About Me

I first learned astrology to help care for myself, my family and my overlapping communities. I expanded my circle of care when I began offering professional readings in 2016.

I specialize in natal astrology. That means I interpret the arrangement of the solar system at the time of your birth. Using the geometry of planet relationships, I am able to affirm and examine the unfolding timing of life to best support your own personal strategies. I primarily use Whole Sign Houses and the tropical zodiac.

I love being present with individuals, with pairs, and with groups. I am a teacher and also a student. I continue to learn from each year’s changing skies, from each client who trusts me with their experiences, and through ongoing study.

For clients, I strive to offer a supportive and empowering consultation space. While I do have a working knowledge of many different therapies, I am not a clinician, a counselor, or a psychic. Think of me as a nonjudgmental advocate with a set of powerful astrological tools.

I have studied child development and alternative educational theory as a parent and as an academic. I have directly supported more than 100 caregivers and 150 children through the specific crisis of sexual assault, independent from my astrological practice. I have trained other professionals to increase trauma-awareness in their work, and am active in community circles addressing harm. I relate respectfully and enthusiastically to a wide range of relationship and gender discoveries and am committed to enhancing liberation through this work.

Austin Coppock has been my primary mentor and teacher since 2018. I am currently teaching Year I and II classes within his Fundamentals of Astrology program. I am also a graduate of the STA Horary Practitioner course and have completed trainings and workshops with a host of other current astrologers. I am most influenced by the contemporary works of Demetra George, Richard Tarnas, Chris Brennan and Bernadette Brady. Of the older authors, I draw mostly from the Picatrix, Firmicus Maternus, Abū Ma’shar, Dorotheus, Ficino, and Vettius Valens.

For people interested in learning and practicing Astrology themselves, I am available for one-on-one student sessions on a limited basis here.

I am an informal person. When we meet, please ask as much or as little about the technical side of things as you’d like. I am always happy to explain the techniques I apply to your chart.

For current musings in the form of voice notes, check out my bi-weekly updates on Amy Green Saying Stuff.