see me on a yearly or six month basis.

That being said..

I have an Announcement:

I am hosting a group experience with one-on-one astrological support built in.

80 Nights with Venus is a workshop. It is also a refuge. Come with as much or as little astrological knowledge as you already have. Whether you participate each and every day or only once in a while as you can is entirely up to you. With weekly zoom conversations, journaling practices, and active tending of your unique personal fires, we will be there when you need us.

If you’ve never had an advanced astrologer look at your personal birth chart, this group space will change that. Though there will be rich general guidance, and zero pressure to share, the Leo archetype demands an option to be seen as individuals.

Tell your friends I’ve lit a fire on the craggy beach.

I will be on Instagram live to answer questions about this program at least three times over the coming weeks. I will send recordings of these videos and more details to the waitlist.

Add your name to the waitlist HERE.

Doors open on Solstice, June 21st 2023. I’m capping this at 50 people, so doors will close when that number is reached or on June 30th, whichever comes first.

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