Before I studied astrology, I was often confused by the mismatches between what people said and what they did. I raged against the many abuses of power that I saw in interpersonal relationships, in employment settings, and in academia. I aligned my values alongside groups trying to organize for abolition, for environmental justice, for feeding people, for increasing access to care and medicine.

My growing pains were are still with me. I am queer and white and rural. I value every interaction that has taken me outside of my original bubble.

Leaning into an Astrological worldview allowed me to move forward courageously when the time was right and to step back with grace from other options. It continues to sharpen my sense of intuitive timing.

My shoulders have relaxed more often. My voice has steadied. Astrology has become a helpful organizing force in the face of choas.

I first learned astrology to help care for myself, my family and my overlapping communities. I expanded this circle when I began offering professional readings in 2016.

In client work, I specialize in natal astrology. That means I interpret the arrangement of the solar system at the time of your birth. Using the geometry of planet relationships, I am able to affirm and examine the unfolding timing of life to best support your own personal strategies.

I strive to offer a supportive and empowering consultation space. While I do have working knowledge of many different kinds of therapy, I am not a clinician, a counselor, or a psychic.

Think of me as a nonjudgmental advocate with a set of powerful astrological tools.

I love being present with individuals, with pairs, and with groups. I am a teacher and also a student. I continue to learn from each year’s changing skies, from each client who trusts me with their experiences, and through ongoing study.

I have studied child development and alternative educational theory as a parent and as an academic. I have directly supported more than 100 caregivers and 150 children through the specific crisis of sexual assault, independent from my astrological practice. I have trained other professionals to increase trauma-awareness in their work, and am active in community circles addressing harm. I relate respectfully and enthusiastically to a wide range of relationship and gender discoveries and am committed to enhancing liberation through this work.

Austin Coppock has been my primary mentor and teacher since 2018. I am currently teaching classes within his Fundamentals of Astrology program. I am also a graduate of the STA Horary Practitioner course and have completed trainings and workshops with a host of other current astrologers. I am most influenced by the contemporary works of Demetra George, Richard Tarnas, Chris Brennan, Bernadette Brady, and Alice Sparkly Kat. Of the older authors, I draw mostly from the Picatrix, Firmicus Maternus, Abū Ma’shar, Dorotheus, Ficino, and Vettius Valens.

I primarily use Whole Sign Houses and the tropical zodiac. For people interested in learning and practicing Astrology themselves, I am available for one-on-one student sessions on a limited basis here.

I am an informal person. When we meet, please ask as much or as little about the technical side of things as you’d like. I am always happy to explain the techniques I apply to your chart.

For current musings in the form of voice notes, check out my podcast updates at Amy Green Saying Stuff.