Lunar Broadstrokes

New Moon in Aries – April 4 2019

Like a fermenting cider brought closer to warmth, we feel the bubbles begin to rise. We wake up and move and motivate and organize. The outer, slow-moving planets have shifted into the configuration that we will live with for the next era. Inside ourselves we still tread the new waters of this change, learning it. Externally, action begins.

The tropical zodiac is based on seasonal shifts. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the first New Moon of Spring. Astrologically, Aries is a beginning place, marking a lap in the endless spiral of seasons. What did you begin April 15-16 of 2018, on the last Aries New Moon? Chances are good that your perspective has shifted quite a bit since just last year. The times were still in transition, in preparation for now. Every new era has flavors and certain qualities. Later this year we will have to synthesize some old lessons with new ones and break old habits. There are losses to face and new doors to shoulder open.

For now, the stage has been set and many of us are taking leaps, whether voluntary or a product of circumstance. Aries acts from the places that already know what to do. Take a few breaths and find the place in your body with the LEAST amount of tension, the least conflict. Put your hands there if you can and decide: what intentions will you set tonight and tomorrow? After all, it can’t hurt! Wishing you all the love, authenticity, and discernment in this coming cycle of seasons!

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