New Moon in Cancer – July 20, 2020

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This New Moon in Cancer is instinctual and fierce. We begin to know what we desire to give. This is a moon that asks us to begin an endeavor where we support, where we provide.

What can I possibly say that will brace us and uplift us as we head into six months of pushing against the aging structures of intentional delay? We are seeding a lunar cycle that matures on December 29, 2020 – a New Year’s Eve full moon in Cancer.

Delay like this is not about waiting or all about patience, but induces rage and points to unjust interference. Opposition and restrictions come in with hard oppositional challenge.

At their best, containers can force our efforts into practical structures. We may have wild dreams still unrealized, but what does get out there is often strengthened.

At their worst, they take and restrain and hold and stifle. Delay is unbearable when your ideas are sharp and bubbling and full of inspirational embrace; when you’re waiting for gates to open or loved ones to return.

When revolution feels imminent and multiple viewpoints are finally being heard, the flourishing and the crackdown are interlinked, intertwined. “Security” vs. security.

Where are there active restrictions or weight that intervenes and slows, trying to push an entire moment out of reach and off into the future? We have already been stress-tested and now, solidly into the second half of 2020, our new structures must be able to sustain under that pressure in order to protect.

We can no longer be surprised by resistance and opposition to movements that seek to end cycles of harm.

We are not surprised when power uses fascist tactics to maintain itself.

In the words of Amiri Baraka from his poem, Heathens: “Heathens think fascism is civilization.”

What is seeded today? What new pearl has just begun to make itself known? It centers care and safety as it responds to the mechanisms of state violence. Make sure it’s strong and fed, regardless of the walls and shouting matches and excuse-making minions.

This moon may face oppositions, but she is strong in her shell – ancient, protective, and striving towards life.

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