New Moon in Pisces – March 6 2019

This new moon bathes in the proverbial birth waters of a new era. It ushers in a new chapter of life, still awash in the primordial seas of possibility; the best of dreams and also powerful obstacles. What respect can we build into our lives on a structural level that honors the potency of the emotional and creative waters we swim in? What containers can we make to support the priceless magic of joyful authenticity? When we acknowledge our creative selves as crucial to the work we’re actually here doing, outlooks shift.

There are those times when the inner creative world does not seem appropriate to prioritize. This is is not one of those times. It is working beneath the surface with or without your cooperation as the new stories in your life begin their rustles of self-awareness. Some of our fantasies are an indulgent soupy mess that will need to be sifted and reshaped in respect to what is materially possible, while some of what is labeled impossible can be moved aside with some flexing and toning of the imagination.

We may not have the tools we need to move on concretely with this process until the end of the month but it grows within us. What is kept below or trained down is asserting its need for an authorized existence. Rules and laws that we have routinely broken are shown as insufficient to govern what is alive in us.

We have sorted out many threads over the past eight and a half years and now the focus shifts. Our intent must be re-imagined, realigned. Giving a structural priority to your vision takes more than a few decisions. It takes commitment and maturity. It takes radical acceptance of self, acknowledgment of the parts we must work on and trust in our strength against adversity. It takes letting go. We have already come to an awareness of our growth and now as we stay on our course we feel the blank page of it. Here we are at the beginning of things, soldiering through the day; hauling wood, carrying water, doing the ground work to build our stories anew. The bountiful optimism of Jupiter faces long-held doubts head on with a swirl of perspective changes and the magic of stories unfolding. 

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