Birth Chart Exploration

75 min


This is the place to start.

Whether you’re seeing your birth chart for the first time or you’re already deep in relationship with astrology, this reading is for you.

You bring your expertise in your own lived experience. I bring my astrological tools.

This is an open container. The space we co-create in your session is meant to be flexible and responsive to suit your current needs.

Together, we’ll bring clarity to the paths you’re walking in the world.

We’ll name the real relationships between different topics in your life out loud.

We all move through times of ease and survive routes through trouble.

Each person embodies a living, changing system of opening and closing doors. It helps to know what those doors are supporting or challenging right now. For this reason, I do ground every reading in the current moment.

If you’ve been rebuilding your relationship to yourself, I’m here to help you solidify that trust.

I’ll use my cursor to show you around your whole sign natal chart as we talk, so that the visuals of your natal chart can become more personal. (No pressure for you to learn symbols or geometry here, but it can be entertaining!)

If you are booking this session to look at your Year Ahead or have a specific project or timeframe you’d like to examine, this is still the place to book. Let me know in the comment field what span of dates we’ll be exploring together.

We cover a lot! With your permission, I’ll record our session and send it to you after.

I utilize a wide range of Hellenistic and modern astrology techniques. If there is a specific technique you’re looking for, please contact me before booking to make sure it’s something I use in my practice.