80 Nights with Venus

June 30th through September 30th 2023

Your heart’s journey is all your own.

But we’re still in it together.

Doors Open June 21, 2023

Group Experience



80 Nights with Venus

The planet Venus is flipping the tables on social norms and all things aesthetic, as she does every 18 months. You’ve probably felt the need to pull back and reconsider some approaches.

Whether you are the leader of a community food sharing project, a union organizer fed up with delays, or a young parent navigating the stress of changing friendships, joining this group will give you the grounding and support to work with it.

Join me and walk through the next three months with an Astrologer who has your specific situation in mind.

We each must find our paths alone. But together we can bring depth and insight to stabilize the journey.

Many classes aim to teach astrology without demonstrating what a powerful tool it can be in action. But this group experience will bring you the benefits of high-level astrology right away.

“What time is it now?” “What is my role in this storyline?” “When will this legislation pass?” “Am I moving quickly enough?” “What are the dangers?” “What are the strengths and weaknesses of this movement?” “…of this organization?” “…of this moment in time?” “…of the body that I’m in?” “…of this album project?”

Venus’s retrograde has us locking eyes with the things that we don’t appreciate around and inside of us. It is a transition moment in our wider affiliations.

Through frequent live calls and discussion spaces, this 3 month workshop is a close equivalent to having an advanced Astrologer on retainer, with the added benefits of a private online gathering space.

The weekly workshops are intended to strengthen the solidarity between our personal and cultural storylines even during eras of high stress. We will probe the intertwining tapestries of historical and current events that are most relevant to participants.

Whether you’re bringing your small town resistance against a new waste dumping site, or feeling out your role in a developing family story, we can go places that are far beyond the scope of a single astrology session. This is the depth work that is made possible by the longform group structure of 80 Nights with Venus.

Whether your battles are internal or extend outward, I want them to receive more consistent attention. Aligning with the flow of time does wonders for conserving and maximizing our limited energy.

The learning resources here will continue to accumulate throughout 80 Nights with Venus to be there for you as you move through the next 3 months.

We will be referencing your individual birth charts throughout the program to avoid the inaccurate pitfalls of generalizing. We will map the real storylines of your unique lives inside the vast ecosystems of time.

You will get to know the context of the Venus that you carry with you in your own chart. These insights will support your relationship building for years to come.

If you worry that you might not have time to spend here often, I still encourage you to join us and support this project for the benefit of others. We will be there for you, just in case.

It’s time to get real about how to feed our hearts inside this era we belong to.

Let’s do it together.

Amy Green

I am an Astrologer who helps passionate people stay true to themselves through adversity. My background in trauma support and advocacy informs my work. I am committed to bringing the power of astrological insights to increase the positive impact of your inclusive and liberatory healing and care practices.

I am a settler, renting on Wabanaki Confederacy lands, so-called Maine, USA.

What’s included:

  • Prompts for each new step in Venus’ motion – for use in journaling, card pulling, dream interpretation and forum discussion – use consistently to create a record of your journey or randomly as needed – delivered as an audio format with transcript
  • 2 optional 15 minute private phone check-ins with me each month to keep the experience personal and supportive for your exact circumstance
  • Weekly recorded zoom workshops for tracking the impacts and potentials of macro and micro real life events and movements -you will be surveyed for input choosing topics -we’ll begin with the connection between protecting trans lives, abortion access and constitutional freedoms in the USA
  • Additional dedicated weekly live space for students of astrology to deepen their engagement with planetary cycles
  • Access to my private membership group space for the duration of the workshop


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Do I need to know anything about Astrology to enjoy this? Absolutely not! I’m here to distill the planets into practical, understandable timelines for your real life and projects. I’m hoping you have just a little bit of interest and and at best, an open mind.

If I want to learn more about my own chart, is this a good place to do that? You will definitely learn more about your own chart if that is your goal. This is not an organized course on learning astrology but there is ample space for chart interpretation.

Will there be sliding scale pricing? Yes. I am pricing this group as a monthly subscription with three sliding scale honor system tiers.

What is most helpful, and often astounding to me, is the way our astrological work together can situate a miniature drama playing out in my day to day life inside of a much larger cosmic and spiritual framework. It helps me relax and reorient to the particulars, knowing that I have a greater purpose and a longer story.

Autumn Brown, How to Survive the End of the World Podcast

Amy is one of the most insightful, accurate and educational astrologers I have come across during my spiritual journey. I have been getting yearly readings from Amy for the past 3 years, and I learn so much that applies to my life and rings true, every single time! Amy’s passion in her craft is apparent, and she always manages to break down my chart and explain very otherworldly concepts in a digestible way. Her readings are one of the highlights of my year and one of the worthiest investments I have made for myself. Thank you Amy for helping me understand myself so much better!

Kay B.

I was blessed to be the recipient of a period of ongoing support in regards to a difficult parental situation about the institutional environment for my mentally disabled and neurodivergent child. This was a highly stressful and emotionally painful time in which I had to make difficult decisions and keep my child safe. Amy was nonjudgmental about all of my feelings, whether or not they were “acceptable” feelings for a mother to have. They were knowledgeable about the resources that are (and are not) available to parents in my situation. Most of all, Amy remained emotionally present during the worst of the struggle and checked in with me after the worst had passed. I couldn’t have gotten through it without their support and guidance.

Claire L.

Sitting with Amy and being privy to her gentle yet steadfast astrological wisdom and insight provoked so much positive cosmic introspection in what some might call a difficult transitory phase. She brought a different flavor of astrological knowledge which soothed a very rigid area of my cosmological line up. So grateful for her soft yet strong study of the stars.