Full Moon in Aquarius

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This full moon is happening on the Moon’s Day, or Monday as we call it. This moon gives full expression to a new set of ideals – things we tried to encourage in ourselves at the last New Moon in Aquarius – around January 24 2020. There is hope for a steady response, a thorough analysis. With Saturn opposite Mercury in the sky, there are also restrictions on tech and rapid responses. We receive a jolt from Uranus, which means that the vibe here will not be boring. Whether we hold our tongues in self-doubt or from long-earned patience, there is room for restraint here. Disciplined thoughtfulness and coolness are helpful in the face of surprise or unpredictable diversions, so don’t despair if your state of mind stays cautious. There are changes of plans or unanticipated minor forks in the road. Is your science the right one? This is not a time for blustering or ignoring details. Preparedness is a theme here. This could look like tending loose ends ahead of Monday afternoon. The wildness this moon calls forth is best acted on when rooted in grounded responsibility – a list of tasks explored and accomplished. If you have the space to enjoy it, it promises to be a spicy and lively beginning of the week. It holds a range of experiences that come with visibility, the sometimes mortifying ordeal of being very obviously present and perceivable. You’ll have things to rework when you reflect, and also to celebrate. The very next day, Mercury will take these last hesitancies and move into Leo where we can all resume thinking in a bit more of a linear and predictable way.

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