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Birth Chart Exploration

What if your life came with a map?

Your birth chart is that map. It shows the shapes and structures that you embody. It marks times when you shift and change.

This is an invitation to sit with me for an hour online to explore your unique footprint in the world. You’ll gain practical personal insights for lasting comfort and perspective. Let’s calibrate your inner compass.

Beyond the 5th House: Creative Process with Mercury & Venus

All of us create. So if you’re wondering, “is this for me?” the answer is YES.

Make friends with the shape of your unique creative process. Walk away with concrete timeframes for uplifting your current projects.

Relational Magic: Two Charts Together

For couples, friendships, metamours, business partners, etc

Tend the threads that your two charts weave with.

Student Sessions

Trying to learn to read charts for yourself?

This student session is for you.